What is the difference between blogs and websites?

What is the difference between blogs and websites

Some people want to make blogs, and some people want to make websites. But is there actually a difference?

Have you ever heard that “All Irish are gingers, but not all gingers are Irish”? Similarly, all blogs are websites, but not all websites are blogs.

Here’s a few main differences between a blog and a website:

1)     Definition

A blog derives from the term (Web log). Meaning it is actually a part of a website, but more specifically to writing articles or anything related to posting.

A website on the other hand, is the bigger the picture of everything internet. Meaning that if you so much as to even have a website name, you have a website so be proud of that!

2)     Specifics

As websites are like the mother of your internet presence, you can have many different forms of them – a one-page website for events, an e-commerce website to sell clothing online, or even a blog.

Now that we know how broad websites are, I guess you won’t need me to tell you that blogs are more specific!

3)     Fame

Although the starting cost is cheap, blogs are the hardest type of website to maintain.

You have to nurture your blog by writing posts everyday which requires great will (sounds easy but humans are lazy by nature) compared to other types of website like an online store for example.

Because of this, blog owners don’t usually like to say that they have a website. When asked they’ll tend to say “I have a blog” instead.


You can have many types of website but how do you go about differentiating them?

What kind of a website is Zalora.com, and what kind of a website is myinternetquest.com?

Because of the fact that anyone can say they have a website, we differentiate what we do by using cool terms, thus the name “blog” which specifically refers to a type of website which you update regularly with article posts.

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