How to Get People to Read Your Blog in 3 Simple Steps


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When having a blog, the responsibility that we bloggers tend to have in common is “How do we get people to read our blog more?”

Although blogging can be a very lucrative business, there are millions of blogs today so competition is high.

BUT, it’s not impossible because if it is, those millions of blogs won’t still exist.

Here’s 3 simple steps that you can take to get your blog read today:

1)   Use the Social Media Force

Most countries outside the US doesn’t actually use any other Social Medias besides Twitter and Facebook.

However, Social Media is a GREAT way to drive traffic to your site because millions of people use that every day so it would be a waste not to tap into that.

A lot of bloggers still do not take advantage of this because they are too lazy to learn which is already considered a loss of potential traffic.

But even with that stubbornness, the least you could do to tap into that Social Media stream without creating your Social Media pages is by adding the “Share” button.

When you add the Social Media share button on your blog, readers who happen to like your content will share that on their own Social Media Page which indirectly is already a form of marketing for you.

2)   Optimize the Blog Post Title

Titles are the first thing that a reader notices before deciding to read the rest of the content.

They are like you first line of defense so take advantage of that by using appropriate Blog Post titles.

For example, “How to Rock a Mullet” is definitely nicer than “How to look nice in a mullet”.

You want to make your title stand out among the rest of the other titles so it doesn’t just only look different than the rest, it looks easier to read.

3)   A blog should be more personal than corporate

Often times I’ve come across blogs that looks so corporate and boring.

They want to appear professional so that people will look up to them. It’s not wrong, but because of that, they forgot their personal touch.

Do you think the idea of a blog starts with a boring corporate clerk typing about his employer’s products?


It start with that boring corporate clerk typing out HIS expressions and sharing it with the World.

That’s what makes a blog so interesting and that’s what attracts people more.

They don’t want to hear about what your boss sells, they want to hear about what your boss made you do. They want your story.

They can relate to you and your situation better that way because you don’t sound like a company selling a product, you sound like a person sharing with the world something beneficial.


Although there are millions of blogs in the World today, it is still possible to stay ahead of them by taking steps to make your readers visit your blog.

And the trick to doing that, is to promote engagement by blogging in a personal point of view and tweaking the title so that readers who like will share with their connections through social media.

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