What is Pinterest All About?

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Social Media getting growing more rapidly than ever and one in particular is Pinterest.

Althought not as popular as Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is still growing at a fast pace as those powerhouses because it is completely different than any normal social media and that attracts people to check out.

Unlike sharing photo and posting words, Pinterest is more to visuals and you know what my biology teacher always say about visuals, “We humans are more attracted to visuals than we are with words”.

So what is Pinterest?

Pinterest, the latest social phenomena to hit the masses, is a sharing platform in which you “pin” pictures to your board.

The picture sharing site allows you to create categories of photographs, pin your pictures, and share them with other people.

In addition to pinning pictures, you can also pin videos, share monetary gifts, and join discussion groups.

Pinterest is also improving its services now as just only recently, they’ve added a messenger system where you can start chatting from within.

It’s absolutely beautiful, even the Pinterest logo itself!

When would you use Pinterest?

Initially, Pinterest began as a type of scrapbooking website in which users could post pictures of their family, pets, or vacation and share them with others.

As such, it was seen as more of a spare time or hobby type website instead of ones that you can use anytime to tweet or post some nonsense words like “Today I feel cold, brrrrrr please give me a like”

However, as the platform began to grow, users starts to see the potential that it really held.

With new features being included, individuals are now using Pinterest for a wide variety of things such as wedding planning, interior decorating, and even marketing for business.

Who uses Pinterest?

Now that we have answered the questions “What is Pinterest?” and “When would you use Pinterest?”, let’s answer the question “Who uses Pinterest?”

The answer to this question is simple – everyone and anyone!

As stated previously, Pinterest started as a platform for everyday users who wanted to organize and share their pictures with the world.

Since then, business owners have begun to see the potential of the platform and are now using it to market their products and distribute their brand messages.

Why use Pinterest?

There are several different reasons that one might use Pinterest:

  • To share photos with family and friends
  • To share information – Many people use Pinterest to post their recipes and ideas, or showcase their talents through photographs.
  • To gather inspiration – Individuals from around the world use Pinterest to showcase their best ideas. So whether you are looking for wedding ideas, cake ideas, decorating ideas, or other forms of inspiration, Pinterest is a great place to find it and who knows, you might even get an idea out of someone else’s pins!
  • To promote a business – Entrepreneurs are beginning to like Pinterest as it can be a great way to share your products with the world. Post your product pictures, or use Pinterest to showcase the talents that you have to offer. Even better, use it to create a visual brand personality for your business. Make people fall in love with who you are and what you do.

Now that you know “What is Pinterest?”, who uses it, and why you would use it, there’s one final question to answer…

How do you use Pinterest?

It’s simple!

Just head to the Pinterest website to learn how to set up an account.

Then follow this person in Pinterest – Pinterest.com/riaz90.

That’s my own account by the way, see you there!



Pinterest is a great way for you to build up followers through pictures that you pin which already is a great marketing tool for anyone to get followers whether for fame or simply for business.

So if you want to try establish an online footprint of yourself while having fun online, there’s no better way to do that than with Pinterest.

For more information on using social media for business, check out my Wealthy Affiliate review here.

Also, if you have anything you’d like to share regarding Pinterest, do comment below and I’ll be more than happy to reply 🙂


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