What is Valentus? – A New MLM in the Midst.

Valentus reviewed by my internet questBusiness name: Valentus

Website: www.valentus.com

Type of business: MLM

Price: $79 – $499 + Monthly autoship ($129)

Owner: Dave Jordan

My rating: 31 out of 100 (Pyramid SCAM)

Unlike the other MLM companies that I joined before making a review, I never had the chance to join Valentus.

Not because I didn’t want to, but because I couldn’t find any distributors or up lines to be put under because the website itself didn’t let me join as they require my sponsor’s ID (Could you believe that?)

I heard about this particular MLM from Word of mouth while Skyping with a friend of mine from Canada and she mentioned about how the distributors are trying to force her into joining.

Taking matters into my own hand, I decided to research more on this particular MLM so do continue reading my Valentus review if you like to know more on what it’s all about.


Pros and Cons


  • Their coffee actually tastes good.
  • They have an actual community.


  • Products are overpriced.
  • You need to lock yourself into “autoship” whereby you will spend at least $129 to buy their products every month.
  • They focus on recruiting referrals than actually promoting the product.
  • Garcinia Cambogia is used in their products which could cause health problems to those with weak body immune system.
  • Lack of support.
  • Very new MLM, you cannot know if it will last or not as many MLMs close down after 5 years.
  • They focus more on recruiting instead of product retails.

Golly, that’s a lot of cons! Better check out my #1 recommended program here instead!


What is Valentus About? -Instant Beverage Business.

Dave Jordan pic

Based in Sparks Nevada, Valentus is a Multi-Level Marketing company owned by Dave Jordan (That guy on the left) which focuses on functional beverages as their product line.

If you’ve never heard of functional beverages before, simply put they are drinks that have supplements that helps give your body added benefits such as lose weight or immune boost.

Their products are all instant drinks whereby you need only to mix with water to be able to drink it fast.

Valentus product range

Speaking of products, Valentus have in overall 4 products altogether…

  1. Prevail Slimroast – Weight lost instant coffee which suppresses appetite.
  2. Prevail Energy – Energy drink, simple as that.
  3. Prevail immune boost – Instant drink which helps increase your body’s immunization level.
  4. Prevail Trim – Instant drink which helps with weight management.


Valentus Membership Ranks – A Typical MLM ladder.

Like every other Network Marketing companies, the amount of ranks you need to know of are numerous and as always I’ll explain the ranks first before we get to the compensation plan so that you’ll understand better later on.

There are 13 ranks altogether and those are…

Rank #1 – Silver

The noob level of your MLM career in the whole of Valentus.

When you first joined, everyone will have the title of “Independent Distributor” so in order for you to upgrade to the Silver stage and qualify for commissions, you need to…

  • Accumulate and maintain 50PV a month
  • Refer at least 2 Affiliates.

If you’re new to the Network Marketing world, PV stands for Personal Volume which refers to the sales you make either through retail, by referring down lines, or by buying the Valentus products yourself.

So if you fail to make 50PV a month, you actually need to spend on the products yourself in order to qualify for the commissions.

Typical MLM tactic to drain you out.

Rank #2 – Gold

To level up, you need to…

  • Maintain 100 PV a month on autoship order.
  • Refer at least 2 Silver down lines.
  • Generate 500 GV of lesser binary side volume weekly.

Just so you know, GV stands for Group Volume whereby it is the amount of sales you make as team, along with your down lines.

This is intended to make you work harder and care about your team more because you need them in order for you to grow.

Rank #3 – Platinum

To move on, you need to…

  • Maintain 100 PV a month on autoship order.
  • Refer at least 2 Gold down lines.
  • Generate 1,000 GV of lesser binary side volume weekly.

Rank #4 – Ruby

To reach the next level, you need to…

  • Maintain 100 PV a month on autoship order.
  • Refer at least 2 Platinum down lines.
  • Generate 2,000 GV of lesser binary side volume weekly.

Rank #5 – Emerald

It’s getting hard to climb that ladder. For this one, you need to…

  • Maintain 100 PV a month on autoship order.
  • Refer at least 3 Ruby down lines.
  • Generate 5,000 GV of lesser binary side volume weekly.

Rank #6 – Diamond

You need to…

  • Maintain 100 PV a month on autoship order.
  • Refer at least 3 Emerald down lines.
  • Generate 15,000 GV of lesser binary side volume weekly.

Rank #7 – Double Diamond

To upgrade, you need to…

  • Maintain 100 PV a month on autoship order.
  • Refer at least 3 Emerald and 1 Diamond down lines.
  • Generate 30,000 GV of lesser binary side volume weekly.

Rank #8 – Triple Diamond

I doubt anyone would even reach this stage but here goes…

  • Maintain 100 PV a month on autoship order.
  • Refer at least 3 Emerald and 1 Diamond down lines.
  • Generate 100,000 GV of lesser binary side volume weekly.

Rank #9 – Blue Diamond

As if that’s not intimidating enough, here’s the criteria if you wish to upgrade…

  • Maintain 100 PV a month on autoship order.
  • Refer at least 3 Emerald and 1 Diamond down lines.
  • Generate 250,000 GV of lesser binary side volume weekly.

Rank #10 – Royal Diamond

To move up, you need to…

  • Maintain 100 PV a month on autoship order.
  • Refer at least 4 Diamond down lines.
  • Generate 500,000 GV of lesser binary side volume weekly.

Rank #11 – Black Diamond

We’re almost to the top. For this one, you need to…

  • Maintain 100 PV a month on autoship order.
  • Refer at least 4 Diamond down lines.
  • Generate 750,000 GV of lesser binary side volume weekly.

Rank #12 – Crown Diamond

This is the second-last stage and to get here, you need to…

  • Maintain 100 PV a month on autoship order.
  • Refer at least 4 Diamond down lines.
  • Generate 1, 000,000 GV of lesser binary side volume weekly.

Rank #13 – Crown Ambassador

To get to this last stage, you need to…

  • Maintain 100 PV a month on autoship order.
  • Refer at least 4 Diamond down lines.
  • Generate 1, 500,000 GV of lesser binary side volume weekly.

Talk about Hierarchy, There are 13 ranks altogether and personally in all my life within the MLM world back then, almost 90% of members never even reached the 4th rank.

It’s that tough and the reason there are so many ranks such as this is because they want to motivate you into working hard because they look so near.

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The Price – How Much Does Valentus Cost?

valentus pricing

Valentus has a typical MLM pricing plan where it starts with a low price but in the end you will end up being committed to monthly payments where you will need to lock yourself into autoship to keep purchasing their own products every month.

There are 4 packages you can choose from altogether…

  1. Basic – $59. You get 50BV and a box of the products.
  2. Starter – $129. You get 100BV and three boxes of the products.
  3. Advanced – $199. You get 150BV and six boxes of the products.
  4. Business Builder – $499. You 400BV and sixteen boxes of the products.

On top of the packages, you actually have to pay $20 for your website that you will be getting as a member.

Believe it or not, the website isn’t all that great because the only thing different about it is that you have your own unique affiliate link and your name as a distributor.

If you’re wondering what “BV” stands for, they are actually your personal volume as how I mentioned earlier when we talked about the rankings.

You can get PV through sales be it if you sell the products on your own, through referrals, or through sales of the product on your own expenses.

Pretty clever way on how to make you climb up that ladder, no?

And starting from the Gold rank, you are forced to be locked with autoship which costs $129 every month which drains your money even more.

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Valentus Compensation Plan – The Mechanics on How you Earn.

Valentus has 7 ways on how you can earn and those are…

Method #1 – Retail Commission

You can withdraw up to 25% of your commissions from retail every week from the product sales you made.

Method #2 – Fast Start Bonus

fast start bonus

Remember the 4 packages that you can choose from when you first join as a member?

Well actually, you get money from that as a bonus but only one-time.

Method #3 – Legacy Enrollment Bonus

legacy enrollment picture

How the Legacy enrollment will look like.

This only applies for those who joined and purchased the Business Builder package and it is also the most difficult earning to achieve as it will take a very long time to get.

To get this benefit, your first 3 Ruby down lines pay the $100 Legacy Enrollment Bonus to your first generation upline enroller who also must happen to be a Ruby.

Only starting from your 4th Ruby downline, will you get that $100 commission from them considering that they purchased the Business Builder pack too and these down lines are called the Legacy Team.

Method #4 – Dual Team Cycle Commissions

cycle commissions shit

This part of the earnings depends on how big your team is.

As you recruit people, they will be added into your left-hand side and right-hand side which will increase and they will be added as your down lines.

At the end of each week sales volume across both binary sides is calculated, with affiliates paid for each 200 PV on the stronger binary side matched with 100 PV on the weaker side.

This match is referred to as a “cycle”.

  • Silver ranked affiliates are paid $5 per cycle
  • Gold and Platinum affiliates are paid $10
  • Ruby and higher affiliates are paid $20

Method #5 – Seven Generation Matching team Bonuses.

For this type of bonus, it’s based on the Dual Team Cycle Commissions earnings of all your down lines and the percentage follows through 7 generations.

Generations Silver Gold Platinum Ruby Emerald Diamond Blue Diamond Black Diamond
1 10% 15% 20% 25% 25% 25% 25% 25%
2 15% 20% 20% 20% 20% 20%
3 10% 15% 15% 15% 15%
4 5% 10% 10% 10% 10%
5 5% 5% 5% 5%
6 3% 3%
7 2%

Method #6 – Enrollment Pool Bonus

This is a monthly earning that you will get every month 1% out of the company’s earnings.

But in order to reach this, you must personally enroll 3 downlines with the Business Builder package a month.

Method #7 – Car Bonus.

I have no idea why they call it a car bonus since you won’t be getting any cars.

But it’s still a bonus though, just that in order for you to qualify, you need to reach Diamond rank or above.


Red Flags – Things to Watch Out For.

Red Flag #1 – You need to buy their products every month.

One thing I absolutely hate about a certain program is if they force you to buy their products.

valentus autoship lock

Starting from Gold, you need to lock yourself into autoship

If you want to qualify to get your commissions and maintain your rank, you need to lock yourself into autoship which means that you’ll be spending money every month on products even if you don’t need this.

The only way for you to not pay for your autoship is for you to refer 2 down lines… Don’t you see how Valentus is forcing you to recruit more than selling products?

Red Flag #2 – Products include Garcinia Cambogia

the garcinia cambogia fruit

The infamous Garcinia Cambogia.

Ever heard of Garcinia Cambogia?

If you are into the weight loss industry or taking weight loss supplements, then you will sure to know it very well.

Garcinia Cambigia is a fruit which grows in Indonesia, Myanmar and Southwest India and is more locally known as the Malabar Tamarind Fruit.

It even grows here in my home country Malaysia and most villages here have it too but who cares right? Research never mentioned.

It is used mainly as a dietary supplement as it has the ability to suppress your appetite, making you control binge eating faster.

However, people misuse the nature of this fruit because instead of suppressing their binge eating habits, the use it to suppress eating entirely even when they don’t have eating problems just so that they can lose weight faster.

Peer pressure to get the perfect body especially for women is the cause for this it and people are consuming the supplements rapidly as if they are snacks, so much so that they do not read warning signs and read about the side effects of Garcinia Cambogia.

consumer reports side effects of garcinia cambogia

Yes, you’ve read it right.

Too much of a good thing is a bad thing even for fruits because believe it or not, Garcinia Cambogia can cause adverse health effects which includes…

  • Jitters
  • Increase of heart rate
  • Liver problems

I wouldn’t say that the Garcinia Cambogia is fatal as there are reported deaths so far but it is wise to be aware of these possible occurrences especially if you have low body immune system such as myself which makes us prone to sickness.

garcinia cambogia may be toxic article

More news of the side effects.

It is also important to be aware of that consuming the Garcinia Cambogia can also cause your serotonin levels to rise hence causing serotonin toxicity as explained by Toxicologist Hendrickson.

As for the case of Valentus, not all the products contain this specific supplement though, only their SlimRoast coffee.

They didn’t make a big fuss of out of their ingredients but they were also kind enough to not hide them as I was able to find it quite easily on their corporate website.

garcinia cambogia in valentus

Garcinia cambogia used in Slim Roast.

Overall, Garcinia Cambogia isn’t a very dangerous fruit but you can’t deny that there are still people with terrible experiences when consuming it…

garcinia health complaint 1

Elevated liver enzymes? Yikes!

garcinia health complaint 2

This person experienced headaches and hot flashes.

garcinia health complaint 3

Seat and migraine? I can only imagine.

The appetite suppressant ability of this specific ingredient does help you lose weight but I think I’ll take the more natural way instead… By going out and exercising.

Red Flag #3 – You can’t buy the products on your own!

valentus doesnt allow product purchase

I was never referred to Valentus by anyone but I thought I wanted to buy their products myself so that I could personally try them before writing my reviews.

I clicked on purchase for their Slim Roast coffee but I couldn’t check out because they wanted details of the sponsor.

How difficult is it to buy their products?

I had to go all the way to Facebook and find some Valentus marketers and buy products from them instead which is very annoying.

This shows that they emphasize more on network marketing rather than retail because really, aren’t you supposed to make your website open to public so that they may buy easily?

Red Flag #4 – Not listed in BBB

Valentus BBB

It is somewhat disturbing when you can’t find a product on BBB because it is the number one source for consumers as we refer to that when we are curious on a certain company’s legitimacy.

79% of all consumers check BBB before making any forms of commitment so it is a pretty big deal if we see that a company has pretty bad ratings there, especially for MLM companies as we will be spending a lot of money and time in it if we decided to join.

There are many MLM companies such as Organo Gold, Xerveo and Zyndio which has very bad rating with the BBB and just because of that small rating, people are getting cautious to join already.

This is because when they are registered, you can see how many complaints have been lodged, how many refunds are there or whether or not they actually do give the money back, and even how many trouble shoots are there.

These are important elements that we need to know of as consumers before making any decisions on spending huge amounts of our hard-earned cash.

Red Flag #5 – Not Listed within the Top 100 MLM Companies

Another element we need to consider before joining any sort of MLM company is that will it last for a long time?

Or more importantly, does it have a good name that can help in conversions?Top 100 MLM companies 2015

You don’t want to bring your prospects into joining a company that wouldn’t last long or one that doesn’t even have recognition.

No matter how bad people’s perspectives are on the MLM world, it is still a fact that they do make money from it.

Big names like Amway or Herbalife can make people feel more inclined into joining regardless of the bad image because their names have been around forever but how confident are you that people will join a company which doesn’t even qualify within the Top 100 MLM companies globally? (I’m talking about Valentus just so you know).

There are many MLM companies popping up every now and then claiming to be the next ‘big thing’ when in fact they aren’t like in the case of Valentus so it’s always a good idea to keep caution before making any decisions.


There’s a Better Way.

MLM is not an industry for just anyone – It is very hard to succeed in and you will undergo constant rejection due to the mindset of people today who are getting more skeptical.

There have been so many scams and cases of MLM founders running away with cash that people are getting very skeptical in investing their time and money on new MLM companies, particularly Valentus.

Take a look at this…

percentage of people failing in MLM and succeeding

Percentage of people failing in MLM.

According to research, less than 1% of Network Marketers actually succeed in MLM which begs the question of what about the rest of the 99%?

The cold hard truth is that not everyone can succeed in MLM and coming from an MLM background myself, I have been jumping program from program making profits barely enough to keep me afloat.

Every time I earn, I ended up spending more on their expensive monthlies, on hotels, on hall rental for my talks, especially on my marketing ads.

It’s a tough industry to be in and if you think you’ve worked hard enough, think again – Is this the industry you want to be in for the rest of your life?Wealthy Affiliate Home Page

There is a better way, and it’s called Online Business.

There’s no hard sells involved, no need to wake up early morning to meet prospects and best of all, you can monetize any niche at all which means that you can now follow your dreams and passion.

Wealthy Affiliate is currently my top ranked program and it has all the tools and training you need to get started, not to mention a warm community of people just as enthusiastic as you, creating businesses out of different niches imaginable.

Here’s a quick comparison to help give an overview…




MLM is a tough industry to thrive in and if you are interested in joining, it’s better to join a much more established MLM company rather than a new one.

Though Valentus has been around for a few years already, it is unpredictable on how far it will sustain as they are not even listed under BBB nor are they listed under the Top 100 MLM companies globally, and because there are so many new MLM companies with cases of sudden disappearance, Valentus is a SCAM as it is very unstable and receives my rating of 31 out of 100.

If you’re interested in starting a real business online, check out my top ranked program here.

What about you, do you think Valentus will last long? I’d love to know your thoughts on this.


Riaz Shah

48 comments to “What is Valentus? – A New MLM in the Midst.”
  1. You guys only talked one ingredient while there are so much more ingredients that no one mentioned.

    You guys talked about negative stuff because all you can see and think is the negative aspect of a product or a company.

    How about those that lose weight on the products, having positive moods and mental clarity and other beneficial results they gained from the products?

    Do you consider that as a negative experience too?

    It is hard to sell a product or any products if you do not want to do it.

    Although a company should not force anyone to buy every month, there are others who will not have a problem buying month after month just because it works on them, probably making money or they have money to buy a monthly subscription.

    From what I read here….most people are not open to opportunities of any kind so their mind is shut to ideas and taking chances. And the people that are like that mostly close-minded.

  2. Hahahah what a joke. The only reason network marketing doesn’t work for people is because they are lazy to do it themselves, expect to get ‘lucky’, don’t stay in long enough, and work with companies who have a horrible business model. Thank god some people don’t listen to dream stealers.

  3. Hey Riaz,
    Thank you for exposing just another scam marketers. May be the product is good or bad, but the way they recruit people into it for their product promotion most of the time have them end up in rip off’s. Worst scenario’s have always seen with MLM strategies, No wonder why Valentus would go down the same road.

    • It’s typical for MLM companies to go up in spikes and go down after the owners get enough money Blesso, happens to me 2 times already. The moment we wanted to withdraw our money, owners disappear and never to be contacted again so I’m not surprised if this were to happen to them too. Appreciate the feedback, cheers

      • Hahahah! The CEO went a whole year without being paid while his friends in his downline did! Not one person on the entire team has ever missed a pay cheque except the CEO because of his in integrity. Man the lack of research here

        • Kayla,
          There is no such thing as a CEO not earning any pay. At worst case scenarios if a company isn’t doing well, revenues are used to pay employees and supplies before finally deducting the profit so there should at least be a certain amount of money that they take. What you heard is a mind trick that we all passed down on own downlines back while I was in EN to show the goodness of the company. There isn’t any and if you still think it is a legit company, check it out at FTC.

  4. Hi Riaz!

    This looks like the typical MLM scam where the big bugs go to the company creators and the rest get the crumbs, if anything.

    You need to constantly be buying their crappy products which are even bad for your health, and enrolling people into doing the same thing so that you get credit…

    Man, I’ve seen many MLM shceme business out there, but Valentus is definitely one of the worst.

    Thanks so much for the thorough review. I really hope poeple reads it before joining something as bad.

    • Hey Israel! Yep, that’s about a normal day’s work in a typical MLM company. Pleasure’s all mine my friend, glad you liked the review. Hope you have a good day!

  5. I was just looking online for a good way to earn passive income when I came across Valentus. I was actually a bit half minded about MLM systems and thankfully, after reading your page, it provided me with a lot more clarity about how it works – or rather how it doesn’t. Thank you for saving me valuable time and money. I’m definitely going with Wealthy Affiliate instead! More power to you.

    • Wow that means a lot to me Julie, thank you! I’m glad I was able to give you insight on Valentus, It’s something unstable that has yet to prove itself so I’m still giving it benefit of the doubt. Thanks for dropping by, cheers!

  6. Hi, Riaz.

    As usual, always great and detailed articles. I think this is not the first time I read and MLM review on your website. This one is an example of how awful these companies are. I never liked nor joined any of these scam projects.

    Thanks for being a guardian against these forces of evil. I am sure that you’ll save a lot of people. Good luck with the rest.


  7. Hi Riaz, Thanks for sharing information about Valentus and about its products containing Garcinia Cambogia. It seems that you did lot of study on Online Business. Basically I do not believe in Multi Level Marketing Concept but sometimes they are promising high. Even I prefer to earn from home but looking for something which is more reliable.

    • Hey Sangeeta,

      All MLMs promise you high returns to entice you into joining and committing into spending your money on them but little do people know that it is actually very hard to do. Appreciate your feedback, thanks for dropping by!

  8. Seems just like another pyramid scam.

    I see maany of these scammers around these days. And i don’t know what it is but they are all related to coffee. What the hell is going on with the coffee? Is it the new hype?

    Good review on these scammers. I really don’t like pyramid scheme guys..

    • Not just coffee, Tyler, but other things people consume a lot too like instant beverages and weight loss supplements. These MLM firms monetize according to people’s needs, they are clever but we need to be cleverer not to get ourselves trapped within their lies.

  9. Wow, I have never heard of this program until now. I can’t believe that people would spend money and buy into that program. Just thinking about the cost of money that it would take you to profit in that company is ridiculous. Plus add in the referrals to even begin to start making money. Oh and I forgot to mention how bad most of the products are for you. I will stay with WA.
    Great review on the company and it is very informative. Enjoyed the layout of your webpage as well.

    • Believe it or not, a lot of people actually spend money on programs like these and regret their decisions afterwards because network marketing isn’t as easy as it seems. Thanks for the feedback, hope you have a lovely Wednesday!

  10. I’ll be honest. I read about 75% of your page. extensively informative article. WA informs us about “The First Fold”. A lot of readers don’t get past the first page view of a site. This could hinder your results, compared to your effort. However, you delivered a very convincing review, supported with hard facts. Page layout was excellent (info, pic’s, links, etc…). Clearly Valentus is a, “Rich get Richer”, MLM Scam.

    • You’re definitely right on that one. In MLM, the ones on top will always be making more money than you and there’s no chance for you to surpass them since a percentage of all your commissions will go to them. Thanks for the feedback man, much appreciated. Cheers!

  11. Hi Riaz

    Most of these mlm companies in the health niche are not regulated by the FDA. It is so easy for a company to slam a product together and call it an mlm.

    Multilevel marketing is not a business model that I would try because if I had to buy all the products just to qualify to sell them, then I would be bankrupt already.

    • You’re right on that one Viljoen,

      MLM products are highly overpriced which is why retail is not a good option for them because there are other stores which provide cheaper costs with a much better customer service. Because of that, MLM companies sell their products internally to their own members which is why buying their products is a must if you wish to join.

      See how they play around with you? Glad to know you don;t fancy the industry. Thanks for dropping by, hope you have a great Wednesday!

  12. Hello Riaz

    I completely forgot about the Valentus company. When reading, the fruit Garcinia Cambogia took over the review lol. First time hearing about it I suppose because I’m not big on weight loss. But those side effects can be nasty depending on the person. As for Valentus I know to stay away from thanks to your review. I must research this fruit now.

    Thank you.


    • Thanks for the feedback Taz, Garcinia Cambogia isvery commonly used but not everyon can go along wit it without feeling anything weird. Appreciate the feedback, cheers

  13. This is an MLM I haven’t heard of. I never liked any of these. Everyone I know that has been part of one seems to always be trying to sell something. They start to be seen as someone trying to always take their money. I’d hate to be seen as this and how long does it take for the people in your circle to run out. You don’t want to run into someone new and immediately start trying to sell them on something. I will never be a part of one of these.

    • I totally get what you feel, I was in MLM and throughout my time there, I can’t stop thinking of how to sell to every new person that I meet. I became a mindless seller who only thinks about how to get that someone to hand me their cash. I left because it was highly unethical, great to know we’re on the same boat. Thanks for the feedback!

  14. This is so informative and comprehensive, Riaz! Have never heard of Valentus, but yikes, its apparently yet another scam to watch out for. $59 to get a box of coffee? No, thanks. There are better ones which cost much less. The red flags you brought up made so much sense too, plus I also learned more about garcinia. Keep up the good work on raising awareness so that less and less folks would fall prey to scams like these.

    • Hey Rachel,

      Overpricing things are what MLM companies are specialized for. They jack up the price so that they can give a higher margin to their members so in the end, its more to network marketing rather than retail value. Glad you liked my review, thanks for dropping by!

  15. Excelent information! Your article is very explanatory and very complete, so it is very helpful.

    I don’t trust instant beverages cause I consider them very unhealthy, but it’s ok, I guess one can make an exception and earn money from something you don’t like hahaha!

    Very cool website by the way, i like it a lot!

    • Glad you liked my site Carlos, and thanks for the feedback. Instant beverages are less healthier than the freshly made ones but in a busy dog eat dog world, it may be the only way for some of us to get by. Thanks for dropping by, hope you have a great Monday!

  16. Nowadays, it is very difficult to earn money with MLM especially unless you are with one of the well-known MLM company like Amway. Valentus, from your explaination, does not seem like a MLM company. It is likely to fall under a pyramid scheme with that hefty cost to join the membership. Sone might argue that they do give you products for your package. However, the price of the products may be undervalued. It makes you think that you are buying product at base price to sell to others which in reality, the price is already marked up to earn profit from you. You are a consumer and not a advertiser if you have to pay that amount of money to join a ‘MLM’ company.

    • You’re definitely right on that one Steve,

      The reason pyramid schemes are illegal is because they focus on recruitment of people solely, it seems like a cult and nobody likes that. However if a pyramid scheme has a product and they focus on product selling, then they have the green light.

      Valentus on the other hand, does have products but they focus a lot more on networking so much so that it is very hard to get hold of their products and that is why they’re no different than a pyramid scheme. Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, appreciate that. Hope you have a great Wednesday!

  17. I think the issue with many MLM companies is people join, not fully aware of what they are getting into. People come out with a bad taste, realizing they lost money along the way. However, if recruiters took time to fully, honestly explain what the MLM is all about, and the money requirements, it would help people see it more transparentley. MLM’s make it look so good and so easy, but sometimes do not show the true business side of it, which is a major downfall.

    • I’m with you on that one David,

      Many uplines do not care about their downlines’ well beings. They want to make as much money as possible and they do not care how they achieve that. They twist words to give false hopes that MLM is easy and in the end, most down lines fail after joining. Great to know we’re on the same page here man, thanks for sharing your feedback, cheers!

  18. Wow! Some of these companies just blow my mind and the fact that people actually join. I would rather spend my money on something that has more of guarantee, especially at those prices. Thank you so much for this review. Is all this information freely available or did you get it from someone who tried it out? I’ve never come across one that gives out that much information freely without signing up first.

    • I tried the program out myself Kristena, and I have friends who have been in the industry for a while now so most information are obtained through interviews with them over a cup of tea. Your welcome, I’m glad you liked my review, thanks for dropping by!

  19. Valentus will last as long as there are people around who a looking for that quick get rich scheme. I looked into MLM opportunities a while ago and I found that to get into a MLM company, you need to seek out both pros and cons and make a thoughtful, non-rushed decision, based on your personal needs and goals.
    What you have done here can be described and a public service, offering up honest concerns about Valentus.

      • My question is. HAVE YOU TRIED THE PRODUCT AND EXPERINCE what is really beyond why despite the cons there are still who likes it? im from the Philippines and is patiently ordering valentus products that far. At first i don’t care if I will have downlines as long as I could get it cheap coz the products are awesome. But when I got my order after a month everyone in my office bought it too. Now I have wonderful testimonials to share. with money back guarantee.

        Valentus is new and I realize it’s not just the company support ….it’s definitely the product! Losing 15 kilos in 4 months makes me say this is the cheapest yet quality products ever! It’s the PRODUCT ! if garcinia cambogia not good for some then it doesn’t mean it isn’t good already. Nothing is perfect on earth.

        I’m a member how come I’m not complaining? Most comments comes from non Members…

        If you wanna buy then log on to my account and buy.

        • Jenny pinoy,
          If you’ve read my review in full, you know that I’ve tried instead of blatantly accusing. I wouldn’t be writing a review if I hadn’t try the product out for myself. Not once did I say that it didn’t work, I only mentioned that it has side effects. get your facts right. The way you act shows what kind of person you are as a Valentus member. Would people be willing to join an angry short tempered person as a leader? I beg to differ. Show us your account and password if you’re really serious on what you said.

  20. Riaz,
    Great article. I don’t believe Valentus can sustain es there are too many levels and forcing people to buy their products before the newbie can become members!! Super red flag. In other words, you are forced to buy their products in order to qualify – this is definitely a SCAM. Thank you for sharing about Garcinia Cambogia to educate us about the pros and cons of this fruit. Continue the good work to expose SCAMMERS so that the rest of us will be cautious of them.

    • I think so too Stanley,

      Glad to know we’re on the same boat. No company should force its members to buy their products in order to maintain, that’s illegal and its not a proper way to do business. You shouldn’t buy a product because you are forced to. Thanks for sharing your feedback, hope you have a great Monday!

  21. Thanks for this well explained review!

    Thankfully I came across your review before anyone offered me their products… Incredible how we find new scams coming out every single day, tired of it!!!

    It’s great how you explain what the product is, pros and cons, and then elaborate on the red flags nos only about the referral program they have but also the product itself, being rather dangerous for some… Keep on letting us informed, great work!


    • Hey Gabriel,

      I try to be as detailed as possible when writing my reviews, glad to know you find it of interest! Thanks for dropping by, cheers!

  22. Hey, Riaz! Great information on Valentus. I am not a fan of MLM as well, especially the ones that force you to buy their products. In this particular case, however, it’s almost an impossible sell, as a simple research (it doesn’t even have to be to the incredible extent you have gone in here!) will show that Garcinia Camboglia has many significant and harmful side effects. It is definitely better to search for other alternatives.

    • Hey Daniel,

      Believe it or not, most MLM companies make you buy their own products and service to increase revenue. In fact, they make more money selling their products ‘internally’ rather than externally to customers. Thanks for dropping by, appreciate the feedback!

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