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Product name: Real Translator Jobs


Type of business: Freelance translation work

Price: $34 + upsells

Owners: Unknown

Overall rank: 30 out of 100 (Scam)

As a student of French (I take French classes every week), I get very interested in opportunities to further test my French language and improve my command of French language.

One day while reading news online, I stumbled upon this ad called Real Translator Jobs which made me curious enough to click as I thought that maybe it’s a chance for me to utilize my languages that I’ve learned.

Once I’m on the home page, it was even more surprising to know that my country’s flag (Malaysia) was shown which further sparked my interest in trying it out.

Soon after, I regretted joining because like any other scams I’ve encountered, problems will start coming after you once you’re inside.

Do continue reading to know how much of a scam Real Translator Jobs really is.


What is Real Translator Job all about?

As the name implies, it is a platform that helps you make money by translating.

Of course this will ONLY be attractive to bilinguals instead of one-language speakers which means countries outside UK and USA like Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Spain, Germany and even Malaysia are their target audience.

A lot of businesses are banned in China so don’t be surprised if you don’t see many Chinese translators online.

Real Translator Jobs however, is ONLY a 3rd party medium because you actually need to find those jobs yourself so in other words, it is exactly like Elance and Fiverr which you could otherwise join for free.

The works that you’ll be doing are all translation-based works and some common ones are:

  • Translate some books
  • Translate sales letter for some companies
  • Translate a video
  • Translate some boring paperwork

And you actually need to pay more before accepting a job too which is a ridiculous policy and shows that it is a clear scam.

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Pros and Cons


  • You can see a list of companies who are interested in translation work.
  • You can see confidential company documents when translating.
  • When you translate, you have the power to either translate properly or not because that company won’t understand it anyway (Evil sneer)


  • You have to PAY in order to find work.
  • Once you find a work you need, you will need to further pay for their upsells, making it 2 times’ worth of payment BEFORE you even actually made any work.
  • You need experience to actually find a work because companies don’t trust you so it’s VERY difficult to find jobs.
  • Money-back guarantee is a LIE.
  • ZERO support.
  • NO direction whatsoever on how to start.
  • Using countries as bait to lure innocent people into joining (unethical).
  • Fake discounts (those are the real prices anyways).
  • Upsells galore.
  • Companies won’t hire you as a permanent staff as there are only so many things to translate after all.
  • Most companies would prefer to send their documents to the National Language Centre instead because it is more established, more recognized and its part of the government body which means safe payment.


Red flags

There are many red flags this company practices that are really annoying and unethical which I have listed below:

1) They didn’t say that you NEED experience

no experience required lie shown in Real Translator Jobs

A lie that Real Translator Jobs will show on their welcome page

As it states on its website, “No Experience Required” which is the first and foremost LIE that this scam will tell you.

I too, was scammed thinking that I can get work easily because who doesn’t want to feel privileged just by being able to speak 2 languages?

But as soon as you’re inside the member’s area, you will slowly learn that companies only want those who already have experience at least for 3 years and in some cases, they want to see your certificates that identifies you as a real translator.

I tried looking for a job and NOBODY wants a Malay translation as they want countries which are more developed and recognized like Brazil and Argentina.

Talk about being cheated, eh?

I also have many Phillipino friends who are also having trouble finding translator jobs in their language because in Asia, translator jobs that companies look for are only from South Korea, Japan and China as those countries are considered more developed.

At least my French speaking skills are more in demand!

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2) They use your country of origin as bait to attract you

Real Translator Jobs Pricing tactic

Unethical pricing trick that they use for every country

This doesn’t apply for the USA and the UK because face it, EVERYTHING you see on the TV are American shows right down to the ads (UK shows too but a bit lesser).

So for people who are from less popular countries (Like me), we will feel very proud and happy when our countries’ name appears out of the blue!

We will go like “Oh my god, the Americans love us! I MUST buy this”

That feeling we have, is just like how everyone feels when suddenly a celebrity that you really like (Such as Ed Sheeran or Taylors Swift) says something to you.

Or maybe if supposing Rihanna sends you an email saying “Hey you, I really like your attitude and personality so if you want to buy my dress, I’ll give you a discount”

Wouldn’t you feel touched as well?

Real Translator Jobs did a very good job at scamming other countries because they will repeatedly use words like “We need more Malay translators” or “Philippine speakers are sought after this year”

After making you feel excited and overwhelmed with pride, they will then use one final (and evil) tactic by using your country of origin to include in the discounted-price of $34 which is not even true because that is in fact the REAL price!


3) NO money back guarantee

customer not getting back his money

a complaint made by an unsatisfied Real Translator Jobs user

The most depressing lie a scam could do is to overprice and NOT giving back your money back as promised.

The money back guarantee for Real Translator Jobs is written there 60 days however like any scam companies, they won’t even bother to reply you after you’ve joined because they already got what they wanted.

However if you pretend to be a new customer interested in buying, they will reply your emails quicker than you could say “Granny Flash!”

These kind of sick scams are aplenty on the internet and its things like these that got me interested in making my honest reviews so that other people won’t fall in the same trap as I did.

My neighbour wanted to join this scam to give hope to his children that he actually got a job online.

That really moved my heart but as sad as I feel to break it up to him about the truth of Real Translator Jobs, its better if I help him save some money rather than throwing it down the drain.

Always bear in mind that REAL online business opportunities allow you to join for free because that shows honesty as they truly have nothing to hide.


Do you get any support?


You will only get it when you intend to join because they are more interested in making money from you.

However once you’re inside, they will not even reply you because they already got your money which is a one-time payment.

If you’re paying monthly fees, they will at least have a reason to reply because if they don’t, you will no doubt leave and make them lose money.

Worse still, you’ll be all alone in there without any members or communities you can talk to whenever you need some advice because when you join, you will feel totally lost as there are no clear directions on what you need to do.

It is really competitive and those who do make money are usually veterans or specialists who already have experience and not the little people like you and me.

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Real Translator Jobs vs. Wealthy Affiliate.

Instead of spending money looking for work, you should definitely learn how to start your own online business because the money that you’ll be making, depends on how much you want your business to grow.

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Real Translator job customer complaint on money back

Another complaint made by a user (Click to enlarge)

There are many ways to make money from home, even for being a simple translator but you know now that Real Translator Jobs is certainly not the solution.

Due to the difficulty in finding a job, due to the misuse of a country’s name to attract innocent people, the immense lies that it implements to trick you, and also the fact that it’s EXACTLY the same as Fiverr or eLance which you could otherwise join for free, Real Translator Jobs is definitely a SCAM and receives a rating of only 30 out of 100.

But seriously, who PAYS in order to work?

If you’re interested in building a viable business online, I would suggest you to check out my #1 Recommendation here instead.

Also, do share with me your experiences with Real Translator Jobs, I would very much like to know!



Your friend Riaz

Riaz 88kb

37 comments to “Real Translator Jobs Review”
  1. Good morning Raiz, I am really happy and thankful for your article. Actually, I gonna prepare to pay for the membership fee of Real translator job, but luckily had read though your blog before making payment. Thank you so much for your kindness in spending your time and effort.

    • You’re welcome Geklourng, I’m glad I managed to save more people from getting scammed by these programs. I’ve lost so much of my money that I don’t want others to go through the same things as I did. Appreciate the feedback, hope you have a great day!

  2. Hi,
    Whatever you said in this is interesting but i want to make you clear that real translator jobs is promoted by click bank and i got my refund many times when I found a web site scam.So, better if it has not been 60 days you will get an refund from click bank.

  3. I always appreciate these type of caution articles. So many people are working hard and just trying to pay the bills. These scammers need to be shut down. What value exists in ripping people off? None! Certainly, people who harm others this way don’t feel good about themselves. Translation jobs are important and those who do them ought to be compensated appropriately. A lot of effort goes into translation work. This effort should be rewarded. Why do scammers want to punish people for their honest efforts? Thanks for this information. Keep exposing these things. You are providing a great service.

    • You are absolutely right, bio. I am a polyglot myself and it takes years to master a language if you’re not born with it so it saddens me to see how evil people can be just to take advantage when the see the opportunity to do so. I hope I can save a lot of people their time and money from this scam.

  4. Hey there. I think I was on that site few months ago also. It was even on my own language and that got me interested. Also had the flag like you said. I registered and of course, they couldn’t find work because Serbian to English is not that much asked for.

    I agree about Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a great website. 🙂

    • Hey there Alex,

      Its not just Serbian but other languages as well such as Malay (My mother tongue) or Burmese which do not have that huge global reach as compared to Indonesia and China which has super huge markets people want to penetrate into. Glad you decided to quit the program, thank you for sharing your feedback. Cheers!

  5. Shah, you have done a good job for posting this review. Due to economic downturn, especially in our beloved country Malaysia, people tends to do part time jobs for side income. So grateful I bumped to your review before I signing up. I even multiply the registration cost to today exchange rate so I know how much do I need to pay in ringgit for start up as ‘translator’.
    Thank you so much.

    • Hello Ahmad,
      Great to know a fellow Malaysian is reading my blog! Its true today living cost is extremely high since our currency went down real bad. Even translators in our own country doesn’t charge as much. I’m glad my article helped you dodge a bullet, hope you have a great day!

  6. wow! i had really wanted to sign up this website for making translation. i had believed there’s no trickery. thank you bro, now i’m illuminated 🙂

    • Glad I could help, Bahadir! A lot of people almost believed so after finding out that its not what it seems, I decided to warn others by writing a through review. Thanks for dropping by!

  7. Thanks Riaz for the review

    I too was tempted when first reading about the job. But when seeing the need to pay $34, I was alerted and googled whether this is another scam

    Thats how I found your review

    Learned another lesson today 🙂

    • Hey there Neo,
      Glad I could save you from that scam, helping people is what gives me the motivation to keep writing. Too many scams out there today, its disheartening to see many people fall for these schemes.

  8. Thanks Riaz. I am good with translating between English and Afrikaans and vice versa. Many Afrikaans people are living in the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand. Any advice on how to get involved in a translation job on the net? All the best.

    • Hello there Marius,
      There lot of good online translation services online but unfortunately, I couldn’t pinpoint the best one to you as that i have no found the best one yet. However if you’d like me to review an translation programme, I would be more than happy to check it out for you but it would take some time as I usually take at least a week to test out a program before writing my review. In the meantime, I’ve heard a lot from, you might want to check that out 🙂

    • No problem Maulidia! I felt that I needed to warn people about this scheme and i’m glad that I managed to help a lot of people stay away from it and save their money for more important things.

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