My Work For Life is a Scam! -11 Reasons Why.

Cover Page My Work For LifeBusiness Name: My Work For Life


Type of business: Referral Program

Price: Free

Owner: Unknown

My rating: 0 out of 5 (Scam)

There are many Make Money Online programs but seldom are they free.

Like you, I was curious about My Work For Life’s trustworthiness because it seems too good to be true since there are no fees at all on getting started and it somehow looks a bit lucrative seeing that we can make a few dollars doing nothing but clicking stuff and we don’t even have to read anything since it’s not a survey site.

I was definitely attracted and so I decided to give it a try.

There aren’t any directions on what to do, nor are there any communities to help us out on how to get started, but I persevered to see if there may be a light at the end of the tunnel, to maybe get a glimpse of hope that this whole program works and that it may be a good venture that I can share to everyone to help more people.

There wasn’t.

Which made me wonder, what was it that made many people hate this program so much even when it’s free? We don’t have to pay anything, we don’t have to even qualify to do any hard tasks, nor do we even have to meet other people.

If you’re curious to know how it all unfolds, read on my full My Work For Life review to know the actual story…


Pros and Cons


  • Free to get started
  • No pressure on how you go about promoting your link.


  • They duplicate 6 websites with the same design and words!
  • Difficulty in withdrawing income.
  • No details about the owner.
  • No reported case of people getting paid yet.
  • Loads of complaints all over the internet.
  • You’ll feel like arriving at a dead-end the moment you start as the login page has nothing except your link.
  • No banners or images to help you promote your link.
  • No tutorials or guidelines on how to get started rather than just sharing a link.
  • The program looks cheap as people are promoting it all over Facebook which shouts desperation.
  • No potential to go far.
  • Facebook page not even updated.
  • 1 click and you get $5 to $10 which doesn’t make sense.
  • Zero support and plus, they use a fake email so you can’t contact them.

Golly, that’s a lot of cons! Better check out my #1 recommended program here!


What is My Work For Life About? -Refer and Get Paid.

My Work My Life home page

If you like sharing good news and earn, this might be for you.

My Work For Life basically is a referral program that gives you an affiliate link, and rewards you anywhere between $5 to $10 whenever someone clicks on it.

It’s a platform that helps you make money online by doing clicking tasks which you can collect cash from just as easy as you can do it wherever you are all with a click of a button and it doesn’t use much internet too.

From their website, they made it sound so easy as there are only 4 steps you need to take…

  1. Setup account
  2. Instant approve
  3. Work little
  4. Get Paid

I have to admit, the website does look simple but it was recently made in 2018, the year where there are many cool themes for website home pages and free nonetheless which we can get online but who am I to judge in other people’s taste.

It’s free to join and with that high commission rate, it’s easy to get people to join you… but is it really?

Despite looking like an easy way to make money online, it does come with a wee list of risks which you might want to ponder on before deciding to join…


Red Flags – Are the Risks Worth it?

I know the program looks really interesting but nothing’s perfect and every program has its flaws.

If you’re like me, constantly thinking of whether or not is My Work For Life legit or a risky venture, bear with me while I lay out some of my findings, starting from…

Red Flag #1 – Duplicated Website With Different Names!

identical scams

What purpose would anyone have to create multiple duplicated websites?

Answer: No purpose.

That is, unless you know that your program is a flop and you know people would report on you which is why you need to scam as many people as you can with the same designs.

Before doing any reviews, I usually weigh in the programs based on the number of requests I get and boy, was I surprised to find out about these websites…

  • (Changed to
  • (Changed to

There were a lot more but slowly, one by one those websites close down and got replaced with new ones and the reason for that is solely because the owner wanted to continue with his scam but he’s putting close to zero effort into making this program look authentic.

The least they could do is change the website design theme a bit so that no one would notice but I guess they’re too lazy for even that.

And speaking of laziness, the provided…

Red Flag #2 – No Banners or Images to Help you Promote.

If you go to My Work For Life’s member’s dashboard, there’s nothing there.

Except, for an affiliate link they give you.

That affiliate link is the only thing you’ll ever get from them and you’re expected to promote it as though your life depends on it but how are you going to promote if they don’t give you any images to help you out, to begin with?

Are you expected to just spam the link?

Take a look at this…

WA banner example

An example of banners provided in Wealthy Affiliate.

That is an example of banners provided by another Online Business program which I currently am in.

The purpose of that is to make your life easier if you want to share it with your friends and perhaps get some income from them when they join.

The same goes to any reliable programs out there on the internet including Amazon and even Wallmart could you believe that.

So you can see that without any images to help you get started, you’ll basically end up spamming the link that they gave you because that’s the only thing you have from them and spamming is never good, especially on the internet.

My Work For Life expects you to promote on forums and Facebook which will never work.

Facebook has an anti-spamming update which will stop your affiliate link and as for forums, I got banned from Yahoo Answers because of link spamming.

So you might be asking then, “If spamming is never an option, how do they expect me to promote?”

Glad you asked!

There are many ways on how to do that but for me to explain it here will take forever and usually, companies will give you guidelines on how to do that.

Oh, wait…

Red Flag #3 – No Tutorials on How to Get Started.

No way! Yes way.

As I mentioned, My Work For Life’s member’s area has only one link and that’s that.

When you come in, you’ll have no clue on what to do and you’ll end up pondering on what your first move should be.

Or the one after that, and after that, and so on.

That’s what I went through and for a program to not guide you after putting the effort to referring you, obviously something fishy is going on there.

If you’re new to Affiliate Marketing, a good program should have this…

training at WA

List of lessons at Wealthy Affiliate.

The screenshot above is an example of how a top program should be providing training for its members.

It’s how I learned how to get started and how I learned to build up this blog you’re on and with any luck, this very review that you’re reading might be on the first page.

That’s how you promote a program you love and there are many more methods on scalability such as through ads, indirect promotions, and many more.

Anything like it or anything similar is good enough but nothing at all, that’s completely unacceptable.

Without the knowledge on how to promote, you just know that there is…

Red Flag #4 – No Potential to Go Far

What makes someone stick with a program for a very long time?

Good commission plan, a good community, and most importantly, the fact that you can see yourself doing this for a very long time.

Can you see yourself doing My Work For Life for a very long time or how they would put it, for life?

When someone commits to a program that they love, they not only commit their time and money, but rather their whole lives which is why I take this very seriously and is why I think you should not be wasting your time with My Work For life.

There’s basically nothing there that could sustain you nor are there any pathways that they provide you with to reach towards to and achieve success in the long run.

Red Flag #5 – No Useful Statistics to Help Track Your Promos

MWFL members dashboard

You would think that they would at least give you some good stats checker, but no.

If you check my screenshot above, the only report they’ll give you is the supposed “Total number of jobs completed” which is basically useless because they don’t even track that.

I tried using it on my own computer and click on the same link using Incognito and I got $15 in less than a second.

Ignore the other two reports for “Total number of invalid jobs” and “Late jobs”, they’ll forever remain empty, it’s there only for show.

Having statistic reports is important in the long run because when you start promoting, you’d want to know which channels are actually working so that you can save up more time and focus more on the campaign that gives you a better conversion.

That’s just the statistics, don’t even get me started on the…

Red Flag #6 – High Threshold to Withdraw

minimum threshold of USD300

$300 might not seem a lot but for starting, it actually is.

If you’ve been in the online industry for a while, you’ll see that a lot of companies offer a minimum of $50 for you to withdraw because usually, it will take a few days to withdraw and for most legitimate programs, they only let you withdraw end of the month as they would like to do it one shot.

Facebook does that too when they pay you if you are a streamer, and so does YouTube.

A well-known program for Affiliate Marketing called Wealthy Affiliate which I’ve reviewed here also does that and has been doing so for the past 30 years.

Imagine if you are an owner of a company and you have millions of users – If you release payment every day or worse every hour, your accounts would be pretty messy, and it would be hard for you to track everything.

Not only that, it’s actually quite rare for a program to be paying you so much for a simple click as…

Red Flag #7 – $10 for Every Click Does Not Make Sense.

USD10 for every click

Think about it, you can be a millionaire in an hour.

You could gang up with your friends and do some rapid clicking to get a thousand bucks in 10 seconds, even better, you can hire more people to click more and earn more.

There is a lot of room for flaws and believe me when I say, one click does not equate to $5 or even $10.

Nowhere on earth would anyone make that much money with a single click on the spot – The reason they make you believe that is because they want you to join so that they can gather your information and sell it themselves since it’s free to join.

There is a thing called solo ads in the Internet Marketing world and what that is, is basically organic clicks that people buy and even for that, people would pay $50 for a list of 100 email lists and clicks.

They cost that much and even for that, all of those databases are regulated with each list being very active buyers so believe me when I say that My Work For Life paying you $10 for a simple click is not true.

But don’t take my word for it, check out how…

Red Flag #8 – Many People Are Not Getting Paid.

problems when withdrawing money

There’s plenty more where that came from.

I thought I was the only one who couldn’t withdraw my money, so I figured I did a little research to find out how do I get paid.

As I was searching, I came across so many comments all over the internet especially on Facebook and other websites too and all of them were saying the same thing – That they too, could not withdraw.

It’s either they were given links and forms or are asked to buy something in order to proceed which definitely wasn’t mentioned before we joined the program.

You just know that something’s not right when there are complications when cashing out regardless of the program as money is always a sensitive issue and when we’ve put out time and effort into it, being cheated on is a devastating feeling.

Some were desperate enough to buy the promos but, in the end, nothing.

This further confirms my suspicion that the owner never really got paid $10 from you whenever you click on anything but instead, he must have used that data collected from us users to sell and make money from it which makes sense as there are a lot of buyers out there who are looking for emails for them to send their promotions to like phone companies.

Red Flag #9 – No Details About the Owner.

This is always a red flag anywhere.

Especially, in Make Money Online programs because we all know that it is the one single niche that has the highest number of scammers on the internet.

Of all the programs that I have reviewed, almost all the scam programs have unknown owners (Some even go to the extent of creating a fake name) and for good reason too.

It’s because the owner knows that eventually, someone would notice their scheme and would try to expose them.

They’re not confident that their program would go far so because of that, they prey on beginners who are new to the whole Internet Marketing thing as they are more gullible.

If the owners themselves are hiding their own identity, you can bet that there will be…

Red Flag #10 – Zero Support (Their Email is Fake Too!).

MWFL support not active

Supports are important anywhere, but what if that too, is a lie?

After having a wee bit of difficulty in trying to contact the owners, I decided to contact them the old fashion way – through their support email.

Surely good programs have a way to contact them, right?

Yes, but not My Work For Life because even their email is not a real one.

If you take a closer look at my email screenshot, you’ll see that I’ve tried reaching them but to no avail.

I wanted to withdraw my not-so-hard-earned revenue, but I was curious as there are so many complaints all over the internet about people not being able to withdraw which is why I decided to contact them.

After 10 minutes of emailing them, I was excited when I got a reply from them.

I put my hopes up and said to myself, “Hey! Maybe they’re not that bad after all”

Well, I was wrong.

The email didn’t even exist which is terrible, they could at least put some effort and create an email, and even if they don’t reply, we would have forgotten about it but seeing that they didn’t even have an email created shows that they didn’t even care.

I wasn’t about to give up hope though, so I turned to somewhere more social only to find out that…

Red Flag #11 – Even Their Facebook Page is Dead.

MWFL facebook page not even updated

You can always turn to Facebook to check on updates.

To my surprise, there were no updates.

Not because they slowly stopped or anything, it’s because they never were active to begin with.

And for an Online Business program trying to teach you how to succeed online by being active on Facebook, it sure looks like they’re doing the exact opposite.

Free business opportunities always have a community because they attract a lot of people as they’re free to begin with but that doesn’t seem to be the case for My Work For Life as there’s no trace of people anywhere except for a few complaint threads here and there which is something we need to be wary of.

I wanted to reach out but after seeing how they only shared one post on January 2019 and another the next month, I didn’t bother because it’s clear that they themselves do not care much about it.


Do I recommend My Work For Life? 

Absolutely not.

I would usually give the slightest hope for a program but seeing how the owner himself seems to have disappeared or abandoned the program himself, it’s not worth pursuing as we know that there won’t be any updates or development in the future.

My Work For Life does sound interesting especially for beginners as you can earn without spending a dime on anything but for seasoned Internet Marketers, it does not sound too promising.

Even if we manage to rake a thousand bucks worth of revenue, the chances of us withdrawing our hard-earned money are close to zero.

Wealthy Affiliate Home Page 2

However, there is a way to make it work.

There is a program that teaches you everything you need to know about making money online by promoting things that you love and it’s called Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s similar to My Work For Life, only that it’s a million times better as it has lessons that teach you how to create content and monetize any passion that you have which can give you great growth on your income.

Wealthy Affiliate is an Online Business platform that provides you with everything you need to succeed online.

Besides the evergreen lessons that I mentioned earlier, there’s also a free website builder to help you kick off your brand, an Affiliate Program searcher to help you find things you like to make money off, and most importantly, a warm community of people from various backgrounds that you can turn to whenever you need help.

It’s how I got started and how you came across this site too, I created it solely from the knowledge I learned there.

Basically, how you earn money is by Affiliate Marketing and how you get people to come to you in the first place, is by writing content that will rank and even for that, you can easily achieve through the keyword tool that they provide you inside.

my work for life is a scam google search results

Take this review for example.

If you have come across this page, chances are you might have stumbled upon it Google.

And for very good reasons too, it’s because Google is a very trusted search engine with very strict procedures on which websites can rank and which doesn’t so you just know that a majority of sites that rank, are trustworthy ones.

Getting your page on Google is great because you’ll get endless traffic for as long as your website exists, it is the very definition of passive traffic and from there, you can choose to convert that traffic into income in whatever method you choose.

This is why an Internet Marketing course and a good community can go a long way to helping you succeed online because there is absolutely no room for you to fail if you put effort and work hard into getting it.

I started doing it part-time and now, I’m earning full-time online and with the knowledge I have, I’ve ventured out doing other niches that I love such as gaming.

Affiliate Marketing is the way to go and to help you understand better what you’re missing out on, here’s a comparison between these programs…



Final Word

Though it looks neat, there are barely any good points for me to mention in this program.

Not only do they duplicate websites on different domains, My Work For Life does not have any guidelines to help you get started properly let alone paying you your hard-earned money which is why it is definitely a scam and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

If you’d like a similar program with better features, I suggest you check out my #1 recommended program here.

Thanks for reading, do share any experiences you may have down below and I’ll be more than happy to reply.

Riaz Shah

112 comments to “My Work For Life is a Scam! -11 Reasons Why.”
  1. Hi Riaz, thank you for thoroughly reviewing this scam program. A friend in my Facebook group offered me to join this program and promised a quick and easy way to earn money online. I’m glad to check your review first before even trying it and waste my time. I hope this scam can be taken down by the authorities. Poor people who got scammed 🙁

  2. Wow, I guess because it’s free to join, a lot of people think that they can make it work.

    Many fail even with a road map and instructions.  Anyone willing to do a little research like you did will realize it’s a trap and now let themselves fall into it. There are way too many cons.

    I for one became an entrepreneur to ear passive income with growth potential.  I gather from your research that My Work For Life has no growth potential.

    Thanks for sharing your findings.  This will help anyone looking for online businesses.

  3. Thank you for the warning Riaz, I haven’t actually seen this platform before but I am however on the lookout for ways or opportunities of making some extra money, so I am always keen to read these kind of reviews, there are so many scammers out there and they’re not always easy to spot, many people find out too late, so it’s great that there are genuine honest people like you warning us about these scams, thank you for sharing and keep up the good work.  

  4. Than you so much for this information. I wasted my time with it and I feel very sorry for those who I gave my link  and become a part of this. I’m very disappointed to hear that this site is a scam and a mere waste of time.Thanks again for your useful information. The person that referred me just told me that the link he  was using to open it just refused to open after making over 500 dollars.


  5. Thank you very much for this information Riaz Shah. I personally haven’t come across this website. But its scary to even think about duplicating websites. All of the hours of hard work we put in to our website is simply being copying just like that? 😮 And from my experience less details about the payments and the owner are not a good sign at all.

    Thank you very much for this information Riaz Shah. People should be aware of these sites. 

  6. Thanks for this informative post, I was introduced to this system by someone and  I’ve spent some time digging through all the layers to get into the heart of the system and discover if it’s just another scam or there is a possibility that this system works, but I found many Red Flags of  myworkforlife is way much than I thought, I’m just happy I came across this article before making a decision on joining them. Thanks alot 

  7. Oh my goodness! Thank you for telling us about this “company”! I’ve never heard of them before but I’ll be sure to stay far away from them. It’s a real shame there are so many people out there willing to take advantage of new people like that. I’m still just getting started myself and I need to make sure I’m with a company I can trust! It’s always a good idea to shop around with programs and read many reviews on them first.

  8. I have never heard about My Work for Life but I have seen my share of scams.

    What do you think is the best part about Wealthy Affiliate? Is it the training, the networking or something else?

    I have looked around Wealthy Affiliate before and it seems really active and there seem to be a lot of people there who know what their doing.

    • If I have to choose, I’d go with the community, Rick. it’s been more than 5 years and believe me and I still have many friends inside who help me a lot in getting up and update me on the latest trends.

  9. When one sees a platform that doesn’t require work or stress and they begin giving freebies at the beginning without doing anything, one needs to raise an eyebrow. It’s the first time I’m hearing of my work for life but I have fallen for tricks like this in the past and I know how they work now. It’s good that you don’t recommend them and that you rate them a 0. People need to learn that there’s no good in this platforms. Good review here.

  10. I’ve never heard of My Work For Life but I am happy that I read your review. Clearly this is a revolving scam! Nothing seems to be real or active on their website. Once I see an opportunity with no real interaction or nothing on it is clickable, I stay far from it. That’s a red flag right there.

    The bad thing about this is that most likely they’ll come up with a newer website name and scam people all over again. Once you encounter a legitimate online opportunity, you are able to spot the scams easier. My thing is, if you don’t know what you are going to be doing to make money, stay far away from that “opportunity.”  

    I can only hope that people are wise enough to realize that My Work For Life is a scam and that they are wasting their time if they are looking to make money with it.

  11. Programs that don’t require you to do work are usually a scam because work has to be put in. A website needs to be built by you and content needs to be created by you as well, so there should be a lot of hard work coming from you.

    There are no guidelines and tutorials, such as training to help you out. I don’t think this program is even worth thinking about, it’s a waste of anyone’s time in the Affiliate Marketing business. So that’s a no from me.

    Thank you for informing us about this scam, and all the best to you.

  12. I wonder how this site My Work For Life is making its money? Are they not asking for fees from the people joining them?

    I often say this to many people looking for an opportunity to earn income online. They should change their mindset from an employee mindset to a business owner mindset. There’s something I learned from Jim Rohn that has guided me for years, “Wages earn you a living. Profits make you a fortune.”

    With that Jim Rohn quote, it is better to just start an online business with platforms like the one you recommend here which is Wealthy Affiliate.

    • As I mentioned Gomer, they’re selling your info and accumulated database for money without your consent of course.

  13. It sounds like it’s really hard to figure out just how it’s supposed to work. You have pointed out lots of really useful insights from your own experience to help others know that it’s just not worth the effort it takes to make money through them. It’s awesome that you’ve created this post so you can share the numerous cons for others out there who try to also figure out how it will make them money. I can’t believe they don’t even offer how to promote or even have some banners to help promote them. Thanks heaps for sharing your knowledge and insights. I only hope others do their research and are open to finding and looking into reviews with such honesty. 

  14. 10 Days ago I have joined this program and it was a bit strange to me so I decided to investigate it a little bit. I have found your article and I am very happy that I did. You gave me all the important informations I need to know. I had some bad experiences with some courses and sites, but usually I don’t pick a scam.. most of them were not scams but weren’t good enough to make money (such as deadbeat super affiliate).. When I decided this one it was quick decision and now I see that it wasn’t a good one haha..

    Thank you for your information 🙂

    • You and I both Petar, I was hopeful mostly because I wanted to cash out but when I found out that I can’t and that others are also experiencing the same thing, something’s definitely not right.

  15. Thorough review of my work for life you have done. Seriously, I couldn’t believe I got scammed by this program too because I was too desperate back then in 2018 and I accumulated more than 900$ which they didn’t allow me to withdraw. I was skeptical with it at first but the compensation was just too good to be ignored then. Ever since then, I’ve been doing serious research before getting started with any platform. Thanks for pointing out they are scam to people.

  16. See, it’s reviews like this is why I always read more than one before I buy any product or service online so that I can get a true and accurate view of what they are all about

    I have read 6 different My Work For Life reviews up until now and all if then have said that it is the best thing since sliced bread 

    Why can’t more people be as honest as you are when reviewing a product?

    I wanted something to help me earn money online and if I had signed up to My Life For Work after reading the first review I would have still been struggling financially and been really frustrated with the platform with there being no banners or images to promote them

    I have seen a lot about the Wealthy Affiliate program that you mention but can they really help me to create an online business? 

    • Hey Matthew,

      They most definitely can help you start an Online Business or even boost an existing business that you have. Appreciate the kind words! I try to go through the program myself which I think not many would have the patience to go through and being part of a scam victim myself, I think I tend to have more beef to argue from a consumer’s point of view 😀

  17. Thanks for pointing out that this is a complete scam. I almost fell for it when I got the email as I am a sucker for “easy money”, but thankfully you’ve found all the red flags and exposed the scheme they’re REALLY running here and I applaud you for that. Thanks again my friend, you’ve saved me a lot of wasted time and heartache.

  18. Oh my Gosh! If there was anything less than zero, that is what they deserve!

    I can’t believe I thought I have found a legit side hustle when I stumbled upon my work for life. Thank God I just checked it out before wasting my time on ” work no pay job “

    I believe all these people want is simply to cultivate people’s data, so they can sell it and make money for themselves.

    The free to join is simply the bait to get you into the hook.

    Thanks for exposing these thieves, no wonder the owner is unknown.


    • You got that right, Queen! Though we try to deny it, it’s human nature to find the easiest path to success though that path never existed.

  19. Dear Riaz,

    Recently I came across a few posts and ads promoting “My Work For Life” because of the increased number of online scams I always do some research before joining any make money online program or before buying any MMO products.

    While doing some research, I came across your thorough and detailed review post, which is a time and trouble saver for me.

    The Cons outweigh the pros. You not only advised us to stay away from this scam but you have provided enough proof as well. The duplicate websites with the same design is a big red flag and I do have came across these type of scams on captcha typing job.

    $5 to $10 for every click is really hard to digest and not able to stop my laughter. Thanks a lot for sharing these red flags and I will stay away from My Work For Life and other duplicate sites.

    Much Success!


  20. Hi Riaz,

     I’m glad to watch an article of you again. It’s comprehensive and so useful for another time. 

    I have used ‘My Work For Life’ and I believe too that it is a scam. When I tried to cash out the money I earned it asked me to buy products. I also agree with your opinion that you can’t earn money with one click.

    Thanks, Thodoris.


  21. I had tried My Work for Life a few months ago. There’s not a single possibility that anyone will be able to make any real money with it, period. 

    This scam is almost identical to some other websites I’ve tried in the past such as KidsEarnCash and Viral Dollars both of which would never let you cash out either…

    Stay away people!

    • Wow I’m sorry to hear that Harry, too many scammers are taking advantage of innocent people like this and it worries me.

  22. 0 rating really? I’ve never come across a zero rating review ever. This one must be really bad!

    I know there are several free to join programs that give value but this one is just a joke. The fact that they can duplicate several websites is just pathetic. And seriously $5 for one single click is not practical.

    Thank you for taking your time to bring us this review. You’ve saved some of us the headache and disappointment.

  23. Dear Riaz,

    Wel explained review on My Work for Life! All 11 reasons are made to believe. No problem there. I myself have gone through such scammy sites a lot of times on the internet. After spending a lot of time & a lot of money, nowadays I have settled with WA happily for taking maximum advantage of the same.

    From the curiosity point of view, I have gone through your other posts also. I really impressed with your achievements at WA. I have also subscribed to your newsletter also. As you said ‘Convertplug’ seems to be an important feature, one should have on their site. I feel lucky to come across to write the comment on your this site. Keep up the good work!


    • Great effort Chandrashekhar! All the best on online ventures, do let me know if there’s anything I can help you out with 😀

  24. Thanks for this review and exposing this scam. Sometimes when something is free like My Work for Life, it would seem it can’t be a scam and why not to try it? But from your review it can be clearly seen that it’s a scam, and it would be a waste of time to even try it.

  25. HI Riaz Shah! Thank you for pointing out all these red flags. It’s better to keep away from this platform. One of the red flags that really alarmed me is the super high threshold: $300 USD! That’s way more than what I have seen on all the other sites I have joined. And $5 – $10 per click is insane. Thank you very much for this review. My work for life is definitely not for me!

  26. How sad and disappointing. It had never crossed my mind that people would duplicate websites. I find it chilly just thinking about it. Can you imagine all the issues that that action can cause; all the lawsuits and frauds? It is so devastating. As a freelancer, I will now be more alert!

  27. Hello; the eleven reasons why ‘my work for life’ is a scam are understandable enough for all to understand, and to take precaution when signing up for online business offers.

    Could it be that the person or persons behind ‘my work for life’ do not understand how to use Social Media and are also experiencing WiFi issues?

    If so be the case, they have not a clue to the business governance. However, we can give thumbs up to Wealthy Affiliate in its well organised online business strategy and training.


  28. Great review of My Work For Life.  I haven’t seen this many red flags in a long time that it is hard to determine which is the biggest flag!  It is sad to think that some people fall for this type of scam without doing any research.  

    It is nice to have sites such as yours where one can go to get some perspective.  Keep up the good work!

  29. What a Scam Riaz- Unreal how many different names this person uses to attract people into this hideous and scammy program

    This review is great as it will help people learn about an honest platform Wealthy Affiliate where I too am earning a full time living from all I have learned and built and I love this platform so much.

    It has changed my life into something I only ever dreamed of before I started my Affiliate Marketing journey

    Scams are everywhere and it is refreshing to see how passionate you are in helping people learn about these places and what to look for and be aware of

    Thank you and keep being such a great person

  30. I have to say, when I saw the $300 withdrawal amount, my eyes rolled out. This is a solid analysis of MyWorkForLife. Have you thought about also recommending other options other than Wealthy Affiliate and then comparing them as well? It may be in another article you wrote so I don’t doubt it but I think it could also shed some light on if others are looking at different programs.

  31. I went through the website and I was completely lost. Nothing made sense, you do not know which step to start with. There is no customer support or even a chat bot, nothing.

    I just thought it was a dummy website, you know. Like someone set it up to get data from subscribers. Until I found your review, now I understand more about it. And I am glad I did nottry it. Because it is now clear that it’s a scam and nothing more.

    Thanks for sharing.

  32. Hi Riaz

    Thanks for the well-researched article on My Work for Life. There are scams happening all over the internet these days and it’s such a shame as good companies can get lost in all the dodgy ones and tared with the same brush. About the only good thing about this site it seems is the fact that it’s free and the only thing you lose is time if you try and promote it, and maybe a bunch of email spam from whoever he is on-selling your details to.

    Did like the fact that all you had to do was login incognito and you trigger earnings.

    Thanks again

  33. Waou! They are definitely two very different products the one you’re comparing there!  

    I must say thanks to you, as I’m a non active user of Wealthy Affiliate since 2017 but It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re not so tech savvy. With some of the insights provided, you’ve motivated me to review more carefully the tools and solutions available.

    I’m sorry for the friend that referred me to that website… I’ll be sharing your review for him to realize how bad it really is,


  34. Thanks for your honest review about My Work For Life. The Making Money Online niche has been taking it off recently that explains why there are many scams online, which is sad, don’t they want return customers? It is just not sustainable and unethical. 

    My Work For Like’s business model looks like the pyramid scheme for me. You keep referring then once you matured and got caught up, shut down the site. Rinse and Repeat. That $7-$10 per click sounds lucrative, I wish it is legit, I will clicking it all day. 

    Oh well, whoever that is reading the review right now, save yourself from trouble and sigh up for better platform. 

  35. Thanks for the advice here. I’m always on the lookout for scams so this one on My Work For Life is much appreciated. I almost can’t believe how much the cons outweigh the pros. Honestly $5 to $10 per click seems pretty far-fetched, so to me it’s no wonder that there are no reports of anyone getting paid. The red flags have me steering clear. I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best platforms out there and everyone who hasn’t heard should check out the link!

  36. Wow, I really hate these scam websites ! There are so many of them out there, it makes it really hard to trust a lot of these types of websites. 

    That was a very good review and thanks for it because if I was to have came across this website, I could have become a victim of these horrible, messed up scams. 

  37. Hey Riaz, great article and great job exposing that scam. Thanks for the information that you provided on the article because I know some people who are looking for an online money maker and could’ve fallen right into this trap, heck, I could’ve fallen into this trap. You know there is always something wrong if they say make money in a short while, and do little of nothing. When did you come across this, did you try it first or could you tell it was a scam before even trying it out? Anyway, thanks for making this public, you’re a lifesaver.

  38. Wow, you certainly have done your work here with Work For Life. It is certainly a very comprehensive review and you have left no stone unturned. 

    I saw this company advertised and was going to join as it said free to try, but I am glad I didn’t waste my time in the end. Most of these types of programs never end up paying out, because you just are never able to reach the threshold.

    I far prefer more solid and stable companies like Wealthy Affiliate, where at least you have contact with the owners and again I don’t mind paying if you are getting value for your money.

  39. Hi Riaz, 

    Thank you for sharing a great review.  It was very detailed and on point. I just wonder why this company hasn’t been banned already. Sad thing is, there are still people out there who would join My Work for Life because of unawareness. 

    It’s great to know bloggers like you who has the sense of social responsibility to warn others from this type of scam. Have a great day ahead!

    • Thanks MissusB, I think the reason why they still exist is because of their multiple website tactic. You know how the saying goes at Hydra – cut off one head, and two more will grow!

  40. Hi Riaz,

    I guess it’s not easy to identify a possible scam if you don’t know which signs to look for. You’ve made it clear in your post and I’d like to use it to avoid traps like My Work For Life.

    Thanks for being our lab rat and testing these sites for us. I am looking forward to reading your other reviews as well! If you say that some of them like for example Wealthy Affiliate is a good place to make an extra buck, then I’d like to see what other options you have that aren’t scams.

    I’ve recently came across a platform that allows you to work online but so far I haven’t earned that much… How does earning money on Wealthy Affiliate compare to Clickworker?

    • Pleasure’s all mine Ian! Both programs are good but if you want to for the long run, Wealthy Affiliate is the better choice as through time, your business will grow and your income improve. 

      Clickworker on the other hand, will still earn you money but in small amounts as you will need to do tedious micro tasks to earn. You’ll be lucky to earn $100 in that month but its stagnant and will never grow becasue you’ll be like a sweatshop worker doing the same menial tasks over and over again. Hope that helps

  41. Well, at least it’s free to join. Hopefully, it will help some people to quit before spending money on it. 

    I’ve seen about it while trying to find legit ways to make money online and someone recommended for a “simple and easy way” to do so. I should know it was too good to be true. If it was so easy to make money, everyone would.

  42. I was looking into signing up with this bunch about a month back but I thought I’d check them out online first…I’m so glad I came across your article! 

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many red flags covering one offer before, and I can’t believe they’ve used the same webpage setup so many times before in the past! 

    I’ve now instead started looking at your recommendation to work online, and they do look impressive. Before I sign up – are they suitable for newcomers to working online?

  43. hello riaz…

    it is a great article I have seen ever because everyone is trying to give such ways of earning that give profit to them. Thousands of scam sites and apps are being promoted via social media like Youtube. Nobody usually shows the legit way to earn. It is a great mentality to show us the truth. this is great. no details about the owner, no potential, not updated fb page, no banner or image.. these are enough to be confused about the site

  44. What’s that link all about? There must be a hint about the link before one can share among friends and colleagues. That’s my thinking though. I can’t imagine myself venture into that kind of business and later start complaining about their inability to payout at the long run. There must be a product they are using the link to promote. Thanks for this review. I’ll love to dive deeper into this matter.

    • That link is simply an affiliate link Stella, it’ll bring anyone who clicks it back to that same site, but it has a different URL because that’s how they track your clicks. But even with all those clicks, it would still be pointless if they don’t pay their members wouldn’t you agree.

  45. Great review of My Work For Life!  Looks simple enough and I can see people signing up and spending an enormous amount of time to try and promote.  I don’t see how they can guarantee the pay on referrals.  Where are they generating the income from to pay you LOL.  Also, yes the threshold of $300 before getting paid is pretty high….assuming you could get to that amount.  I have never been a fan of just a referral program as a way to make money.  I suck at getting referrals and it is quite not as simple as they make it sound to be.  Especially when they have no banners, no training, basically nothing to help you out. Total scam, I agree!

  46. Thank you for this review of the my work for life program. It’s frustrating and sad that there are people who scam others with ridiculous promises like this. It’s sad we need reviews like this! Luckily I am not gullible nor unknowledgable of how affiliate marketing works. But many will need this review to help them make an informed decision. 

    • I know right, Ithe reason I do reviews like this is because I was tricked by scammers and so I wouldn’t want others to do the same.

  47. This is a very thorough review of the My Work for Life Business.  After reading your review, I can definitely see how this is a major scam.  Compared to other website scams- this isn’t even that good!  Like you stated, they don’t even try.  Perhaps they don’t have to unfortunately because all of the people that want to make money online. They are desperate and parasites like the owners of this scam website know this.  I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and WA is completely legit- thanks for providing a business that people can make money with and is NOT a scam!

  48. Hi riaz,

    Great article indeed, the website “My Work For Life is a Scam!” seems to be definitely a scam and honestly. Very good post, written in detail and understandable. 

    Your experience opens my eyes and I will definitely pay attention to these details like checking on FB their activity, check on the profile or support email, pick on every little detail. Somehow the Do Part-Time Job popped out on my screen. And… there is your content with a lot of explanations ( pros & cons). 

    I was reading all the cons and was thinking how long did you “Work” for scammers? Therefore I find your post very useful. I know, this can save a lot of people to shun from another scam and shady deal online. I wish you good luck in your effort and again thank you for the informative article.

  49. Thank you for your article. You have just saved me from joining My ‘Work For Life’. Like you, I was attracted to their “free to get started” offer. I had saved them in my bookmarks to go back and join at a later date.

    Looking at the list of cons you have supplied, shows me, so many red flags. When a program is not clear, about the author or owners, that is a big sign to run the other way.

    There are so many platforms/online programs, that I have joined in the past, that were very similar to ‘My Work For Life’, and when no-one can show me any guidelines, I left.

    Another sure give away, for me is how the $ signs are placed. I noticed these in your screen shots. The majority of scams I came across usually had this placed on the end rather than at the front (which I always found unusual).

    That’s why I am really happy to have found Wealthy Affiliate also. Absolutely amazing, and I am only a newbie. It has provided a sound training and given me everything that I couldn’t find in any other program. 

  50. Hello, 

    Another day I was looking for the links ( affiliate marketing links) to add to my content. Somehow the Do Part Time Job popped out on my screen. Decided to look closer but I wasn’t ready to join because it looks strange. And…there is your content with a lot of explanations ( pros and cons). I was reading all the cons and was thinking how long did you ” work” for scammers? How much money did they earn from you until you discover that it is a scam? 

    Very good article, written in detail and understandable. Your experience opens my eyes and I will definitely pay attention to these details like checking on FB their activity, check on the profile or support email ( is it real?), pick on every little detail.

    Thank you for the article, knowledge is power!

  51. I’ve been searching on the web about MyWorkforLife and found your review.  

    I do some scrutiny and visit the website as you provide in your article. 

    It very obvious to see that there are indeed no details provided about the owner of the site.  

    Any website on the internet without the clear identity of the owner is dubious and doubtful.  Is there anyone who build a relationship and trust to a stranger whom you do not know at all?  No one does.  

    I really appreciate the time you put in on this comprehensive review.  I know, this can save a lot of people to shun from another scam and shady deal online.  

    Big thanks, bro!

    • Knowing who the owner of a program makes all the difference Delro, 

      since we’ll be stuck with the program for a long time, it’s best we know who we work with but if something that simple is confidential for us, then we certainly can’t give our trust to them wouldn’t you say.

  52. Hi Riaz

    If it sounds too good to be true, then it is probably False. Ii got to admit I do not understand the angle on this one, What are they trying to achieve, if they are not trying to con you out of cash,  What will clicking links achieve.  I am wondering if it is some sort of getting information for free, which they can use to harass you will spam and other unsavory things. 

    I always try to use my head and avoid something which most folk should leave well alone. I do not understand what the super highway is not better regulated, so to protect the vulnerable from scammers  Another one to add on my blacklist of companies to avoid.

    Thank you


    • I was thinking of the same thing Antonio, but I soon found out that they use our data to sell so they’re not even planning to us for it. Classic scam.

  53. Dear Riaz, Great post indeed, the website “My Work for Life” seems to be definitely a scam and honestly, my first look on their home website was this feeling.

    Pity there are still so many people, who are not willing to admit it is not about one click to get rich and if something looks so easy, it probably not works at all. Without proper training, support and clearness about the site owner there is nothing much to discuss whether this worth to try or not. Still, there are people, who could be attracted by this and therefore I find your post very useful.

    Thank you for that, I will return to my Wealthy affiliate community, where I get all that I need and in a very professional way. Definitely recommend WA to anyone, who is serious about starting to do affiliate marketing and want to get all the support and website creation tool without any extra cost.

    Wish you good luck in your effort and again thank you for the informative post.

    Best regards


    • Well said Renata, 

      I think the reason this scam still survives is that they prey on innocent people who are still new to schemes such as this. Authorities cannot catch them though because scammers like this can simply delete their website and duplicate more like it’s their cup of tea. 

  54. Far too many red flag. Run from this one the second I seen the $15 instantly in the account – obviously fake.

    $300 withdrawal limit. While I understand the Why companies have a minimum withdrawl limit – it costs to process a transaction. But $100 is the max for most huge networks like CJ!. $300 is obvious..I don’t want to pay you thing going on!

  55. Hallo there Riaz,

    My wife came to me telling me that she had been told by a friend she barely knew on Facebook that the program does work and will help make good monthly income.

    I told her I would look into it and tell her if it was legit, and I can already tell it is a scam just like you say.

    First and foremost, I have never seen any benefit in a program whose owner is in the dark. This raises enough suspicion on its own.

    Second, the free registration might sound good on the hearing, as are the other offers that pay insane amounts for very little effort (up to $5 for a click), but there is more to it than meets the eye.

    To me, I need not go further since this program is a blatant scam.

    However, I will show your article to my wife and let her read for herself.

    You have been very thorough with your article and I appreciate the time and research you gave to it.

    Cheers mate.

    • Great to know that I managed to finish the review on time, Dave! Hope your she can put her time to better use rather than spending her precious time at this scam

  56. Great post Riaz!

    It seems like red flags #8, #9, and #10 are perhaps the biggest red flags. But there definitely sounds like there’s a lot that’s shady about My Work For Life.

    Is there anything we can do to combat scams like this? Or is the best thing we can do is just avoid them ourselves and educate others to do the same?

    • Good question Trevor,

      We can keep reporting all of these scams all our lives but they’ll probably just keep popping up with different names. Just look at My Work For Life, they clearly bought multiple domains to hide their scam and let it live! I think we need to create an association that can address these new found scams so that they won’t get so lucky.

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