Is SEO Worth It? 3 Steps to Success

Is SEO Worth It?

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With all the commotion today of how powerful SEO can be, every website builder is starting to notice its usage and ability.

However there are still many of us who are still skeptical on how SEO works that we might ask ourselves, is SEO really worth it?

Before anyone makes any assumptions, let’s go through this step by step to get a better gist of how all of this works.

SEO in a nutshell

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is always confusing for most so I’ll start with a brief explanation on what it does.

It is in a nutshell, practices that we do on our website to make it better adapted to Google and why is that so?

It’s because 75% of internet users consist of Google users and that if you manage to get your website on the first page of Google, you will get more traffic that you could ever imagine that will come to your site NON-STOP!

Just so you know, whenever people say “traffic”, that usually means the number of visitors for a website so when a website has high traffic, you know now what that means.

Is SEO really worth it?

Now that you have an overview of what SEO does, you know now that it is definitely worth it!

Here’s some of the cool benefits of SEO you should concern yourself with:

  • SEO gets your website on the first page of Google
  • Any website that managed to appear on the first page of Google will get MASSIVE traffic continuously, for free!
  • When you get huge traffic, your website can convert better as more people are visiting your site.
  • If you’re not into making money, you can still get fame as thousands of people all over the world are actually visiting your site and not just locally (That is every entrepreneur’s dream!)
  • If you’re working, it will boost your CV because your boss will know that you are a huge asset to the company.

Do you really need to pay for SEO?

NO! People charge unnecessarily high for simple things like doing SEO for a site.

It’s not all that hard and you can actually do so yourself:

1) Leverage keywords for your title

Keyword is one of the most important aspects of getting good SEO.

It includes understanding what people are searching for in Google because truth be told, not all companies do that.

For example, the keyword “make money online” would take months for you to reach the first page of Google, whereas “make money online in Malaysia” will only take a few weeks.

The reason is because this is a more targeted keyword, and since there are fewer people in Malaysia, the competition would be less.

Try out a keyword here!

2) Writing good content

As Google updates itself, more illegal and unethical ways to do SEO are being eliminated which leaves you with the safest and most polite way possible to achieve good SEO – by writing content!

Back when I first started internet marketing in 2010, there are many scams that teaches you how to sneak past the Google team and get your website on the first page using sly techniques that many may not agree with.

However Google knows better and keeps updating itself to cater for people who work hard on their site as we do reap what we sow in the end.

So the second step of SEO after the “keyword-title” would be by writing articles because Google likes good content and so do visitors.

Just remember not to be too formal when writing, just write as how you would speak as it would be much easier to communicate with people and it’s seems more personal too!

 3) Keeping up to date with SEO

As easy as SEO seems (it is!), Google will constantly update itself every now and then, almost every year.

When that happens, they would probably change a few rules and regulations for SEO which may reduce your results, so how do you find ways to counter that?

By getting into a community of course!

But not just any community, you have to join an online business community and the best one to date that I would recommend is Wealthy Affiliate.

There are of course many other online business communities you can join like those at Facebook and Google Hangouts but the most effective that I found is Wealthy Affiliate because it is in fact, a platform on its own.

It’s more established, more lively, more updated in terms of news for SEO and of course, the price to join which is freeeee.



Getting to know SEO first-hand is definitely worth all the trouble because instead of paying others to do so which may cost you a lot (plus they might trick you), you will also uncover more tricks of your own on achieving more with less!

So if you want to get first page on Google within a few weeks’ time for free, go ahead and try SEO for yourself because only then would you learn how fun and exciting it can be as it’s not as boring as it seems!

For more information on getting good SEO for your website, check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate here.


Riaz 88kb

2 comments to “Is SEO Worth It? 3 Steps to Success”
  1. I agree with the point #2 because many internet marketer say that “Content Is The King”

    In other words, great and beautifully crafted content can do the work for you in order to rank your website.


    • Hello again Hafiz! Content is indeed king because having a strong and rich content strategy combined with the keyword-fused title can bring any website or its blog posts on the first page of Google. Thanks for dropping by!

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