What is Riway About? -The Deer Placenta MLM.

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Business name: Riway International

Website: web.riway.com

Type of business: Purtier Placenta supplement MLM

Price: $415 (Silver account) – $2,692 (Diamond account)

Owner: Dr Lim Boon Hong (CEO & Founder)

My rating: 1 out of 5 (Overpriced)

There’s a commotion happening just near where I live so I figured I check it out.

It’s called Riway and a lot of people went there during their opening in Malaysia and believe it or not, their office is just 10 minutes away from my house – How lucky can I get!

Riway is an interesting MLM company dealing with Purtier Placenta which is a difficult product to market without having the proper approval and certifications.

Yet, they somehow claim to have gotten approval on their supplements by a hospital in Singapore but turns out there were major doubts on that and plus, other medical organizations also do not approve of this particular product of theirs.

With that huge controversy, one could not help but to wonder, is Riway legal?

Are their products really trustworthy? or are they operating a scam?

If you’re just as curious as me on what it’s all about, read on my full Riway review to find out what kind of practice are they really implementing…


Pros and Cons


  • It is a supplement, not a medication so prescriptions are not needed.
  • The Purtier Placenta is real and the company is importing them all the way from New Zealand.
  • No animals are killed in the process, only their placenta is used.
  • Their supplements are also deemed as “miracle cures” for other untreatable conditions.


  • Research by Northwestern University Illinois proves that consuming placenta actually has no benefits whatsoever.
  • Health Science Authority (HAS) Singapore never actually gave their approval.
  • The Health Science Authority even stated that the pills would not be effective as stem cells are sensitive and would actually be destroyed if they are processed, especially when turned into pills.
  • They received a bad review from Mirror.co.uk
  • Before Riway, the owner was involved with various MLMs including Nu Skin and Enyouth.
  • There are no dosage guidelines on consuming.
  • A lot of warning on health risks by different organisations.
  • Dubai Bans it.
  • They received a warning from the Philippines.
  • Unethical promotions by using Richard Branson’s & Warren buffet’s name and face without them even knowing.
  • Corporate video has nothing to do with products but more on cars and cruises.
  • Hardly any info on their Purtier Placenta product anywhere, even their website has only one short paragraph of it.
  • Complaints flooding the internet.
  • Too many pictures of their team and MLM Call-to-actions compared to their own products.
  • A lot of hate towards the CEO all over forums.
  • Despite overwhelming complaints, Riway still would not admit that they are an MLM.

Jeepers, that’s a lot of cons! Better check out my #1 recommended program instead!


What is Riway All About? -Get to Know Their Story.

website screenshot of riway

Basically, they’re a placenta supplement sort of MLM company .

Founded in 2008 by a Dr Lim Boon Hong, Riway International started in Singapore and from there, they spreaded their wings throughout South East Asia in a matter of months.

Dr Lim Boon Hong Riway

Dr Lim Boon Hong, CEO of Riway.

Some of the countries they are currently in include…

  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand
  • Myanmar
  • The Philippines
  • Taiwan
  • Japan

I have some doubts myself about what kind of doctor is he though as instead of focusing on the product supplement itself, you see a lot of him doing photo shoots of expensive cars and houses instead which to me, shouts materialistic more than holistic.

Coming back to the main point, Riway has one main product which is their Purtier Placenta but recently, they’ve just launched another product called the Conscientious which I’ll explain later on.

They manufacture their products at Alpha Labs in New Zealand as the deer placenta can only be found there.


What are Their Products?

It’s not easy getting information on their products.

To date, Riway has 2 products which are the Purtier Placenta and the Conscientious.

Let’s have a look at both of them, starting from…

purtier placenta riway product

Product# 1 – Purtier Placenta

The Purtier Placenta is a dry deer placenta supplement in the form of tablets.

They claim that it is a miracle supplement that can cure anything as the nutrients come from a placenta.

In total, there are 9 ingredients used which include are Deer placenta, Aloe vera, Xanthones, Squalene, Borage oil, Marine collagen, Evening Primrose Oil, Avocado Oil and Lycopene from tomatoes.

For the benefits of it, Riway claims that it is a miracle product which can act as an anti-ageing live-cell therapy.

As for the pricing, it is different in every country.

I won’t touch much on that because you can simply check Lazada for that if you’re in South East Asia, or if you’re from other parts of the world, Amazon has it too.

purtier comparison on Lazada and Amazon

Lazada price: RM599 ($150) / Amazon price: $345

The prices are of course different since their HQ is based in Singapore and for western countries, they cost slightly higher due to shipping.

Product #2 – Conscientious

for him for her consciencious products

Riway survived with only one product but just recently, they’ve launched a second.

Conscientious is a Paraben-Free and Silicone-Free on-the-go essence spray for the skin to make it look healthier and stronger by increasing skin elasticity and firmness while smoothing out rough skin texture.

They use 27 ingredients to create this with a moderately 60% content however there’s not much info on what those ingredients are.

Still, I’d say the essence spray is for those rich teens who could afford them because the number one hot item over here, still remains the purtier.

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Is Riway a Pyramid Scheme? -Let’s Check Their Plan.

Every MLM company has a compensation plan, Riway included.

Normal programs reward people one-off by giving them commissions no strings attached.

They can join for free, they get commissions whenever they promote, and there is no sales target pressure for that.

That’s Affiliate Marketing.

Riway, on the other hand, is the exact opposite.

a typical Unilevel structure in MLM

They are doing a typical MLM business (Which they try so hard to deny) and in an MLM business, you are always at the top earning more than your referrals because whatever your referrals earn, you earn a piece from that too.

This is an unfair advantage for your uplines because you can never beat them as whatever sales you get, you will need to deduct a percentage from that for your uplines.

“Wait, uplines as in plural?” Yes, you’ve read it right.

In Riway’s MLM, you can earn up to 4 levels down depending on the type of account you’re taking…

Silver (US$415 / S$569) – 8% Commission rate + 1 Bottle

Gold (US$830 / S$1,136) – 9% Commission rate + 2 Bottles

Platinum (US$1,570 / S$2,150) – 10% Commission rate + 4 Bottles

Diamond (US$2,692 / S$3,688) – 10% Commission rate across 3 levels + 7 Bottles

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Red Flags – Is Joining Riway Worth the Risk?

Joining as a purtier placenta distributor may sound nice but there are a few hurtful facts that you would have to weigh in before making that final decision…

Red Flag #1 – Eating Placenta Actually Does Nothing

BBC news statement on eating placenta

Yes, you’ve read it right.

And honestly, I’m as shocked as you because I too just found out about this one just a while ago as I was scrolling through to read on benefits of placenta.

According to research made by Northwestern University, they have no proven benefits and that people are actually consuming placenta based on social media influences like Kim Kardashian.

Red Flag #2 – Getting Wrong Stem Cells Can Actually be Fatal

Remember the rising trend of people consuming placenta for supposed health?

A lot of people are in fact scammed because there are a lot of different companies who are taking advantage of this trend to start their own products which are not regulated.

There was an investigation on CBS News here…

Long story short, you may never know that you are scammed because although you’ve received the product (Like the Purtier Placenta) in good shape physically, what we do not know is whether the cells are actually there or not.

We cannot see with our human eyes because in order to check if the cells are there, we need a microscope since they are all cells.

And since they’re live stem cells that we’re actually counting on, 99% of the products that we get do not actually have the live stem cells to begin with.

We often get dead one instead.

Imagine getting the same Purtier Placenta but with no stem cells inside, that would be like, the perfect crime since we do not even know that because there are no proper regulations on it.

Oh, and speaking of regulations…

Red Flag #3 – Dubai Bans It

Dubai Banned Purtier Placenta

The Dubai Health Minister saw through Riway’s fake approval and made a statement that they do not support it.

They also made it clear that anyone found dealing with the Purtier Placenta, will be dealt with legal actions.

Dubai isn’t the only country though, because…

Red Flag #4 – The Philippines Bans it Too

Purtier Placenta Banned in Philippines

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the Philippines declared a warning on Riway’s unapproved and misleading promotion of the Purtier Placenta.

The FDA also labeled the Purtier Placenta as a high-risk product and with no approved therapeutic claims.

Not much of a surprise, it is after all by now a scam as you might have noticed.

Red Flag #5 – Health Science Authority (HAS) Singapore Never Gave Permission

HSA letter that does not show if it is good or not

After finding out about Dubai’s and Philippines’ respective health associations results, I began to doubt more on Riway’s trustworthiness.

That lead me to looking back at Singapore instead, the place where it all started.

Singapore is, of course, the headquarters of Riway and the huge claim that they boasted, came from Singapore Hospital and Health Association.

Or at least I thought it was.

You’d be surprised that actually, The Health Science Authority of Singapore never gave any formal letter of approval because all they got was a medical check in the Purtier Placenta bottle.

Health Science Authority Singapore on stem cells Purtier Placenta Riway

What? No way! Yes, way.

In fact, did you know that the HAS and Singapore Hospital never supported it?

They made it clear on their website that the stem cells are not known to prevent diseases or used as a treatment of medical conditions, to begin with.

They even gave an explanation that the stem cells would be destroyed by our digestive enzymes if we consumed it orally which means through our mouth by swallowing.

Stem cells are extremely delicate hence they would be destroyed when processed into other forms like through the form of pills, liquid or solid products.

Red Flag #6 – They Made a Pretty Bad Impression in the UK

Mirror UK has a bad impression on Riway

As Riway expands, they try to breach into the western world.

Only this time, they weren’t so lucky.

In Asia, we might be a little less strict as we have lesser regulations as compared to developed countries like the UK, Europe, and the US.

Riway made a pretty bad impression of themselves on their opening presentation while in the UK by using false promises and worse, they used pictures of famous people like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and Richard Branson to show how big they are… Without proper approval of course.

And plus, those people have not even tried Riway nor are affiliated with them to begin with.

Because of that, people started doubting Riway even more which then made more people dig into the company further, only to realize that Riway has no proper accreditations and that they are actually a pyramid scheme which instead of focusing on the products, they focus more on recruitment instead.

Mirror.co.uk is one of the popular news sites so having them made a bad review on Riway isn’t good for convincing people.

Speaking of which, that’s actually another red flag! The part where…

Red Flag #7 – They Focus More on Recruitment Than Products

Nothing to do with product

If you visit Riway’s official site, you can see how obvious it is.

They talk more on vacations, cruises, cars, and recruitment that it took up most of the space on their site.

I wanted to check more on what they do but instead, all the talk about was how they want to help you achieve freedom by joining as a distributor.

There are no mentions of how they want to use the Purtier Placenta to help people, or why their company is named after that, or what advancements they envision in the future for the betterment of their products.

Instead, they focus more on their own faces.

Products description vague as hell

That being said, even their products have very little explanation.

There is no pricing information or exact ingredients list to know what’s inside, except a vague description that looks like they paid a schoolboy to write for them.

Clearly they’re not focusing on the products but instead, the MLM.

But no surprise there though because they do have some…

Red Flag #8 – Affiliation with Several MLMs before

lee boon hong scammer background

One of the many complaints on the Lowyat forum.

Why would a doctor do MLM?

I was half convinced that he might be a proper one with good intentions but after finding out that Dr Lee Boon Hong has been involved with many MLMs before, I started to despise him.

He’s using his title to impress people and get a better conversion for his MLM projects.

Before Riway, Dr Lee Boon Hong has been involved with Nu Skin, Enyouth, Enyouth DW, and Asayo.

He uses his Dr title to delve into medical products so that others would not question him.

scamming people since 2007

One of the complaints on SG Forum.

He’s a master at lying and manipulation and has been doing so for the past 20 years now which is how he accumulated all those cash to open a massive Riway empire that we all know today.

There are countless of complaints from all of his previous programs that I feel sad thinking about how easily people can get tricked by him.

Take a look at his bio…

CEO profile has nothing to do withg product

Heck, even his bio sounds generic, he wrote about “Excellent Management abilities, leading by example, set eyes on global stage…” It sounded more like boasting about himself rather than talking about why he wants people to experience his products.

He doesn’t put an effort to show people how genuinely he wants to help.

Red Flag #9 – Corporate Video Has Nothing to do with Product

No mention of products at all in their Riway Youtube video

I think this one’s fairly obvious.

Even if I don’t point this out, YouTube is the number one platform people go to if they cannot find information on either Google or Facebook and if you’ve searched there, you might wonder why there are barely any product videos there at all.

If you type in Riway, all you’ll get are motivational talks for MLMs, team Pegasus, and all those seminars with faces of themselves.

I checked their own Riway YouTube channel and still, no products there so from there, I think we can plainly see that they emphasize more on recruitment rather than the product development.

Red Flag #10 – Overpriced Purtier Placenta

Purtier Placenta alternative

The Deer Placenta supplements from NZ Green Health.

If you’re still into buying placenta, I won’t stop you.

But I will of course, help you from being cheated of your money.

If you join Riway, the price is $415 to be a member and get one bottle from them but if you do not want to be a member, you can simply find those bottles on Amazon for USD$250 or RM600 on Lazada.

However, what if I tell you that you can get those at a way cheaper price?

What Riaz? No way!

Yes way, my fellow readers, I’m serious!

It was hard to find them online as supplements are usually not very famous nor are they highly searched for as people tend to simply buy from over the counter but if you’re looking for the best deer placenta alternative supplement, I would advise you to check out NZ Green Health.

Green Health (10,000mg x 60 capsules) – NZ$49.95 (US$33)

It’s Halal, it’s cheaper, and it has way more concentrations of deer placenta as compared to Riway’s greedy 100mg.


Do I recommend Riway?

It comes to no surprise that I don’t.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not because I hate it or anything but with the cons outweighing the pros by a long-shot, I wouldn’t advise anyone to go for it unless you absolutely believe in the product and have got a story to tell.

If not, it would be hard to promote such a product if you have not tried it yet.

Majority of the website, the people, and YouTube videos are also mostly in Chinese not to mention all of those motivational talks so if you have zero Mandarin knowledge, you might be left out on a lot of info.

If you feel bad because you’re thinking of letting go, take a look at these facts…

percentage of people failing in MLM and succeeding

Believe it or not, very rarely do people succeed in MLM.

In fact, less than 1% actually do and you know why? It’s because of the whole system.

MLM is flawed in a way that only the people on top are making money while the little people like are not.

I’ve been in enough MLM companies to experience this hard truth.

Which is why I would recommend a better alternative.

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In short, here’s what you’ll get…




Final Word

If you have huge sums of money that you don’t mind burning, Riway might be the thing for you.

But if you’re just an average earner like most of us who have just enough to get by, I wouldn’t recommend you to go for Riway at all, especially with that overpriced deer supplement of theirs as you can easily find a much cheaper alternative.

Normally I wouldn’t rate so low but with the overwhelming amount of complaints everywhere, the false certifications that they use, as well as their unethical methods of tricking people into joining, I would have to give it a low rating of 1 out of 5.

If you’re interested in earning from your own Online Business instead, check out my top-ranked program here.

Hope I didn’t get too carried away with the review, do share with me any experience you might have with the program, and thank you for your time.

Riaz Shah

40 comments to “What is Riway About? -The Deer Placenta MLM.”
  1. Hi Riaz,

    That’s an incredible article you’ve written. Well researched and backed up with hard evidence. 

    I have experience of MLM companies for well over 20 years! I’ve rarely met a good one. Most are peddling products that could not be sold elsewhere for anywhere near the price that these MLM companies market them. 

    I agree 100% that for someone new wanting to start up in business, with very little capital, then affiliate marketing is the way to go. Most affiliate marketing platforms that have been around for several years are worth looking at, and Wealthy Affiliate is one of these that have built up a reputation for giving sound training in building a solid foundation in the affiliate marketing business.

    Many thanks,


    • So good to hear from a fellow direct marketer Paul, I totally agree with you on this one, very rarely do we come across good MLM companies are those that are good usually do not last long because they’re not hyped enough. Thanks for the feedback and kind words!

  2. Thank you for your article about Riway. I actually didn’t know about this site. But I do have some ideas about MLM business. Thank you for describing in details about the product. There are some health benefits of Purtier Placenta and the Conscientious. But I just realized these are a difficult product for marketing. Thank you for all the details and sharing your honest opinion. I am not going to consider this to make money.

  3. Riaz,

    Just one of these cons would have turned me off.

    That’s even if I thought about taking deer placenta supplements.
    Are they serious?

    I have explored human placenta encapsulation. I say explored because I have yet to try it.

    I am an herbalist, but I believe in herbs, not trendy hype.

    Some indigenous peoples consume placenta but they are not trying to sell it across the world or claiming Warren Buffet supports them.

    With all the info you have here I would not suggest this to anyone. Thanks so much for the heads up.

    Gwendolyn J

    • Selling it across the world claiming Warren Buffet supported them, good one Gwendolyn! I hate these kinds of people who try to take advantage of us, especially innocent people who are completely new to the medication world. Glad we’re on the same boat.

  4. What kind of product is this?!?!?! I find placenta-based supplements to be very dubious. You can easily get some from the local pharmacy and then there’s this that sells for hundreds masked with a recruitment scheme. I would like to know which lab produces the endorsement – if any – and I think some government authorities should intervene with this. It’s the public health we are talking about, not just the money. 

    One more reason why we should stay away from MLM products. So full of hypes!

    • I know right! Dubai and the Philippines are banning them, it’s just a matter of time before they go down and start another MLM trend. I don’t think they’ll dare come to the US because of the FTC.

  5. Wow! the fact that I am living in New Zealand is quite humorous in itself. When I started to read your post, and saw the word, “placenta”, I wanted to know more, thinking that it was human parts, and then, when, I read that the Purtier Placenta is imported from my country makes it even more intriguing.

    How interesting. I have to admit that I usually scour the employment vacancy page just for fun to see what jobs are available, and Riway, is one that I have seen many times, with job openings. I was always curious about what sort of company it was, and now I know, thanks to your review.

    Your information rings alarm bells in every direction…the fact that your listed cons show, that some of the world’s top scientific research labs, do not find any beneficial value or endorse the supplements, is enough to make me run the other way. This Doctor L B Hong, sounds like a wealthy tycoon. The question to whether he is a ‘filthy’ one, is left begging.

    I have been scammed by so many legit MLMs in the past, so my opinion is highly biased (sorry to be honest). Riway is no different it seems, and I am more concerned now, about the protection of our native deers, surely this should have a great political impact in our country. I am just surprised, that I have not heard more about this in our local news. 

    Very dodgy indeed.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your country’s native deers Ilaissane! 

      I guess the reason the import them and market in Asia mainly are because of fear of the New Zealanders’s rights too. Sure the company can be bought over with money but not the people. I do hope NZ will take actions on them in the future, like restricting the number of placenta supplements they can import for instance.

  6. Wow, this is an eye-opener. To be honest, I’ve never cared much for MLMs. I’ve always figured that there must be some decent ones out there, but somehow I’ve never found them. To top it off, I got sick of getting put in a position where I had to drag my friends and family into something they already figured was a pyramid scheme. As if that wasn’t bad enough, their product sounds like it should probably have some more honest warning labels on it. I like supplements as much as the next health-conscious person, but something about this doesn’t sound right. Thanks so much for sharing! I hope you’re able to prevent some people from making a costly mistake.

    • If a program makes you pester your friends and families in order to sell their products, that’s never a good sign. Glad you found the review helpful Mark, have a great Sunday!

  7. This is a well written and nicely researched article with great images and a convincing conclusion. Unfortunately I couldn’t watch the video as the link was disabled. It’s so unfortunate that in this Internet age people are still so desperate to improve their lives and finances through any means necessary that fraudsters are still able to take advantage of so many. MLMs are an inherently rigged unfair system. Hopefully your post helps some people from being conned!

    • Sorry about the video June, you can still watch it though, but you need to click on go YouTube.CBS wants more traffic I guess 😀

  8. Hi Riaz

    Is it not amazing what people will do in search of the mighty buck.    I cannot people will pay that much for something that will not work but is, in fact, a snake oil type medicine.  The draw people into an affiliate programme as well, sound so fishy.  The gullibility of people is amazing, and people will be drawn to this, based solely on the price and the money they can make.   Thinking with the head and not the heart. Governments are constantly warning people about the dangers of buying unregulated products from the internet.

    Thank you for pointing this programme out, I would not touch it with a barge pole anyway.


    • Good point Antonio,

      I think that if they knew, the wouldn’t have bought those supplements. Most of the people that fell prey to this scam are in need of medicines that can cure ailments that modern medicines cannot cure and seeing Riway promote their supplements as a miracle cure, they quickly jump at that very first boat.

  9. Hello. Riaz and thanks for putting this review out there for us.  The more I read about MLM’s the less I like them and even though you didn’t come right out and say it, I think it’s a scam.

    . Highly overpriced

    . Way too many Red flags/cons

    . That other part where it claims to be “miracle cures” for other untreatable conditions?  Not sure that’s a pro.

    I personally don’t understand why anyone would want to ingest Deer Placenta.  It just seems gross to me.  Oh well, to each their own, I guess.

    The evidence you give here should be enough for everyone to walk away from this.  There are plenty of other safe and proven remedies out there to help people live a healthier life without getting involved in something like this that has no proof of its effectiveness.

    0 out of 5 from me,


    • Guess we’re on the same boat Wayne,

      Personally, I too think that consuming placenta is a tad weird. It’s understandable for babies but for adults let alone coming from animals, the very thought of that sends chills down my spine. I think some people do have effects though I’m not certain how since most of those cells would have perished when processed. 

      My guess, it might be placebo but without proof, I can’t make a statement out of that yet. Appreciate the kind feedback!

  10. Hey there Riaz, 

    I am so glad that I stumbled upon your review. 

    Someone just tried to push it on me and was telling me how lucrative it is. I had to do my own digging around to know if he was telling me the truth or just wanted me to get into his up line and be making money for him.

    Your review is very detailed and has been so helpful.

    All the red flags are enough to tell me to keep off. Dubai and Phillipnes have a good reason as to why they banned it.

    I am now sure that this is one company I will not spend my effort or even a dime on.

    Thanks a lot for enlightening me on it. 

    Have a wonderful day! 🙂

  11. You are right, how can one sell a product that you don’t believe in or even worse that doesn’t work at all. If there is no proof that this product actually works, one is going to have an incredibly difficult time selling it, and the price is pretty steep, which normally happens with MLM products as there are downlines and uplines to pay.

    On reading your post further, more red flags are raised as some countries don’t even support this product. I would also rather find something else to sell that is more believable and that I know really works.

  12. Just the name of the supplement sounds shady to me. I’m also quite a skeptic of MLM companies, just in general. I’m glad you’ve put this review together so that folks are aware of the question marks surrounding this company and their tactics. I honestly didn’t even get past your pros and cons list because the cons are three times lengthier than the pros!!

  13. If deer placenta is not proven or can be fatal for consumption why is there no actions taken by the relevant authorities until now?

    • Hey Prince,
      Authorities in US and UK has ceased a number of deer placenta schemes long ago, check out the CBS news video I added above. For Riway’s purtier placenta, they’re playing in the Asian market which is not as strict as the western countries which is why they can get away easy.

      For authorities to take action, we need proof that Riway’s purtier placenta is not as what they claim to be like in terms of the number of stem cells upon order. Stem cells are very sensitive so when they are processed, almost all of those cells would either be gone of would have died and remain as clots in our system which is a risk for those who are consuming them.

  14. Wow $415 to $2,692 does seem a bit pricey for such a product. Your list of cons is helpful and extensive. Honestly placenta consumption does not appeal to me whatsoever, and I generally like to steer clear of MLMs. The boxes look nice at least lol. I appreciate your review of Riway here as I will be steering clear. Your alternative in Wealthy Affiliate is an outstanding choice. 

  15. Ok, so I gave birth a couple of times, and I have to say the thought of ingesting placenta, even in the form of a capsule or whatever, is just gross to me.  I swear, these MLM companies will find anything to promote, they don’t really care what the heck it is ha ha.  Wow, I’m just sitting here reading this and thinking, “seriously?”  Anyway, from your review, I see a very long list of cons and a very short list of pros.  All I can say is yuck.

    • Right!! I thought I was the only one but seeing that we live in a world where people strive for perfection, things like this should be of no surprise.

  16. Thanks for the heads up review on the Riway company, the deer placenta company. When you mentioned it was an MLM, automatically I placed it in the do not proceed column for working with them in any way. I have not seen an MLM yet that makes a lot of sense to me. The business model is not sustainable for the long term and most people lose money or do not make any money if they become an associate or whatever they are calling people that sign up.

    The products themselves seem to be of questionable value, but perhaps that is just me. But the many red flags when it comes to their main product is of concern. They claim to have approval from an authorized agency but do not. They banter around high-profile names who have nothing to do with them. The owner claims to be a doctor, but it is not a clear – doctor of what?

    Between the red flags that I mentioned above and the many others that you have added, this is a company to stay away from. I could never recommend it to anyone. I think they will lose money and may even get into some legal trouble at some point with the questionable claims etc.


    • I was thinking of the same thing Dave,  couldn’t find it anywhere on what kind of doctor he is and when I was at their office, the people there try their best to make up stories that make Dr Lee look like an idol.

  17. Oh dear or should I say Oh Deer!

    It might sound odd but I do believe that there are a lot of nutrients in placenta – simply because it is very much something that a living being has been getting its nutrition from (essentially speaking).

    The main question – for humans?. I will definitely be cautious until more research has been done on the product.

    And despite not actually being a Pyramid scheme it does look like one in disguise due an obvious difficulty in selling the product that is (in my opinion) going to happen.

    I stick to affiliate marketing and mastering this skill and being responsible for my own income and not managing a team – because if my team don’t make sales Derek does n’t eat!.

    • Lol Deer! That’s why they incorporate the MLM part in them though, my guess is that they wanted to convince people to join rather than just buying the products since the difference is not that far apart. Agreed, Affiliate Marketing is the way to go!

  18. Hi Riaz! 

    My first impression of this company was nice with Dr. Lim Boom Hong as the head being a doctor and all but I did feel suspicious as he doesn’t seem to be sharing anything about products and health but he talks only about money instead. 

    After discovering all these red flags I’m not interested in joining Riway any more. I hate it when a company is constantly pushing you to make others join the platform instead of focusing on the core products itself. And that is specifically true of MLM. And Dr. Lim Boom Hong’s promoting ways seem shady as meh

  19. Thanks for sharing yet another review that exposes a scam platform hiding under MLM or Pyramid. 

    This is the type of platform that made MLM become insecure. I have read about a supplement called purtier placenta and what I got from the review something related to this. Thanks for creating this awareness which can be of help for those that are just hearing about it. A lot of them are in the market now looking for people to help them promote their sales. 

    Wealthy Affiliate is a good recommendation if we want to be an affiliate for a particular product or services, I’ve tried it myself and it’s very helpful in getting me started in deciding how to monetise my passion.

  20. Hahaha, I actually read about Riway and the deer placenta supplements the other day. I couldn’t believe it when people were actually joining up to promote a product that does not work whatsoever.

    Like you said they promote recruitment more than the supplement itself so it really does show that they do not care about the product, just about the people that might sign up to help them make money promising them that they will get rich with something that could actually be fatal to some people if they consume it.

    This program, Wealthy Affiliate you mention, Can anybody join no matter what their degree of expertise in this kind of online work?

    • Yes Matthew, anyone can Join WA as you don’t need any prior knowledge for that. 

      I think a lot of people still do join Riway because they were either pressured or manipulated into joining. The evidence is right there in front of them but still, many are still joining out of their own free will only to realise that they’ve just been duped.

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