Is Zern Tan’s Heroist a Scam? -My Shophelper Review.

Zern Tan SHophelper Reviewed by My Internet Quest

Product Name:  Shophelper by Zern Tan


Business Type: Online Webinar & Coaching for E-Commerce Platforms.

Price: $1,997 monthly – $49,997 yearly.

Owner: Zern Tan

Overall Rank: 1 out of 5

If you live in Malaysia, I’m sure you’ve seen his ads everywhere.

Whether on YouTube, Facebook, on blogs when you read online, or on your phone – Zern Tan’s face is all over the place.

Or “was” as I assume, he must have stopped after I’ve published this review.

It is quite normal for brands to pop-up promoting their products and I usually do not mind.

In fact, it is a common strategy to make your product follow a user online to convince them to stop considering and start buying.

And it works too.

I too am guilty of buying products online from ads… that is, until you started seeing people talking bad about that certain product.

I started to do some digging to find out more and what I discovered, changed my views completely.

Is he as good as they say? Doe he actually appear in all his live webinars as he promised? Will Zern Tan’s eCommerce programme really help you make money, or is it another hoax?

Read on as I unveil the full review on Zern Tan’s Shophelper and Heroist…


Pros & Cons


  • Nicely designed Website, easy to navigate
  • Local online Banking Payment for Malaysians
  • Heroist is a real company registered under the Companies Commission of Malaysia.


  • Zern claimed that 12 months is free, but you actually have to pay.
  • No real people online, Only Bots to respond to.
  • Zern answers to “ghosts” in an empty chatroom during Q&A Session instead of you.
  • Zern Tan’s YouTube Ad backfired with people bashing him all over.
  • A lot of complaints all Facebook and Reddit.
  • Shophelper is too young to be trusted.
  • No free trials.
  • Not clear with objectives
  • Pricing is also not transparent and support does not reply when asked for details.
  • The last hour of his seminar is all about how to pay Zern Tan instead of actual steps.
  • Coaching consists of advises that you can Google instead of spending so much for.

Golly, That’s a lot of cons! Better check out my #1 recommended program here instead.


What is Shophelper About? -The Answer Seems Obvious.

home page heroist

Shophelper is a niche mentoring program aimed at helping Malaysians in particular, earn by helping Americans.

How consumers will learn is by selling items through Shopify which Zern Tan, the Founder, claims to guide you himself through earning.

If you’re curious on what’s the difference between these two names, Shophelper is the business under the company name Heroist with good legal papers as they’ve registered with the Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) which is the Companies Commission of Malaysia.

Meet Zen tan pikcer

Zern, 27 years as of this year 2020, is not alone on his crusade though.

He’s actually aided by his partner Bo Ken Tsern (28 years old) who is also the founding member of Heroist Sdn Bhd. as they’re running the company together.

It is unsure whether or not if Bo is an investor while Zern is the only one running the company, but together, they run the Shophelper business which aims at guiding Malaysians to build an income stream solely only through website building.

Here’s a screenshot of the director details…

Heroist directors

And this is the formal registration certificate with the Companies Commission of Malaysia otherwise known as Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM)…

Heroist SSM

For non-Malaysians, Sdn bhd means Sendirian Berhad which is equivalent to an incorporated entity in the US.

It’s the same thing, just different names.

On the official papers above, the company has been around since October of 2018.

An incredibly young company paired with a successful young entrepreneur.


Product Details – Is it Worth the Cost?

Shophelper pricing thang

Wowee look at that price tag!

Knowledge is dubbed to be priceless, especially those that promise huge investment returns.

The same applies to every site, program, class, or seminar that is available currently hence a common question that everyone asks whenever faced with any new investment opportunity is, how much will it cost to the future investor?

Let’s have a look-see…

1 Month Group Coaching ($1,997)

  • Access to Zern Tan’s Private Group Coaching.
  • Direct Access to One of Zern Tan’s coaches.
  • Advanced eCommerce Training.

12 Months Group Coaching ($15,997)

  • Secret masterclasses by Zern.
  • Access to Zern Tan’s Private Group Coaching.
  • Direct Access to One of Zern Tan’s coaches.
  • Advanced eCommerce Training.
  • Massive scaling strategies.

One-on-one Coaching ($49,997+)

  • 1-on-1 Personal Coaching with Zern Tan.
  • Direct Access to Zern’s Personal Trainer.
  • Weekly Personal Skype Calls (Or When Needed)
  • Personalized Ideas & Solutions For Your Needs.

That’s with a plus, mind you, which means that it should be costing more!

Also a reminder, the prices are in USD which should cost four times more in Malaysian currency.

For a program that is aimed at helping Malaysians, it seems like the price alone is enough to create a huge dent in our pockets before we even start.

I don’t blame you if you’ve had a thought or two of joining an Online Business class elsewhere on other platforms such as Masterclass or Udemy because truth be told, most of the information on starting an eCommerce store can be found there, if not better.

So what does Zern Tan actually teach in his program you ask? Glad you asked!

When joining Shophelper’s Zern Tan coaching, you will be able to sell products procured in either Malaysia or China to US Citizens at our local price.

Due to the huge difference in currency exchange rates, our US-based customers will supposedly be able to get to enjoy shopping at an exceptionally low price point, much cheaper than purchasing in the US itself.

All of those while helping you rake in huge sales profits up to 200% or 5 to 10 times the cost of each item sold.

In short, you will join thousands of retailers as a third-party reseller on their recommended platform Shopify via Shophelper owned by Heroist which is guided by Mr. Zern Tan.

Zern Tan mentioned that his program is for anyone who wishes to make a few thousand USDs per week starting in your first 24 hours in joining him hence it is suitable for all types of people ranging from housewives or new graduates to even the recently retired and jobless.

Cliché words that we’ve all heard before, but are there any truth to it? Let’s dive on further to…

REAL Online Business Programs are Free to Start With No Time Period. Jumpstart Your Journey Today!


Red Flags – Is Joining Shophelper worth the Risks?

Now that we’ve seen the details of Zern Tan’s program which I know is indeed exciting, there are a few red flags that I think you should know and weigh before making your final decision.

Red Flag #1 – His LIVE webinar isn’t even LIVE!

Countdown is rigged alright

On his video, you will immediately be shown a timer screen prompting you to join their “about to start” live online training which would be rather conveniently beginning in around 6 to 15 minutes from the moment you are diverted to this page.

As it seemed like a real countdown, there was certainly no time to waste and I began to focus my attention more hoping that I won’t lose much info.

From here the first hairline cracks begin to appear, the presence of a timer was already raising a few questions, and it does not take long for one to notice something else that seems peculiar.

The website had been built to reset the timer when the time elapses, and the Live online training schedule is always set 15 minutes from the current system time which raises doubts if their classes were really LIVE to begin with.

fake webinar with bots

Intrigued, I decided to play along and just join their Masterclass to find out more.

Upon signing up, the system will not bother to verify any details such whether your postal code matches your district or even if your street exists or not.

Easy enough though it doesn’t seem proper.

You could even put your address to be the moon or even the planet Venus and the website would approve of it, definitely a red flag of a hastily made website.

But let’s not get sidetracked.

Not wasting any precious time fearing the repercussions of an elapsed timer, I then forged ahead with the registration process and by grace, managed to land a good spot in the “limited” seating webinar.

The excitement was real.

live button menu

I was placed in a virtual livestreaming room hosted on Webinar Jam and had to wait and watch a few opening videos while waiting for Zern Tan to make his appearance and upon entry, it became clear that the whole live webinar is most certainly NOT a Live session nor is it a limited seating Webinar as everything here is bot-automated and pre-recorded.

hello hana

Even the responses you would get from your personal in-house bot Ms. Hana was pre-determined , It seems that Zern never appears live in the webinar even once.

I did however notice that the attendance kept rising but after a while, I noticed that there seemed to be a peculiar pattern.

Using an “Advanced” Mathematics and understanding of “Complex” Time Theorem , I calculated that the number of participants in attendance increases by 1 person every 23 seconds and the number will decrease by 1 person every 23 seconds once it reaches 500 pax, the process repeats in reverse when the number reaches 450 Pax , this happens without fail throughout the webinar.

Attempting to converse with anyone among the so-called 400 in the webinar chat box is futile as not a single soul responded, I was the only living thing there.

As for the webinar content? What does he tell you in this session?

It was a basic brick and mortar motivation speech that goes on for two hours straight, Zern will share with you his inspirational quotes and success stories from around the globe with a certain obsession with Kylie Jenner and her line of makeup products.

And yes, you read it right – it really was Kylie Jenner.

Instead of getting straight to the point with the tools you would need to begin making money, I feel as if I was bombarded with a mental conditioning regime, every naysayer was a failure so to speak.

Red Flag #2 – His Free Coaching Actually Costs $15,997

free coaching much

Yup, this one’s hard to believe too.

And for good reasons, because it’s not free, you actually have to pay once you get inside.

Zern lies about the 12 months of free coaching, it’s actually a trap to entice you enough to focus on your attention until eventually, you’ll end up paying for it either way.

As mentioned earlier, it actually costs $1,997 for a one-month coaching, imagine how much it would cost for 12 months.

Psst, it’s actually a whopping $15,997!

Red Flag #3 – A Millionaire with No Asset Records!

N0 asset records

For a millionaire, he seems to have no assets on record with the Companies Commission aside from the paper only that tells us that it is registered.

Some of you might think that it’s okay and not big a of a deal but if you have a company and an office, that office should have assets registered to it at the very least.

An example of a good Malaysian Internet Marketer I know of is Peng Joon.

He runs multiple Online Business programs and he’s also registered a company where he has a team working for him at Smobbles Sdn Bhd which is located in Petaling Jaya.

I’m not saying that you should open a company to do an Online Business but if you can charge members up to fifty grand and you have an office from which you run your company from, why isn’t it listed?

If his office is his house, what does that tell you about his credibility?

As if charging you exorbitantly high prices is not enough…

Red Flag #4 – People are bashing him on YouTube

people bashing zern tan on YouTube

If you’re in Malaysia, chances are you’ve seen his face. A LOT.

His ads are everywhere but interestingly enough, people are actually commenting on his advertisement.

But instead of good comments, everyone’s bashing him and saying things like calling the police, or hoping him get arrested.

youtube bashes part 2

And that’s on his own YouTube channel mind you.

Others are making reviews about him and there’s a parody video also on YouTube aimed at sarcastically impersonating Zern’s ads.

Zern Tan video parody

Having to go through the trouble and time just to oust someone is a whole different level of hatred.

sunway university confessions bashing Zern Tan

There are a lot of people sharing their discontent about the Heroist program but one thing that saddens me the most is when young innocent people share their stories on how they saved up to join Zern’s program in order to learn how to make money but ended up being scammed instead.

And if that’s not enough…

Red Flag #5 – Reddit Isn’t a Safe Place for Him

Zarn Tan getting slatrad on Reddit

People aren’t really happy about him, are they?

Even on Malaysia’s Reddit channel, we cannot escape that name as there are also people there displeased with Zern’s scam programme.

For younger generations who are new to it, Reddit is a type if a thread, or forum-ish sort of haven where like-minded people share on their things.

It’s not very popular amongst Malaysian nowadays as more and more people are slowly going into Twitter but there are still people there who hate Zern which I find interesting.

If Reddit isn’t a safe haven for Zern…

Red Flag #6 – People Ganging Up on Him on Facebook

dan khoo on zern tan

This guy just couldn’t get a break.

Even on Facebook, people are bashing him non-stop, threads and posts are made about him and his program and the funny part? Some of those people are influencers and friends of mine.

It really is something when everyone’s making new friends through a mutual bashing spree.

That’s not all, check this out…

Red Flag #7 – Their Social Media Isn’t Even Active

Zern Tan Facebook page

Hypocrite much?

As a program that teaches you Online Business, eCommerce, SEO, Social Media, how would you react if they themselves don’t even implement those methods?

All that preach about getting business online and crushing it when he doesn’t even have that many followers not to mention content.

And if you were to check their About Page on Facebook, you can see how Zern jokes around writing unimportant things that do not relate to the business – You would think that he have the decency to at least put an email there, a number, or even an address but no, you’ll find none of that.

Red Flag #8 – He Couldn’t Even Spell Entrepreneur!

Zern tan entrepreneur

Was his program made overnight?

If you look on his website, he doesn’t even spell entrepreneur properly, what?

I don’t know about you but it seemed like the whole entire Shophelper thing is rushed with barely any proper info or background if you think about it – It’s that or just maybe he’s just testing and flexing to show off to Malaysians that he’s now a Millionaire Entrepreneur.

I doubt even entrepreneurs would title themselves as millionaire entrepreneurs.

If you’re charging a whopping $50,000, at least put some effort into double-checking your website image before making people pay that much.

Red Flag #9 – Shopify is Much Cheaper!

Shopify price

Oh, boy will you look at that.

Did you know that spending one month of spending a Zern Tan’s coaching can cover a whole year on Shopify membership? Well now you do.

The Shophelper program teaches you how to build an Online Business using the Shopify platform.

The lessons are mediocre as they are quite basic, nothing special enough that you can find on Google.

In fact, Shopify has got even better tutorials and tips since they are the ones who actually build that platform.

The price if you go in with Shopify is way cheaper too, it costs a basic of $29 per month, to an advanced package if you like which costs $299 monthly – So much cheaper than Zern Tan’s $1,997!

Red Flag #10 – He Raided Someone’s Class!

Zern Tan randomly raided an online class

There is a thin line between hustling and desperate.

As an entrepreneur, it is a known fact that you should never lose face and you should always drop your ego in order to get more sales for your business.

I’ve seen people stay up only to catch up with work, sleeping about 3-4 hours in a week to fully follow their scheduled goals, but there are lines we do not cross.

We have to show professionalism.

SEO, sales page, cold calls, Cold Emails, Proposal sends, elevator pitches – These are all normal and effective ways of getting your brand around and getting some sales.

Intruding into someone else’s class, is not.

Have you noticed that some shops put up the sign “No Salesman allowed” at their entrance doors? Yup, it’s exactly like that.

Red Flag #11 – He Blocks People

he attac he bloc

Do you face criticism? Or do you run away.

Blocking people isn’t a good step for a brand because it shows how insecure you are that words can break you.

And believe me, when a business has grown, you’ll get a lot more when that came from.

Creating a business is something very huge and particularly for Zern, if he’s trying to groom future millionaires, he shouldn’t be blocking people just because he doesn’t agree – That is bad PR because the customer is always right not to mention making yourself look very emotional to go and block people here and there.

If you have the courage to intrude on other people’s class, you should at least have the courage to face unhappy clients instead of just running away.

I can’t believe I’m actually giving advice to this guy.

Red Flag #12 – The Vain Scammer

The vain scammer

As I was about to close the window, I noticed something.

Have you noticed how vain he is?

Not just the part where he claims to be the best which is a dangerous statement as there are way more people more successful and have been shaping the Online Business world even before Zern Tan was even born, but his pictures?

As if titling himself as a millionaire entrepreneur wasn’t enough, he just had to call himself the best to make us feel privileged to be coached by him, and then take photos of himself posing aimlessly?

I’ll leave that to you 😉


Do I recommend Heroist?

Of course not, I mean would you?

I normally try to give second chances but seeing how south this program can go very fast for anyone, I’d be lying to you that it’s a good program.

There are many Online Business platforms out there on the web way better than what Heroist is offering, with more features and support, and definitely more affordable.

Ecommerce is going really big right especially this year as we all have noticed the rising demand throughout the pandemic.

The spike will continue to go up even after the whole lockdown mess has settled as people will begin to adapt to buying online.

However, creating an eCommerce site isn’t enough.

You’ll need to market it and get people to your site first which is the number one reason why many people fail at this.

Wealthy Affiliate Home Page

A good platform I can recommend you, is Wealthy Affiliate.

I do a lot of reviews and there’s a reason why it’s currently my top-ranked program.

Not only does it have the best Online Business course for you to build a website and monetize from any niche imaginable, the features there will help you create content and rank your website easily within Bing and Google search engines, the right way.

The community there is from people all over the world from different backgrounds and they all can help you out and debunk the mystery of Online Business.

WA is an Online Business platform unlike no other – Whether it’s for you to start building your own Online Business, or simply grow your existing business, heck even Heroist’s Shophelper too if this the path you wish to take, it’s best to check it out for yourself.

Speaking of which, here’s an overview to help you decide…



Final Word

Shophelper has a good initiative for an Online Business.

However with the owner’s devious background, the ridiculously high price for the most basic courses, as well as their fake free claims tactic only to find out that we have to pay for it once inside, I would have to give it a low rating of 1 out of 5.

It pains me to see so many people getting tricked, getting blocked, and not responded to even after paying that much for this program, I do hope word gets around and that more people stay away from this program unless losing that much money isn’t really an issue.

If you’re interested in building your own Online Business the right way, check out my top-ranked program here.

Thanks for reading! Do share your experiences below so more people can know.

Riaz Shah





122 comments to “Is Zern Tan’s Heroist a Scam? -My Shophelper Review.”
  1. Wow, that is so not cool.  You have done a very good job with this review and provided all the facts not just hearsay which is good.  The price is way off-key.  Yes, you are right wealthy affiliate is great.  I am with wealthy affiliate and the value is well worth it.  I would definitely recommend anyone wanting to set up an affiliate business to sign up with wealthy affliate.

  2. Any business with this much cons should be banned and stayed clear off because not having a program alone is really and idea and that shows how they are fake and have nothing to offer. I have seen a lot of scam business online and I’m glad to be reading this review about Zern Tan Heroist. It will be best if if we keep our money and not get scammed by them 

  3. Dang that’s a steep monthly price (1997) to have so many negative things about it! I am glad to see this review from someone like you so I do not have to worry about whether or not I need to sign up! I don’tt think I will, thanks to your concise and detailed post. Thank you for sharing

  4. I’m not from Malaysia, I Don’t know who zeen tan is, this is my first time hearing about him. While reading your article, I tried not to laugh cuz there were somethings so funny, like the fact that on his website he replies to ghosts and there are bots doing the talking there. It’s more like he’s trying he’s very best to be so convincing but with this review he actually looks stupid

  5. After reading your articles, I am sure you are right this Zern Tan is a big scammer. So much evidence from social media pointing to him as a cheater. He does not even have a guy appearing in the live streaming room because it is a big failure for people to suspect him. I wonder why our young men still get scam by him. Is an online business beautiful to our young generation? 

    I sincerely hope that your article can help our young men stop getting scam by Zern Tan again. They should follow your advice to join Wealthy Affiliate or join Shopify to set up their website. To bring our website success, we need to learn a lot of new knowledge and follow it step by step for a long period of time. My opinion is joining Wealthy Affiliate is the only way to have a higher chance of getting the website is the right approach for success. 

    Without following the google practices and requirements, there is no way you can get thousands of organic searches from google. That is exactly what I see from many successful WA members. They can write one article per day for one whole year to push up their traffic increasing exponentially. We have the real case in our WA post for sharing and learning from each other.

    Thanks for your excellent works to help people know the scammer reality. Your hard work will get a reward and bear good results soon.

    • I totally agree with you Stephen,

      Hard work pays and there are no shortcuts to success, grinding every day is actually very rewarding because as our site grows, so does our revenue. Might not be a great journey going there but it’s definitely doable and I think some people just want to take the easy way out and scam others for an exorbitantly high price instead.

  6. Hi , this is based in Malaysia right, does that mean it’s not accessible outside?

    I don’t know much about this program but ooking at this review it seems like zern tans program isn’t really ideal especially when you are new, so I guess it’s best to look elsewhere!

    Thanks for this informative review!

  7. This is eye-opening Riaz, 

    Your review will surely help many of us from falling prey to this. Finding out that Zern charges so high when he doesn’t even have assets registered is indeed disturbing, I wonder what else might he have under his sleeves. Hope he’ll come out in World Of Buzz, that will definitely give him the fame he deserves.

  8. Hello riaz,

    I truly believe that Zern Tan’s Heroist platform is a scam based on your cons. Even the pricing is too much! And he has not reached out at all to the bashers? Good to know that before he can create more havoc, especially to the younger generation, people like you have come out to guide people and inform them that this guy is a legit scammer.

  9. While I was reading your article on Heroist and Shophelper a lot of things came to my mind. 

    I’ll try to cover them all 🙂

    First, I “know” Peng Joon and his work is really good!

    Second: when you talk about the live webinar that actually is not live, I think you should not put it among the cons, because it is very common among business owners to run live webinars, record them while they are live, then send and advertise the webinars. So, if you missed the very first webinar you will see the recorded one that was actually live – it’s more a marketing trick than a real con, but this is just my opinion 🙂 

    But the very bad part is the one related to pricing: first of all, I think it is very expensive for such a young company (I’d pay that amount of money for a coaching meeting with Russell Brunson or Neil Patel, who proved to make business people very successful during the years!)

    And you’re right: it’s pretty weird that there are no assets!!!

    • You’re definitely right Rosalia,

      I totally understand about the recorded videos and I’ve seen a lot of it. It’s okay for other businesses or courses to do so but in a world where you pay to meet that very person, wouldn’t it be practical to meet that very person when he promised to us he’ll be there? 

      Internet Marketing has a very fragile image due to the countless scammers running rampant and being transparent is key to making people trust you as a human, not just another bot on the screen. Heck even Russel Brunson was live when I was talking to him and as for Neil Patel, I met him a few years back when he was in Cyberjaya. 

      These types of people are the ones who I don’t mind paying a lot to because I trust them and they have a very good image. We know who they are, we’ve seen them do talks, and we know where their offices are and they’re very welcoming. The type of vibe that Zern does not have.

  10. I do not think that anybody should invest in this platform as i think you highlight too many cons that outweigh the positives. The price is also ridiculous, especially when you can find other platforms on the internet which are a fraction of the price which provide better coaching and support to help your online business grow and develop for the future. Certainly a dreaded pitfall if anyone were to spend that much on!

  11. Wow…just wow!  The first thing that hits me about this is the price.  I understand the “clock strategy” that pressures a person to make an impulsive choice but $1, 997?  For just one month?  I know very few people who could sustain that monthly amount and, of those who could, I don’t know of any who would.  I assume he is only out to get that first payment as it sounds like there’s anything that would make anyone hang on any longer than that.  Thanks for outing this loser, Riaz!

    • Pleasure’s all mine Cynthia, his ads are everywhere and it was getting pretty annoying especially since everyone hates him haha.

  12. What is he doing, shop helper? Isn’t that supposedly the same as a shop assistant, but why webinar and coaching? I don’t remember being a shop assistant could give webinar and coaching. If I cross that name before I read this, I started being skeptical already for the confusion of his profession. Moreover, his aim is actually for Malaysian or American? Or Malaysian people who live in America. Man, people really do a trial with him? 

    • I know right, he’s manipulating so much that he forgot his line a lot too. Like when he said coaching is free but then you have to pay and he tries to put ice on that by saying that you have to pay for his free coaching hahaha

  13. I think no one can actually tell what a platform is for till you put everything into it and involve in it, , i like the fact that you have done all the job for us , Thank you tremendously for a well constructed and easily understandable post. I will be sure to share this with my friendsand everyone that i know .I hate getting scammed by these horrible people online and im very grateful that there are people like you who stop them. thank you very much.

  14. This is not just a scam but daylight fraud. A system that charges as much $ 1,997-month subscription and offers poor coaching where there is no interaction with a human. Top of it, all he is going to teach is how to make sales for Americans. 

    Wealthy Affiliate

    sounds way better, with just $19 you can start on the first month and subsequent months will be $49. The pieces of training are robust and you can have one on one interaction with Kyle and Jay also know as magistudio. They are always there for training and advice 

    • Glad to meet a fellow member here Parameter, and Jay’s Magistudio is definitely a gem with all those great SEO tips every Friday night.

  15. There certainly are more cons than pros here, and I almost fell over backward when I saw the prices. This is one I think very few people will be able to afford to start off with.

    You are right. There are definitely more affordable routes to go when it comes to learning how to make an income online. Wealthy Affiliate is one of them, and I too have been a member for years so I know this one is well worth it and the price tag isn’t exorbitant.

  16. Once again I appreciate your straight to the point and thorough review, this time on Shophelper by Zern Tan, one in which I can again steer clear of. With Shophelper by Zern Tan I dislike the deception, especially when it comes to payment. That there are product complaints, no clear objectives and not really any coaching is never good especially in a product that is supposed to be free, and no one likes to talk to ghosts in this situation. One again thanks to your review I can avoid a product. Well done!

  17. Thank you again for such a thorough review of Zern Tans Heroist. To be honest I can’t believe how much you have to pay and if it’s just robots responding it makes me really question who’s pockets were lining here! I wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole! I will share this for you as there’s so many scams online and it’s good for people to not get sucked in! 

  18. It is good to know that this company is registered, however, those costs and those promises raise my red flag. $1997 per month?  Expect to earn thousands of US per week? Free coaching costing $15,997? Worst of all is the description of how the training went or didn’t go, and how every process is mechanical with no human interaction. Thank you for your time, information, and details. If this is not a clear sign of a scam, I don’t know what is.

  19. Well, in my opinion, haven read this review article on ShopHelper, and with this being my first time to know of this, I do not think Zern Tan Heroist is a scam, neither is his ShopHelper program a scam. The issue here is that it does not seem to be good enough, as the cons significantly overwhelms the pros. I would love to recommend that Zern Tan should go back and do some fixes and make some changes, as this motive with this program is good. Thanks!

  20. Hi Riaz,

    Thanks for such an in-depth review, or should I call it “exposure” of what is clearly a total scam. 

    I found your article after seeing one of his posts on FB, and boy am I pleased I googled it before wasting 2 hours of my time – never mind a single dime. 

    The internet seems to be full of people like this guy, promising megabucks overnight, but a big proportion of them are just re-hashing stuff that can be googled for free. I hope that most people are put off by the ridiculous price-tag. I mean, all he’s talking about as I can gather from your article, is drop-shipping through Shopify!

    I’m sure there are some legit courses out there, but wading through the scams to find them is tedious to say the least. 

    So thanks again for explaining what this is all about.

    I’ll be taking a look at your other articles and hopefully will find a way to make an honest living online without spending money I personally can’t afford.

    Many thanks


    • Glad to hear that Adrian,

      That Shopify part is the one we have to worry about most, especially when he doesn’t show what website examples we could look at since eCommerce is something big which not everyone can do without proper guidance. Appreciate the awesome feedback!

  21. Wow!  What a great detailed review on  My Shophelper and its fraudulent claims.  It is hard to phantom someone charging so much money for coaching.   The various prices listed for services are outrageous.  He must be mighty convincing in his presentation that so many people believe him and end up losing lots of money.  Thank you for exposing all the lies and misinformation as well as the few pros and detailed cons.  Great article.

  22. I saw his ads everywhere on Youtube, I had to opt for the ad blocker, never knew about the parody video that other YouTubers make about him. Really shows how the public doesn’t like Zern, at least people are knowing about him enough to avoid him instead of paying to join.

  23. I am so glad I haven’t came across this Zern Tan even though I live in Malaysia! What an astronomical price he is charging. And it is in USD, the amount he charges is not something  Malaysian would buy in. Even a top notch reputable stock and options investment course that I know doesn’t cost that much. And indeed, Wealthy Affiliate is a far better deal.

  24. I could learn nearly everything mentioned by Zern and what i would have to pay for is far less than the lowest price of $1997 that this program is charging, that would be enough to put the vast majority of people of to start with. I didn’t see any money backed guarantee that is a huge red flag for me and I certainly would not join this program.

  25. Thanks for exposing this scammer its crazy the amount of money he is asking for a lot of this stuff is free to learn but I agree about wealthy affiliate being a good program as I have used it and all the info is there in the one place from the get go. Shopify is also great but it’s pretty self-explanatory and definitely not worth $50,000 for.

  26. Hi Riaz,
    You have certainly provided some valid reasons for considering Zern Tan’s Heroist a scam. I must admit that the price tag is quite alarming to me. I wonder how persons even afford that.

    The fact that the company promises something that they don’t deliver on is the first red flag. To say the first 12 months is free when this is not true would leave me to believe that I cannot trust the word of this company owner. This unethical for any business to draw persons in with outright lies.

    Additionally, the fact that customers’ questions go unanswered would cause me to believe this company is indeed dodgy. After all if your program is so good then no company should have a problem answering customers’ questions. The main aim of business is usually to increase sales while satisifying customers. Satisified customers usually prove to be return customers afterall.

    I always believe that when a company offers free trials they are as good as saying that they stand behind their products and this is exactly what we want in a good business. If it is good you will gain lasting custoomers from your free trial afterall. A company should have a free trial or atleast a money back guarantted for a certain period if a customer is satisified. That is what reputable companies do.

    I’d be shocked if this company is able to remain in business much longer.

    Candy Benn

    • Definitely right Candy, 

      he’s not replying because he knows he’s screwed and people already know there’s no value even when they pay and join. And now people are asking what his program entails, he doesn’t know how to answer as he’s only planning to get money and then dissapear. He’s been quiet until now though, but thanks for the amazing feedback, appreciate it!

  27. Thanks for the brutal honesty you have put forth in this review, riaz.

    You’re correct, people really seem to have it out for this guy.  Their comments are very harsh, like saying they hope he is in jail or what not.  That, to me, says, steer way clear of this program! Obviously it is a scam or, at the very least, so incredibly unhelpful that people feel it isn’t worth anything near the amount of money they did end up putting into it.  

     This is sketchy in general, considering he claims it is free.  

    I think you bring up another good point about the YouTube promotional video spending the last hour on payment instructions.  I mean, come on, if you haven’t sold me on the product, I’m sure as hell not going to go through some ridiculously tough payment process.  This guy has some nerve! 

    Thanks so much for warning us to stay away from this scam. 

    • Ahahah that one ticks me off, one moment he said it’s free, another moment he asked us to pay him…for his free program! He might have forgotten a line or two in scamming school.

  28. Wow! What a bummer! It’s such a pity that there are so many scammers out there trying to lure people interested in making money online. The government should do something about them.

    If I understood correctly, the business concept is something like dropshipping, right? You would sell at the local price and earn money off the conversion rates.

    As I was reading through your review, I couldn’t help thinking how insanely expensive the coaching is! Come on, not even a free trial? That’s too much! They should at least give you one or two weeks for free so you can decide if it’s a good fit for you.

    Man, I’m tired of those programs that claim you can earn thousands of dollars online by doing virtually nothing. You can make money online, yes, but it takes time and hard work. Nothing in life is free.

    Thanks for the warning.

    • Totally! And yes, it works that way where we buy low and sell high, nothing new and what almost all eCommerce gurus out there are teaching but I don’t recall anyone throwing a price that high with no details or platforms we could utilise, not even step-by-step products, amazing how this guy thinks.

  29. Thanks for sharing this review Riaz, 

    it is clear that Zern Tan is no small scammer and plus, the monthly fee is too expensive for anyone in the right mind, not all beginners have that much money, to begin with and we’re giving it away to this little pipsqueak zern? No way! 

    especially if there are no ongoing updated materials or actual live web classes and training to help us get started. Does he expect to just talk to us until we become millionaires or something? The nerve on some people.

  30. This is the first time I have heard of this platform and all I can say is WOW WOW, this program is so pricy and there is also no guarantee that you will have success with this program. That is a lot of money to shell out in this day and time. I don’t know with the price, hype and because of being dishonest anyone, in my opinion, would be unwise to follow through. I would stay clear of this system.

  31. Hello Riaz!

    What a comprehensive review on Zern Tan and his business. I never heard of him but if he is making a buzz in Malaysia in all the wrong ways I feel sorry for all the people he scammed, good thing he doesn’t come here to create more mess!

    But I also can’t imagine how people was able to afford such a huge amount of fee. The one month subscription fee is even way more than the basic salary here in South Korea.

    I am actually curious of how Zern Tan gained the popularity and trust of the people (though he squandered it) on the first place.

    Anyways, more success to you Riaz!

    • I guess knowing that people hate him and he won’t be able to scam normal people who are knowledgeable enough, he opts for the dirty way of scamming innocent people who are new to the whole internet marketing idea.

  32. this is a very awesome piece Riaz, 

    amazing how much time you put into it, i’m quite impressed! I’m really happy I came across this as the information, I was almost ready to try at least a month with Zern, imagine how much money I would have wasted. My friends and I were planning to save up together and share it but good thing I didn’t go ahead with it.

    • Omg good thing you didn’t Brenda! With that much money, you and your friends would make so much more investing on the right program instead.

  33. Thank you for the comprehensive review. You left no stone unturned . I should say it is very unfortunate for people who get tricked by such scams parting with so much money only to get no returns. The list of the cons is overwhelmingly long compared to the pros. The red flags and the evidence you compiled on them is clear and straight forward . Thank you for saving someone.

  34. Hello Riaz, thank you very much for your honest detailed review on this. I am actually getting to know about Zern Tan’s Heroist for the very first time and after going through the pros and cons, the cons outweighs the pros, I personally would not recommend a website without a Support team to help people out.

  35. Just by reading the cons of this platform it automatically is a big no from me. The fact that they don’t have a support team to help people out, nor a clear vision of what their goals is. Plus, the pricing looks sketchy, and as you’ve said, it is still a brand new platform to actually be certain enough to trust your information to. There are so many scams out there, one has to double check every ad, promotion, etc, in order to make good decisions. 

  36. Riaz, I must confess you have saved thousands of internet users and young digital marketers from some imminent ship wreck. Particularly, I am just knowing about Zern Tan’s Heroist and from your article, it will never be part of my consideration list ever. Thank you for this beautiful review sir, you have saved me and many from falling victims

  37. What??? $1,997 monthly – $49,997 yearly?????? Are they nuts? LOL 

    Run run run! tell me please this is a joke! I am absolutely shocked that someone even tried to trick people this way? It’s ridiculous! So, legit program on these prices, ok for those who believe it’s worth paying that much for the knowledge you can gain elsewhere. But SCAM FOR THIS PRICE? I hope these guys will be moved away from the internet. 

    BECAUSE of them and others who have been into the scam business, people are more concerned even when they find legit programs. 

    THANK YOU for sharing this review! Much appreciated! 

    • I know right Sunny, it’s sad to know that there are people out there who actually paid for this. People like us can already spot a scam when we see one but newcomers will never know the difference.

  38. Thank you Riaz,

    This is such a well written article with such a great amount of detail which I am certain will benefit so many people I hope you can help a lot of people to stay away from Zern. Whilst I do not live in Malaysia so I have never seen Heroist, it sickens me to know that some people have no conscious at all when they do unethical scams like this.

    I am astonished that this business still exists and would definitely not invest in it. We’d be falling into a pitfall of debts even before making any money.


    • I totally get what you mean Imelda, 

      I do hope these kinds of people get caught one day so until then, I’m just doing my part for the community and helping people out by giving them enough information to help them decide whether or not they should go for that particular program or not.

  39. Wow, super detailed article you’ve got here Riaz,

    I am convinced that this program would not be of benefit even if it were functioning in the U.S.  I’m not clear if the same men who developed Shophelper also develop Shopify though I have heard a lot about Shopify. Is it any different?

    • Thanks Anastazja! Shopify is probably the number one eCommerce platform you can go to start building your business specifically for eCommerce. Zern Tan doesn’t have that capability which is he just directs everyone to just go there instead.

  40. I really liked Zern’s site, I have a soft spot for nicely designed websites but I am glad I didn’t join right away and decided to research, phew! There sure are good platforms out there, but this is definitely not one of them. And what I dislike the most is that they aren’t transparent with pricing. Guess I’ll walk away from these guys.

  41. Very nice review and nice readable article about Zern Tan’s Heroist and Shophelper. It’s great that you’ve done this review and shared it online, as it can benefit many not to get into a business that doesn’t have a good outlook. Too many cons and red flags. People get involved in business before they check it out and are then disappointed, and convinced that everything online is a scam. That is why they miss great and legitimate opportunities. I hope as many people as possible read this great review before joining the Shophelper system.

  42. up to 50K annual fees to join this program? That is such a rip off. That would be the first thing that would make me think about joining this program. Also the red flag that you have indicated in this article clearly shows that Zern is not trust worthy. 

    I am glad that I have never came across him program. I am surprised that after so much bashing on social media, he is still pursuing his fraud. He got some guts!!

    Thank you for the review. I hope people do read your review before getting themselves into this mess. 

  43. wow best topic to discuss, I have heard of that company before. many join them and I always thinking why so many join. the price so much at wealthy affiliate low price but many people come in and out. 🙂  In Malaysia so much eCommerce Guru, Forex Guru, and other categories Guru. 

    however, thank you for sharing hope many people in Malaysia open eye

  44. For now, I still work in a company and I see the job I want to do over the Internet exclusively as additional income because there are still scam sites that offer you unrealistic conditions. Due to the current situation in the world, a lot of people will lose their jobs and all of them will be easy prey for such scam platforms. I was lucky when choosing the platform and I hope you will too. Thank you for the information which is very helpful

    • Definitely Olivier, I did notice an influx of online viewers after the lockdown started and it’s not pleasant. Hope I can steer as many people I can away from scams.

  45. Hi Riaz, 

    Great website and fabulous content and reviews. My compliments. 

    Zern Tan’s Heroist is definitely a Scam? Thank God for your Shophelper review which is so detailed and comprehensive. It’s really sad that the product is priced so high and then too, services and support are not readily available. There are many better products available like Legendary marketer, Authority Hacker, and Project 24. I do hope your article helps people in realizing the truth about ShopHelper.



  46. Wow, this guy …! I have never heard of Zern Tan, but looking at the photos he posts of himself and the promises he makes, he must have a high opinion of himself. The price he is charging is ridiculous! I’d rather use that money to go on a nice trip. I would not spend it on a program by a guy I have never heard of and who is being bashed everywhere due to bad practices … 

    Thank you for sharing this warning about him. I am sorry he managed to dupe so many into paying that kind of money … 

    • I know right, charging that high for something so mediocre and going on trips while we struggle, not the best image one would want to portray when selling. Appreciate the feedback Christine!

  47. I came across this the other and I just have to find out what is it all about. Got sick of wasting time and money on a bad product or service. Oh my goodness! That is a whopping price to join!  I have to say that all the cons are towering the pros which doesn’t benefit us. For no free trail and we don’t know what he will be coaching? No thank you 

  48. Wow, unforunately this “Zern Tan” seems very scammy. I don’t know why they dont take the time and build a company the proper way. Always somebody out there looking to take advantage of other people. I really appreciate you taking the time and making people aware of these types of people. Thanks for the article and best wishes.

    • I guess it’s because they wanted the easy way out of making money and not by working hard like the rest of us. Appreciate the feedback Adam, thanks!

  49. Thank you for pointing out all the red flags, a score of one 1 out of 5 never bodes well, although it is a plus point that the company is actually registered which does seem like more effort than other scammers. That superbly high cost actually makes me very skeptical already, totally not on par with what we’re getting

  50. Great review as always Riaz, I was really scared if this is just another scam. 

    The cost is so high and I have to be frank, that Zern looks like he simply put numbers as he likes, as though his father owns the industry or something. I’m so glad that I haven’t paid anything because there is a lot of bashing on social media and reading your review confirmed my choice. thanks and keep writing more 😀

  51. It is very important to know whether a platform is scam or not. Nowadays, when a lot of people have lost their jobs due to the Covid-19 virus, many will turn to online passive money making, and in the process it is important that they know what are they dealing with. I think this text must reach as many people . Honestly, I can’t believe that scams still exist and that people deal with it. I hope that there will be fewer and fewer of them soon. I am personally on WA and I am very happy with that platform. I would recommend it to everyone. But to anyone who wants to try out on another platform, I wish you good luck in business.Just inform yourself first about the platform you are starting to work with

    • Totally with you Jelena, I do hope many of these scammers will start to reduce in numbers too. That would definitely help put more trust in the industry and among the people, imagine how good the economy will be.

  52. Wow, this article was really enlightening and educative as well, thank you so much for sharing this riaz! I really enjoyed it and also shared it with my friends and family and they liked it as well, especially when my father was just thinking about joining, glad I managed to convince him otherwise!

  53. It’s really funny how this product made it to your review board, there are lots of articles like it that are of no use but are embedded with lies and plots to attract people to them which is a very bad thing. Zern tan is very poor and I think for a product like that to be charging thousands of dollars is very bad. Thanks for sharing.

  54. Hello there, Thanks for sharing this awesome article I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me…I discovered Zan Tan a few days ago and since then I have been looking for credible reviews on them  but this is the best I have sent and I think I would stick with your advice no to join

  55. It is very clear that I would never support of Zern and his partner. The way that guy tends to make people what he does is what I am going to give him credit for.  Reading through the article, I figured that there are just too many red flags to look out for about Shophelper. Having known who this man is and who his partner is, I would really be careful before I get myself involved in any online business that they make in the future.

    • It’s true, serial scammers always tend to make more programs after that to scam more people which many people fall for because, with each program that they create, they tend to adapt to be less obvious, making people believe them more. 

  56. Just by scrolling down and seeing how the cons are way more than the pros one wouldn’t want to be associated with this shophelper heroist thing. Not to mention the cost! $49,997 for one on one coaching! That is a lot more than a lot of people make in a year and the ROI will probably be low.

  57. What caught up my attention was the fact there’s no support to help, only bots. I really hate that, sometimes you need to explain more and a bot can’t help you. It just reminded me of my recent experience with booking dot com, they do have something called customer services, but nothing like they used to have before when you got a proper and emotional reply to your claim. Now it’s all automated, horrible.
    To me, this program is not worth the money.
    Kylie Jenner, that made me laugh. These inventors of online programs are crazy, I wonder people still fall for it. But I also have my bad experience.
    Thank you for this honest review.

    • I know right Lenka! Worse part is that he claimed that t’s him but it’s not, just like the free coaching that he mentioned but you actually have to pay for. 

  58. Great review riaz! 

    Thank you very much for sharing exposing Zern. I’ve gone through it and my god that price tag, the balls on that one I can not understand him at all. Shophelper, more like ShopStealer! No wonder a lot of people talk bad about him all over the web, definitely something to avoid.

  59. Thank you tremendously for a well constructed and easily understandable post. I hate getting scammed by these horrible people online and im very grateful that there are people like you who stop them in their tracks. I will be sur to share this with my friends and i hope you have a great day !

  60. Getting to see an online business is very good and I have been really excited to have come to read this review on zern tan. I have to admit I’m really disappointed to see any business with this very bad system of operation and are still out there to collect such give fee for membership. I really hope other people lean about it and stay away from it. 

  61. Thank you for sharing this here and I honestly find this to be very worthy to see. For what us worth,this is a really great one that you have reviewed and exposed here on the need we actually need to be very careful before taking on any platform or programs online. This is totally a waste of effort and time and I do not think it deserves it. Thanks for helping us with the right information here

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