Fun Things to do When Your Bored

bored kid holding a ball

Image by John Morgan

Sometimes when we get a long time off, we tend to get bored and don’t know what to do because leading a busy life rarely gives us a chance to think about.

But if we don’t have any plans, we won’t have that drive to enjoy so here’s some great ways to have fun when you’re bored:

 1) Travelling

The best way to discover about yourself and of course, discover other places.

A lot of people always say that they don’t have the money to travel abroad but really, you don’t need to go all the way to travel.

You’d be amazed at the many things you can discover domestically!

You could try driving to the woods, go camping or even find waterfalls within the forest.

Some people like to drive to memorable places like places that you met your girlfriend or places that you went with your family on vacation.

Whatever the places are, travelling alone is great for you not just because of the sightseeing and flashbacks, but because of the personal development that you’ll get.

 2) Watch those long winded TV series

When you lead a busy life, sometimes you just want to catch all those TV shows your friends are watching.

Sometimes, you would even start to think “How did they have time to watch TV series?”

Well now you can time yourself and see how many TV shows you can finish!

Better yet, since you’ve missed those shows, you can watch the whole series without waiting for the next season to come.

Some of the TV series that you could start with (Ones that I personally like too) are the Game of Thrones, Arrow, Gotham, The Flash, or even watching back all your Harry Potter series.

 3) Doing solo activities

When you get time for yourself, it’s always good to discover yourself even more.

Solo activities are good because in the long run, you can understand your limits better and give you a better understanding of life.

You can try doing outdoor activities alone like going hiking alone, jungle trekking alone or even walk from one city to another.

You start being all alone which will give you an open mind about things and that will also help in discovering yourself more.

 4) Start an online business

Nowadays living costs are rising exponentially and it’s getting very hard to survive in the city especially with the low salary pay.

So why do something that will get you extra income?

Having an online business is really fun because how much you’re earning depends on how much work you want to put in and plus, you can do anything you want with it.

Of course, don’t believe in those scam gurus that often say in the videos that you can make millions overnight.

The safest way for you to earn money online is by a building a website and converting that into a long-term business.

There is a free course that teaches you how to build an online business and that is Wealthy Affiliate.

Some people make enough money to retire full-time and just do everything online so if you want to achieve that, you better start as soon as possible!

 5) Learn playing a musical instrument

Listening to proper music is good for you as it helps stimulate your brain cells.

But make sure it’s proper music you’re listening to, not metal or screams because that’s just wrong.

When you’re good at a musical instrument you can also use it to impress people with your skills and plus, did you know that studies show that people are more attracted to those who can play an instrument?

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