What is O2 Worldwide? –Does it Heal Your Empty Pocket?

o2 worldwide reviewed by my internet questBusiness name: O2 Worldwide

Website: o2worldwide.com or letusclose.com

Type of business: Health MLM

Price: $39.95 – $59.95

Owner: Dan Putnam

My rating:  51 out of 100 (Pyramid SCAM)

O2 is a very common name so before you get confused on whether or not this review is meant for the O2 phone, well it’s not.

This is actually my O2 worldwide MLM review which is a company which is just growing from its past failed attempts (yes, they have history).

Is O2 Worldwide a scam? Is it legit? Is the product really that special? Do read on my article to know more on what this program has to offer…


Pros and Cons


  • Those oxygen drops do have good health effects.
  • Their community is growing.
  • Visuals are spot on.


  • Very confusing start, they can’t make up their minds on O2 Worldwide or Let Us Close.
  • Confusing domain, they use letusclose.com as their domain of choice for O2 Worldwide. Unfinished business much?
  • They are riding on the O2 phone name.
  • They have tried to bring up Let Us Close for 3 times now.
  • Not BBB accredited
  • You are forced to subscribe for the monthly auto ship even if you don’t need the product.
  • The product is overpriced, you can actually buy in from Amazon for a much cheaper rate.
  • Not listed within the Top 100 MLM companies
  • Can’t buy their products without a sponsor.

Jeepers, that’s a lot of cons! Better check out my #1 recommended program here instead!


What is O2 Worldwide? – The Oxygen Drop

dan putnam founderO2 Worldwide has a somewhat interesting story.

It is a health MLM which uses oxygen drops as their main product and they are currently creating another product as they currently only have one.

One bottle of oxygen drop costs $44.95 retail price but overall membership costs $59.95.

It’s founded and managed by Dan Putnam but if you look on their website closely, have you noticed how the “Powered by Let Us Close” thing is shown everywhere there?

It’s on their website, on the logo, even on the domain itself which is very confusing – It makes you wonder which one are they really promoting.

That’s because they have a very controversial past of having failed launches of MLM with Let Us Close as they first venture, followed by The Elite Networker and EPX body.

With that many failed attempts at MLM, is O2 Worldwide going to be something different? I don’t know but I wouldn’t put all my eggs in one basket for something very unstable.


What About Their Compensation Plan?

Every MLM company has their own compensation plan, including O2 Worldwide.

There are overall 5 ways you can earn from O2 Worldwide and those are…

Method #1 – Customer Bonus

You get 50% return when you sell the products to a customer.

Method #2 – Fast Start Bonus

You get 50% commission from the first sale of your own down lines.

Method #3 – Two Team Plan

downline unilevel image

The unilevel structure of a typical MLM chart.

This is basically just a fancy name for a binary compensation plan whereby when you recruit, you’ll have people under you.

It’ll look very much like a pyramid structure once you have more downlines recruited because they will all be placed under you while you remain on top.

When you have a good equal GV match on both the left and right hand side of the teams, you’ll get a 12.5% profit which is paid out every week.

If you’re new to MLM, GV stands for Group Volume which refers to sales that you earn as a team rather than alone which is why you need to grow your down lines and not just let them be after you recruited them.

Method #4 – Matching Bonus

This works exactly like the Two Team Play except that you’ll get 100% profit from only your personally-recruited downlines and not those that are recruited by your own downlines.

Method # 5 – K Club

The K Club is basically a reward for you when you achieved certain milestones in your MLM journey and it goes something like this…

K Club

You’ll get $100 worth of O2 Worldwide gear but in order to qualify, you need to…

  1. Maintain a 40 CV order
  2. Recruit at least 2 downlines
  3. Earn $1,000 commissions

3K Club

You’ll get an iPad or tablet of your choice up to $750. Requirements include…

  1. Maintain a 40 CV order
  2. Recruit at least 2 downlines
  3. Earn $3,000 commissions for 2 consecutive months

5K Club

You’ll get a laptop of your choice up to $1,500 but first, you need to…

  1. Maintain a 40 CV order
  2. Recruit at least 2 downlines
  3. Earn $5,000 commissions for 2 consecutive months

10K Club

You’ll get a special 10k Club watch and $2,500 cash. Requirements include…

  1. Maintain a 40 CV order
  2. Recruit at least 2 downlines
  3. Earn $10,000 commissions for 2 consecutive months

25K Club

You’ll get a 25K Club Ring, 25K Incentive trip for two, and $5,000 cash. But first, you need to…

  1. Maintain a 40 CV order
  2. Recruit at least 2 downlines
  3. Earn $25,000 commissions for 2 consecutive months


The last level which will give you a Legendary ring, an Incentive trip for two as well as $10,000 cash in hand. As for the requirements…

  1. Maintain a 40 CV order
  2. Recruit at least 2 downlines
  3. Earn $50,000 commissions for 2 consecutive months

Tired of MLMs and Their Complicated Systems? Get REAL Help Here!


Red Flags – Things to Watch Out For

As usual, after explaining to you about the company, I tend to share in greater detail the things I’ve uncovered regarding this company from my research…

Red Flag #1 – Confusion problems may arise

o2 worldwide using let us close domain

Have you tried going to their website?

If you head over to O2worldwide.com, you will be re-directed to letusclose.com which is the domain of their previous failed business which they changed to suit their current O2 venture.

I understand that they wanted to continue where they left off – Their failed Let Us Close venture but this can get very confusing in the long run and a tad annoying.

Questions may arise like why are they using letusclose.com rather than O2 Worldwide?

What’s so special about their failed business and why do they want their members to know about their failure?

Besides the “Let us Close” thing, another confusion point is that their name is very close to the O2 phone which used to be popular years ago…

o2 phone or mlm

People will get confused with the O2 phone instead of the O2 MLM.

Even when people prefer other phone models today, O2 still has a very high search traffic as people are still interested in their story and O2 Worldwide MLM saw this opportunity to name their company in a way hoping that people looking for O2 might look for their own MLM business instead and get hooked.

Do you follow me till now? Believe it or not, even I was confused for a moment as I’m writing this.

This, coupled with the confusing website domain show that they are desperate to gain rankings fast and grow their visibility.

Red Flag #2 – O2 Worldwide has Bad Past Records

Now that you’ve heard of “Let us Close”, you must be wondering to yourself what does this all mean or more importantly, how is it interconnected?

Well before O2 started, the first ever venture was actually that annoying name you keep hearing of – Let Us Close which started back in 2005.the elite networker flopped

It was intended to be a marketing system which relied heavily on recruitment as they don’t have any proper product hence being called a scheme so naturally, it went down as soon as it was launched.

After that, they tried to bring back the company name by creating yet another MLM program called The Elite Networker and if you look closely at their logo, it also “Powered by Let Us Close”, exactly like the O2 Worldwide one.

Surprisingly though, The Elite Networker also went down the moment it was launched.

That’s 2 times of failure in a row which makes O2 Worldwide their third attempt.

Will it be a success? They say third time’s the charm but personally, I wouldn’t invest in a program with bad past records and so shouldn’t you.

Red Flag #3 – Extremely Overpriced Oxygen Drops.

oxygen drops comparison

Which one would you choose?

One thing every MLM company tends to implement is the super expensive pricing tactics which I find outrageous.

The Oxygen drops from O2 Worldwide costs $44.95 for one small bottle which is actually very expensive because you can actually find the same oxygen drops in Amazon but with different brands for a much cheaper price and most of them costs less than $20!

If they want to focus on retail, this is a very bad move indeed because they are launching their product without any introductory price promotions and they go straight to charging a bundle.

Have you ever wondered as to why they are doing this?

Simple. They want you to recruit!

When retailing doesn’t work, network marketers are forced to recruit more people in order to make extra income because really, that’s where all the money is in the world of MLM.

Red Flag #4 – Not BBB accredited, even after all those years!

let us close BBB rating

I checked for O2 Worldwide’s profile under BBB and I couldn’t find any trace of it.

Fine, the company’s still new so I looked for the next most established thing related to it – Their own mother company, Let Us Close and to my surprise, it wasn’t even accredited!

If you haven’t heard of BBB, its stands for the Better Business Bureau which is the number one website US consumers visit to check a company’s legitimacy.

According to research, 79% of consumers actually refer to the BBB before they make any prior commitment.

So, huge companies would take advantage of this by listing their brand inside because when people see their rating, they will be more than likely to spend.

Let Us Close has been operating for 11 years now and to my surprise, they weren’t even accredited which is a huge red flag to me.

Red Flag #5 – It’s not listed among the Top 100 MLM companies.

Top 100 MLM companies 2015

According to research, around 50% of companies never made it to their 5th year.

There are countless of MLM companies out there which shut down before they even reach their 5th year, what makes O2 Worldwide any different?

Most of you wouldn’t agree with me that this part is important but actually, it kinda is.

All my life in the MLM industry I have experienced MLM companies shutting down, MLM companies not paying back the money and worse, the founder himself run away with all of our money which made me lose thousands of dollars.

Whether MLM is for you or not, it is of utmost importance that you find a stable one and the only way of doing so, is by joining those listed under the top 100 MLM companies.

Red Flag #6 – You can’t buy without a sponsor!

you cant buy o2 worldwide without a sponsorThis one grinds my gear the most.

I wanted to buy their so called miracle O2 drops to try it for myself but I couldn’t do so from their website because when I clicked on it, they asked for my sponsor.

Really, who does that?

In the end, I had to find one of the O2 Worldwide affiliates in their Facebook group just to talk to him and buy an O2 drop from him to try it myself, the ordeal was real.

We live in an era where Online Business is essential for any brick and mortar business as it helps make transactions much easier but seeing that Let Us Close doesn’t even allow you to buy without a sponsor’s ID, it’s evident that they want to focus more on recruiting rather than retail.


There’s a Better Way.

MLM is getting very saturated and people are getting more skeptical to join every single day.

Although the system itself is neutral in nature, it’s the people inside who are giving the industry a bad name.

People are brainwashed into joining by consultants who are trained to trick people and persuade them into becoming their downline – The use talks of how much money they have, talks of how they are waiting for their first million bucks, how humble their founder is, or how lame you are for not joining.

If you’re reading this, then you can surely relate to what I’m trying to say – A friend of yours trying to push you into joining, people randomly asking you to come to their so-called presentations, and even the non-stop calls pushing you to decide even when you already said No.

I come from an MLM background myself so I know firsthand the ordeal and trust me, I hated it too which is why I left.

If you’re considering on joining solely for the money you are about to earn, take a look at this…

percentage of people failing in MLM and succeeding

percentage of people failing in MLM and succeeding

According to research, less than 1% of network marketers regardless of the company actually earn.

You can earn from it of course, but you end up spending way more on your expenses as your only source of income is if you go out and sell because the company isn’t giving you any salary.

I’ve reviewed countless other MLM programs before (I compiled a list of them here) and O2 Worldwide is no different.

Sure their product is great but at the end of the day, they are just oxygen drops which is extremely overpriced because you can actually get them on Amazon for less than $20 as compared to their advertised price of $59.95.

Think about it, you actually save around $30!

That is a price kill for O2 and if in this era, people care more of how much they can save so you would have no chance of making any money from retail if you sell O2’s oxygen drops as compared to that of Amazon’s.Wealthy Affiliate Home Page

Real business is the way to go and speaking of which, you can actually make money from Amazon through Affiliate Marketing and the best program to teach you that, is Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is an Online Business course which has everything you need to learn how to succeed online – Updated lessons, keyword tool, free website builder, high speed hosting, even a community of people just as enthusiastic as you are!

Inside, you’ll learn how to monetize your passion and make money out of any niche imaginable by building a website and ranking it on the top page of Google.

That is how a real business should be – You should be able to follow your passion and compared to these 2 programs, here’s a brief look…




Oxygen drops are actually very healthy and they do in fact work.

But due to their superbly overpriced product, their bad past records of failing 2 companies, and their confusing Let Us Close tactics of re-directing, O2 Worldwide is definitely a SCAM and receives my rating of 51 out of 100.

There are many flaws of this program and I am very skeptical of recommending it but if you’re really interested in learning how to build real business, check out my top ranked program here.

How about you, have you had any bad experiences with this company? Do share them below as I’ll be more than happy to reply!


Riaz Shah


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  1. O2 worldwide actually has mor than 1 product I am a part of o2 worldwide we are just frowning business this isn’t a scam and lot of the info u stated is false and o2 drops are that much and that’s isn’t they only thing and its working for me but I can say a lot of things you were absolutely wrong about ! We are new to this and so what if we failed in the past that’s brainwashing people into believing you but we are under let us close and we are thoroughly new as well I just hate seeing the negativity just so ppl can join your company no need to bash us in any way and a lot of things u stated where very untrue but yes u pointed out about let us close that is really about it and we have no ratings we haven’t been out long we are o2 worldwide but we only use let us close as our back office we kind of.are the same thing I just don’t see how we are a scam but or products work and nits not just ow drops there are more

  2. I find it so unethical that bloggers post reviews and by the end they have THEIR OFFERS, all bloggers do this , everything they review end up being not good enough but THEIR OFFERS is the one we should join! A real marketing joke.

    • Here’s a case Pierre,
      You see 2 restaurants. Both are normal eateries but one of them does not take care of its image. A blogger went there to eat, found rats there and decided to write about it to warn other consumers that there are better places than that. Who’s fault is it?

  3. Let me say im an o2 rep. And first and foremost the product works for me and my athletic family. I wont get in to testifying just a little myth busting. 1. You can get o2 for as little as 13 buks. 2. U dont need to know somebody personally to get it, just google o2 and tons of rep. pages will appear. 3. All of my reps. were first my customers who found the product worked for them.

    I know some people personally who were in mlm promoting a lil company named Sprint they went on to make millions. Right product, right time, right demand.

    Im not here to recruit but to give a total unbiased report about a company im involved with. Ive done Excel. Melaluca, Amway, etc. and made money. This company has great product and affordable prices, keep an eye out.

    • I also work with o2 worldwide its sad to say people have negative things to say about our company so what it was bad luck in the past we are definitely succeeding and I wish other people would join to see for themselves instead of having negativity and people believing it just so they could join their company and see how it works out instead of listening to other

  4. My entire family takes the o2 drops and they are great. We see vast improvements in a lot of areas. If you compare the 02 drops to the one you posted on this site you would know they are not the same.

  5. Hello Riaz, Found your blog on an internet search for reviews of O2 Worldwide. You’ve compiled a very calm and informative review. It confirmed my suspicions. Having bought other brands of O2 drops on and off over the years, I thought I’d give this one a try as it was recommended to me by an M.D. Went to the website and had to sign up or get the product from a sponsor as you mentioned. I don’t like MLM companies but thought oh well I’ll be a “distributor” so I can buy the product at a lower price. I signed up for the membership which included 1 bottle, 50 post cards and 50 “leads.” Got my O2 drops and package of stickers with peoples’ names and addresses. What was I supposed to do with these things? I looked at the postcard that I was suppose to mail out to 50 people (postage on me–ha) and I was disgusted to say the least. Wish I could send you a photo of the post card but on the address side you stick on an address label at the very bottom of the card right under this: 3 Simple Steps
    1. You mail the postcards
    2. We take the calls and close the sales
    3. You keep 100% of the commission
    “No experience needed! Join our growing team!”
    The back side of the card alerts you in orange “Free $1,000 gift for you!” and underneath that how to call the “sizzle line” and learn about direct mail millionaires and their secrets.

    If I got this postcard in the mail I would toss it in the trash. Not one word about the O2 drops. The postcard information sounds like a get-rich-quick scam. After seeing this marketing strategy I went online and cancelled my membership.

    • Hello there Donna,
      Those really are some of the typical sales tactics used by MLM people. It really isn’t as easy as it sounds; the done-for-you system never works and people are above all of these automation tactics. When it comes to MLM, direct marketing is the best policy and online comes in second. Mailing almost never works as people get loads of advert mails from just about any other company promising the same if not similar stuff as yours. Great to know you took the right way out Donna, I would love to have a look at that photo though. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us Donna, it helps all the other little guys like us avoid O2 Worldwide altogether. Hope you enjoy your weekend!

  6. Well the Health MLM sector seems to be going from strength to strength these days unfortunately – it’s a real shame really!
    Anything that bases itself on a pyramid type layout is destined to become something of a grey zone. this was a great review – thanks for covering such a dodgy subject in good detail 🙂

    • I completely agree with you on that one Chris, over the years I have seen loads of health MLMs popping out everywhere and its very disturbing. There are a lot of money to be made having your own MLM scheme which is why many people chose that path. Appreciate your comment, hope you have a great Monday!

  7. Nice article Riaz,
    Very well written, clear and straight to the point.

    I didn’t know about O2 and thanks to you i will not need to find out more about it.

    Sometimes i really get confused to how some companies decide to take advantage of people, O2 drops are for helping people, but if you rob them where the positive message goes?

    By the way the BBB website, super cool, i bookmarked it for future investigations.


    • Hey there Andrea, awesome to know you found out about BBB, you can check on a company’s legitimacy rating there. O2 is definitely not a good venture to delve into, its best to stay away from it. Thanks for dropping by, appreciate the feedback

  8. I’m sure you know that there are SO many people out there trying to make their fortunes at other people’s expense. It’s just sickening really. It is so important for people to expose these shysters for who they are. You did a great job exposing the inner workings of o2, and I hope people will click on to learn the truth. Take Care Riaz, Robin

    • Thanks Robin,

      I do hope I get to help a lot of people with my reviews. I was scammed once and I don’t want others to experience the same thing. There are so many greedy people out there who put money in front of conscience and they don’t care on other people’s miseries too and they need to be stopped. Appreiatete the kind feedback, hope you enjoy your weekend!

  9. Great review here, Riaz, on this O2 Worldwide! I’m a bit confused here, though. I have actually heard so much about O2, although it now appears to me there are several products with this name identity out there! If you are a football fan then you may be aware of another O2 that has sponsored a lot of great European football teams in the past – and I hope it isn’t a fraud. But whichever it is, it clearly can’t come any close with Wealthy Affiliate!

    • Hello Stephen,

      I can totally relate to you on that one, even when writing this review all I can think about was the O2 phone brand. It seems that this company is trying to build their growth fast by riding the waves of established brands. Glad you found WA great, I appreciate the feedback. Thanks for dropping by! Hope you have a great Tuesday

  10. Hopefully I don’t go overboard with my MLM rant, but I have found only a couple that are actual legitimate companies selling quality products. The problem I see if supplements are totally unregulated and tested, so there is no scientific evidence of anything, positive or negative.

    My Facebook feed is loaded with people selling Plexus, Beachbody, It Works, etc. It’s usually difficult to even find a negative review on any of their products, because of all the promoters out there. Beachbody makes good products that are overpriced, but I have tried a couple.

    Coming from the fitness industry for almost 15 years, there’s always the hot new product to promote. Usually the gain is less than 5% over placebo when all is said and done. The side effects and lack of regulation is borderline illegal on some products.

    I agree there are a few good MLM companies out there, but it wouldn’t be a fun way to make a living for me. Thanks for your review. It was well written and understandable. What exactly do 02 drops do anyways?

    • Hey Kyle,

      Its true that there are MLM companies who are legitimate but almost all of them aren’t and that includes O2 Worldwide as they have lose ends. O2 Drops are basically oxygen drops and they make your body feel better overall. You’ll have more energy, you won’t feel sleepy, you’ll feel more focused to do work, and you get well better. Glad you liked my review, appreciate the feedback!

  11. Hi Riaz,
    When I think of MLM’s I just think lots of time and effort and possibly losing your money. I don’t even know what oxygen drops are for and what they do for you – I’m pretty sure I can go outside and get oxygen? I find it a little fascinating how companies like this start – and why they choose this business model. I don’t quite get it. But I continue to see bad reviews of them and not sure what they expect. I’ll stay away thank you!

    • Good choice Maria, you most definitely should. Yes you can get oxygen by going outside and breathing deeper or by taking a jog but most people don’t have time for that and so they use concentrated oxygen in their drinks. The reason they use this business model is because O2 drops do not sell quite well so they want to use it as a medium to implement their MLM tactics in order to rake in more money from people. Glad you liked my review, hope you have a great Tuesday!

  12. Hey Riaz,

    It’s not the first post I read from you – as always, an excellent and very detailed description of another MLM, btw.

    Funny thing, though, one of my friends has recently became a “member” of one such company (not the “O2”, but it doesn’t really matter), and I just can’t convince him that it’s a total scam. He just fanatically continues to post “inspirational” stuff on Facebook, he showed me a HILARIOUS video of a guy who’s driving a damn expensive car, telling how amazing the program is and how he’s living the life of his dreams without lifting a finger to earn his money. I think I will try to make him visit your site, maybe this will help change his mind – hopefully.

    Anyway, thanks again for constantly writing about these scams – you are doing the right thing here.

    • Hello again Dmitiry,

      Wow thanks so much for the kind words and for sharing my article with your friend. From what I read, your friend has definitely been brainwashed. Everyone network marketer does that an everyone who joins will eventually quit since they are not earning much. There is no shortcuts to success and working hard is the only way to succeed. Great to see you here again my friend, hope you have an awesome Monday.

  13. Great review on O2 Worldwide Riaz!
    Yes this is definitely one to stay a way from for sure.
    Even if you like MLM as a business model (which I don’t) there are some definite red flags with this company. Being re-directed to the domain of there previous failed business venture for one, plus the many others you mention!
    No I would definitely discourage anyone for going down this path, and stick to a proven business model such as Affiliate Marketing!
    Nice job 🙂

    • Thanks John and no, I don’t fancy the MLM business model as well. Everything is customized in a way to make the founders on top richer than everyone while the people below suffers. Messed up system which is very unethical and Affiliate Marketing is way better anytime. Glad you liked my review, cheers!

  14. Thanks for this review, it could save me from making a costly mistake – you’ve laid out a bunch of things that one could miss in the fine print.

    I like your comparison at the end, but honestly I’m a bit “over” MLMs and network marketing. Does your alternative option require me to recruit downline members?

    • Definitely not HipStar, I hate recruiting people and I am over all those unethical methods. My top ranked program focuses on Affiliate Marketing and honestly, you’d have a much better chance of success there than in MLM. Glad you liked my review, thanks for dropping by!

  15. I can appreciate an honest review. I get so tired of biased reviews on companies. This is an interesting review because I have not heard about this company in particular but I am aware of products using oxygen for benefits other than unconscious breathing. You make a good point why buy an overpriced product with bad reviews over a cheaper product with good reviews? I will check out the product more in dept but again it’s not my first time to see a company with these types of products. I appreciate this review and will look more in O2 myself.

    • I try to make my review the most detailed possible, I really appreciate those kind words thank you. I’m glad you liked my review and if you need more information, you need only but ask. Cheers!

  16. I’m not really big on MLM things. But usually they have more than one product. That completely threw me for a loop. I mean back in the day I was young and stupid and did Cutco knives (I still have them and they are still as sharp as ever) and Amway (I’m not knocking them, but the market is just way oversaturated, but the products do live up to what is promised), and currently I sell Doterra essential oils. Although I’m not on the MLM side of it. I don’t try to get people under me selling more oils. I want people to buy oils from me sure, and I make products from the oils I but and sell those products, but I could care less about getting sales people under me selling more Doterra oils. MLM’s are mostly just scams or unless you get in on the absolute ground floor you don’t make anything because everyone is selling it.

    • Almost all MLMs are scams and you are wise not to involve yourself in it. I too did my fair share of MLM and recruiting downlines is a lot harder than you think let alone keeping one interested. I’m glad you left that industry and started your own business, good luck in your future endeavours and thanks for the valueble feedback. Cheers!

  17. Hi Riaz,
    MLM products are always overpriced otherwise they cannot afford to pay so many people. Oxygen drops I don’t know if it really works or not but at such prices it’s a rip off to start. I have not yet seen any MLM products or services that can compete with the same on the market. It’s worse because being direct marketing it forces people to prey on friends and family. Had my share of MLM and have lost money on them all the time. Good review … I shall stay away from them and pass on this knowledge to whoever ask about it.
    Thanks Riaz. Apeng.

    • Hey there Apeng,

      You’re definitely right on that one, MLM products are always very expensive and that’s because they want to divide it to the person who sells, to the upline, and also the company. Terrible right? Why should the upline get all the money when he’s not doing anything? Glad you liked my review, thanks for dropping by!

  18. Hey there, it’s Alexey. You did a good review of this MLM company. I never heard of O2, but I do know what it’s like to be a part of this thing. Pushing products that you don’t need to people, or family is the worst type of marketing that a person can participate in. I am sorry for all the people who are inside this pyramid scheme and think that they will get reach one day.

    • Hello again Alexey,

      I too feel sorry for these network marketers because they are blinded by the so-called “motivation talks” so they cannot leave the industry whenever they like. They get bullied and the uplines pressure them against their will.

      Some of them do get the courage to leave but others will end up doing that for life and not achieving anything at all. Glad to see you here again, hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

  19. I have never even heard of oxygen drops! They seem pretty interesting. I may have to check a bottle out for myself. Wow, it seems like really shady business. I definitely will make sure not to buy anything from O2 (although I guess I wouldn’t be able to anyway without a sponsor…lol!)

    • Good one Maddie, flawed system in my opinion. How are they going to focus on retail if we can’t even buy their products without a sponsor right? MLM companies these days, sheesh.

  20. Hi Riaz, just left you a comment as well. The site is looking great! Reads easy, clean. I always like reading about scammers. Can`t keep smart enough on that.

    One thing I was wondering. As the page is quite long would there be any need for a reader find a Back to Top button somewhere.

    Keep the great work, keep it going.


    • That’s a great suggestion Jim, currently I don’t have any “Back to Top” buttons anywhere but I would sure to bear that in mind! I really appreciate the kind feedback, thanks for dropping by and I hope you have a great weekend ahead.

  21. Hi Riaz,

    Looks like great site. Very informative and clean. I always like reading about that would be scammer. Had my share of questionable encounters. Even when their name is thrown out there, they still continue. Anyway, keep up the great work.

    • They still continue because they know how much money they can make out there Jim, not everyone can get good conscience. Some people don’t bother thinking on the ethical side of things when they know how much money is on the line or when they are desperate and in need of huge sums of cash immediately. Glad you liked my review, thanks for dropping by!

  22. This is a great insightful review. MLM’s and their concept have always been fuzzy in a sense that I don’t really get the full concept. This post cleared that for me and now I understand better. I have always had a bad feeling for MLM’s and wonder if people are actually making money on them.

    • Hey Christopher,

      People are actually making money in MLM but they make losses even more than they earn. Basically we not only have to fork out our own money for marketing, for the fuel, for traveling, and for hotel presentations, we actually need to buy the products themselves from the company besides the expensive monthly fee.

      How ridiculous is that? Basically, you are helping them make money while paying them to sell their stuff for them. Flawed system and there’s many people still oblivious to the situation. Appreciate the feedback man, cheers!

  23. Awesome write-up on 02 Worldwide! You do a great job at exposing all of the red flags that exist within this system and then provide the reader with a very useful alternative, Wealthy Affiliate.

    I’m very glad I arrived at your site because I was contemplating joining 02 Worldwide but your reviews has made me think twice. Thanks for the great advice!!!

    • I’m glad I was able to give you a better insight on the program Bimmerguy, I plan to help as many people as possible avoid this scheme. New ones are the worst, they get more people to join just because they looked like the “have potential” but actually, they can disappear with your money anytime. Thanks for dropping by, hope you have a great weekend ahead.

  24. Hi Riaz,
    Too many red flags for my liking, especially their past. I definitely wouldn’t join a company with such a reputation. And I’m also fed up of these overpriced products most of MLM companies offer, ridiculous. Bud sadly, many people still fall for these so-called money making opportunities.
    Let’s hope your review can save some people from investing their money on this scheme.

    • I hope so too Zuzana, thank you for believing! There are many MLM companies which overprice their stuff so that they can divide the profit for the members and uplines, enough t go around. Flawed system, making the upline rich without doing anything, I’m completely disagreeing with this method. Appreciate the feedback, cheers!

  25. I think the problem these days is everyone is aware of online scams.

    The bigger problem is it gives the overall situation a bad name and the genuine offers and products out there are also looked at with scrutiny and skepticism and sometimes never given a chance.

    People are awake to these MLM scams now, and it is about time they took their final bow!

    Just my opinion 🙂



    • I agree with your point there Chris, sometimes these MLM companies are giving retailers a bad name as people are getting skeptical about their products too. We need to be extra vigilante when buying something to make sure that we’re not being scammed. Thanks for dropping by man, cheers

  26. Hi Riaz,

    Thanks for sharing another pyramid scheme, great work! I really don’t know who is going to purchase their product when they are selling above the retail price. Just because of some BS compensation plan they offer, and furthermore they are using another brand name to gain traffic, are they really that desperate lol? I really detest these kind of people that use the easy way out…


    • Hey Samuel,

      There are actually a lot of companies doing this to be honest. Reaching success is hard and time-consuming its something not everyone have the patience for so these people try to opt for easier ways to cheat instead so along the way, you’ll be seeing more of these people lol. Appreciate the feedback man, thanks for dropping by.

  27. Hi Riaz, O2’s product, I think, is one way Let,’s Close is trying to legalize their activities. I agree with you that they sound like a pyramid and that they are. As a network marketer myself, I’ve come across MLM’s that don’t have high quality products yet sell them at a high price. I also know a few that are of really high quality and also sell them at a high price, which is quite reasonable.

    Overall, this is one great review and you’ve identified the points that prospects of O2 need to be wary about.


    • Glad we share the same view on this Clyde, overpricing is something everyone hates but MLM companies revel in them. Appreciate the feedback, thanks for dropping by!

  28. This is the first time I’ve heard of O2 Worldwide. I believe as with others MLM alike, the price of the product is usually a few hundred percent of the cost itself. This is usually to reimburse the commission of the many layer of agents generating direct and indirect commission. But what really puts me off is when MLM company starts over-exaggerate the quality and the value of their product in a misleading way. I don’t mind paying money for value and I prefer that the company that sells is transparent in doing so.

    • Hey Kenny,

      Its very typical for MLM companies to over-exaggerate things in order to sell. Their industry doesn’t focus much on retail as compared to recruitment so in order for their members to get more referrals, they are taught the art of persuasion to try and lure them into their talks. Appreciate the feedback man, thanks for dropping by. Hope you have a great Friday

  29. Hey Riaz,

    Great article! If I would have discovered this before reading your blog I might have fell victim to them. But, thanks to you I can avoid making that mistake! I am not against MLM programs. I think if they are done well, they can be great. But, pyramid schemes are a completely different story and I avoid them at all cost.

    Knowing that you can buy them on Amazon (and cheaper) do you think overall it’s a good product?


    • Hey Joe,

      I find their product pretty normal and not worth the $44.95 price at all for one small bottle. If you can find better ones on Amazon, then you should definitely go for that one instead of the oxygen drops for O2. Some MLM programs are actually pretty decent but most of them are very unethical.

  30. Greetings,

    No question remains unanswered, you’ve been very thorough, the whole topic is informative. I was very curious about o2 to get an idea what’s it all about. It’s a confusing bunch indeed, starting off with their domain name that creates some misunderstandings.
    Well, now we know & there’s one of those things I personally can’t stand at all – An overpriced product. As a potential customer it turns me off immediately. It makes it even worse that we can’t buy their product without a sponsor. Unfortunately quite ridiculous deal. Those things definitely won’t build trust.
    Although the rating 51 out of 100 hints us that there are some things that work & things they do right.
    Sadly, to hear about the failed launch of their previous MLM scares off a customer even more.
    How did you find out about this whole thing?
    Thanks for keeping us in loop!


    • Hey Henry,

      found out about the whole thing through my own research – I talk to their own members, read reviews, and test out myself to see if its worth the risk or not. When its not, its most definitely a scam and I show the facts to back up my claim. They do have some pros and cons which is why I rated in in such away. Glad to know you’re not into the program, I would advise you to stay away from it. Appreciate your comment man, thanks for dropping by!

  31. Hi Riaz,

    This is a really good review. I enjoy the comparison of O2Worldwide with Wealthy Affiliate side-by-side this is very effective and I particularly enjoy your Red Flags, this is a good way to highlight the pitfalls of the plan that you are reviewing. As a member of Wealthy Affiliate I am very happy but as an affiliate marketer you do keep asking yourself if there is something better or as good out there and with individuals like you out there looking after us I feel safe in the knowledge that we have picked a winning horse!

    • Hey there Brendan, so glad to meet a fellow member here, those are kind words indeed much appreciated thank you! I was scammed countless times when I first started online so I wouldn’t want anyone else to fall into teh same trap I did. Hope you have a lovely day man

  32. Hey Riaz. Very well-written article and I like the way you write. Personal and quirky. Kind of like my style as well. Jeez. All sorts of people start their MLM these days. Thanks for helping me to avoid this pitfall. I would have probably buy into their pyramid schemes although they never work out for me. Cheers.

  33. If this really is a pyramid scam, I don’t know why you gave it as high a score as 51 out of 100. If it really is a scam then I would have given it a 0 (zero).

    Anyway, the fact that you can get the same product on Amazon for a cheaper price mean that they are not worth bothering with. Also, the fact that they try to force you to sign up to receiving the product every month even if you don’t need it, that sounds like really pushy marketing.

    Anyway, I’m not entirely convinced by this product, even after watching the video on their website. I think there are better ways to improve your health rather than taking these expensive drops.

    • Hey there Marcus,

      There are worse pyramid schemes that I have come across besides O2. If you see this one as a very bad company, then you’d be amazed at how many more terrible schemes are out there. I literally have a list of them here and they have all have bad ratings from me. Appreciate your feedback man, always a pleasure to see you here. Thanks for dropping by, I hope you have a great Thursdday!

    • Hello Marcus

      The bottle on Amazon has nothing to do with O2. There are biodisponible molecules of oxygen and LTSM minerals in O2 drops
      Also you can purchase as a client.

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