What is the Best Practice For Anger Management?

What is the Best Practice For Anger Management?

Everyone faces stressful problems in this world but why some people look calm even when they’re not is because of how they manage their anger.

There are many ways you can take to control your anger but in the end, it all comes to down to these essential steps:

1)  Accept it as your own fault

The most annoying but most effective step to reducing anger is to accept that it’s your fault.

You control your own life and by letting other people bring you down shows how weak you are.

If your neighbour keeps dirtying your lawn, accept that it’s your fault for not having a talk with him.

If your child gets an F every time there’s an exam, accept that it’s your fault that you’re not motivating him enough.

Try to take this step and you’ll realize that almost half your anger may be gone.

2)  Chanel you anger

Now that you’ve taken control of your anger, that doesn’t mean those you’re immune to it completely.

You still will get angry as life is never fair so what do you do when your anger is accumulating?

Channel it of course!

To be angry is a curse, yes, but it is also a gift because that anger contains spirit and energy which may be useful.

And with all that energy, learn how to channel your anger by dedicating yourself to do things in order to reach your life’s goal.

You’d be surprised as to how far that will lead you in life.

Did you know that Batman came to be because of anger?

After seeing his parents killed, he was so angry but in the end, he learned to channel that to obtain justice so no matter how down he gets, no matter how broken he is, he STILL moves forward.

Although that’s a fictional story, Batman is human and so are you which means you can also channel your anger to something else.

3)  Keeping yourself busy

Have you realized how much you start to think when you’re alone and idling by?

Keeping yourself busy is a great way to take your attention out and focus on more important things.

This is also effective in reducing anger because you will come to realize that your life is more important and that those people who are causing you trouble are but mere small fries to you.


Being angry is a curse but can be made a blessing if you learn how to control it.

As Lord Baelish from Game of Thrones would say, “I find that using anger to drive your actions are but the purest of motivations.”

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