What Should I Write a Blog About?

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Everyone wants to have a blog but one of the biggest obstacles that’s scaring them to do so is learning how to start one but believe it or not, starting it is easier than maintaining it.

Blogs are focused on content which means that you have to do blog posts often to keep your blog consistent and to let Google know that your blog is still alive.

Because if you don’t maintain, Google won’t get notifications to go to your site and you need Google to come because that is what’s giving you rankings.

So if you’re still considering on what blog to write about, here’s some great ideas you could use that will guarantee you visitors:

1) Dating

Not a dating site, but a dating advice site.

Sure you can do a dating site but there are plenty of those today and building a reputation is extremely hard because it is better for you to have an office and such to show your seriousness.

But if you do a dating advice site, you will get plenty of visitors because everyone wants to get a soul mate in their lives, they just don’t know how.

And as women are getting more demanding these days which makes guys less interested in courting them because of the risks, everyone needs some advice to get through all of those.

Women want to know how to give signals to guys and guys want to know how to make women fall in love with them.

Everyone will search your site up and down for more and more tips because they don’t want to mess up their moment so this shows how big the opportunity is for you!

Believe it or not, while creating that blog, you will also become a love expert because all those writings were done by you after all.

Way to save time and make money!

 2) Fitness for busy people

You can just as well write about fitness but do bear in mind that every Tom Dick and Harry is doing that.

Being more specific will not only lessen the competition, it will also help you get more visitors who are willing to buy what you have to offer because most busy people do have money.

Working adults especially those in the corporate world want to stay fit but they have no idea how.

Their lives are full of stress so if you can take that opportunity to write about something related and beneficial, they will love your work.

You can talk about foods that can reduce stress, you can talk about techniques to lose weight and much more!

If you’re scared of running out of ideas, this is a great topic to blog about as everything will come as second nature to you.

 3) Personal development

The easiest of them all.

You can literally blog about anything at all, relating to whatever things you want to blog about.

For example, this very blog that you’re reading (MyInternetQuest.com) is about internet marketing but from time to time, I also do post about motivational tips to help create diversity and also motivation to continue learning because online business although profitable, is also a boring one.

You can also write about your life as well and how you get motivation and inspiration because a lot of people have motivational issues as life has its own ups and down and sometimes, some people go down way too deep and can’t back up so they need the support.



There’s really a lot of things to talk about that most of the times, I get stressed up on choosing what topic to write about instead of actually thinking of one so stop wasting time considering and spend more time on writing.

Before you know it, you have way too many topics to choose from!

For more information on monetizing your blog, check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

If you have questions regarding your blog ideas, do share them below and I’d be more than happy to help you out.


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