Easy Listbuilding Strategies Review – Is it Really That Easy?

easy listbuilding strategies home page

My screenshot of the sales page

Product name: Easy Listbuilding Strategies

Website: www.easylistbuildingstrategies.com

Type of business: Website traffic generation course

Price: $12.95 + $17 video training upsell.

Owner: Arjan Van Hemert

My rating: 2 out of 100 (Ignorant SCAM!)

Initially, I gave a legitimate rating for this program because I kind of liked it but due to the terrible customer service I’ve experienced, Easy Listbuilding Strategies is now my 2nd worst-rated scam after Banners Broker which I gave 0 rating as the scheme was so bad that the Canadian government had to interfere.

I came across Easy Listbuilding Strategies from an email I received (I tend to get many solo ads lately) which got my attention because from first glance, it doesn’t look as scammy as I thought.

Unfortunately after 2 weeks of trying out, I came across some problems which left me highly unsatisfied so I asked for a refund on it’s so called guarantee instead.

That refund was never given to me and I had even sent 3 emails which I will share with you below.


Pros and Cons


  • A pretty decent product without much fluff.
  • Lessons cover great topics and modules cover proper lessons on list-building which is a thumb’s up.
  • There is only 1 upsell which is a great move to show to the people that you care about them by not trying to drain money out of their pockets.


  • LYING about the money back guarantee! – I really hate it when people put claims like “If you’re not satisfied, we will give your money back” JUST to get people’s attention because in truth, they don’t even provide that service! These kinds of people only think about money which really gets on my nerves and is one of the reasons as to why I rate Easy Listbuilding Strategies VERY low.
  • ZERO customer service! – Arjan tells you to contact him by dropping him an email but when I did that, he never even replied me! I dropped him 3 emails and he never even replied me which further shows how greedy and arrogant Arjan is and is something you should definitely be concerned about.
  • Lessons are shallow – Although the topics are great, the lessons that teach you those topics are extremely shallow! Arjan tells you many methods like building blogs and doing solo ads but he doesn’t tell you how to achieve that or how much money you need to spend.
  • Lack of images in the eBook – I don’t mind not having images for simple explanations but for technical stuff like Squeeze pages, you will NOT have a clue on what they are unless you can see images. Speaking of images…
  • Low image resolution – There are not many images in the main eBook course but whenever there is one, the resolution is so low that you will have a hard time reading. You can try to zoom as you like but you still won’t see much and this can affect your learning curve.
  • Videos are an upsell – The videos are an upsell which means that you need to pay more for the upsell in order to watch them which personally, is a letdown.
  • Prior knowledge needed – Since this program is about driving traffic to your website and offer, you will need prior knowledge or even a business ready in order to drive a traffic towards to.
  • No glossary provided – There are a lot of use of complicated jargons such as hard bouces and squeeze page which many people would not know of if they have never encountered them. With the lack of images and brief explanations, I was hoping to find a glossary to understand better but to no avail.
  • No community – Training courses at the very least have Facebook groups so that you can mingle around and ask advice. Unfortunately, List Building Strategies have none.

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What is Easy Listbuilding Strategies?

Easy listbuilding strategies product cover

Their product cover

Created by Arjan Van Hemert, Easy Listbuilding Strategies is an eBook training course which teaches you knowledge on how to drive traffic to your website or offer.

Initially, it is one of the very few legitimate programs I can recommend to my readers as not only the price is affordable, there is only 1 upsell as well which is acceptable compared to many of the scams I’ve encountered as they usually have at least 3 upsells to drain your money fast rather than actually helping you.

However, after encountering problems regarding customer support and not getting back my money as promised by Arjan, I re-wrote my legitimate rating of 70 all the way to 2 out of 100 because even if there are way bigger scams out there, they actually have great customer service for you to complain to.

Easy Listbuilding Strategies however, is meant for Internet Marketers who already have exposure to the Online Business world because there are words like SEO, IM or even bounces that newbies and beginners would not know of and there are no glossaries for you to look up to either.

You also need to have an offer or business ready before you can actually drive traffic because if you don’t, you are going to spend more time on searching for that or making one too.

The main thing that you will be doing is to create your landing page and from there, the rest of the lessons are methods to drive traffic to that landing page in order for you to build a list.


Tools and Training

easy listbuilding strategies process map

Easy Listbuilding Strategies’ process map

Besides the video upsells, Easy Listbuilding strategies only provides ebooks and those are…

  • Cheat Sheet – Just a simple checklist.
  • Training guide – The main dish.
  • Mind Map – Just an overview of all the modules.
  • Top resources report – A list of links that Arjan recommends you to check out.

As for the lessons, here’s an overview of what this program cover…

  1. What is Listbuilding?
  2. Why should your business definitely build a list?
  3. 5 must-have elements when building a list.
  4. How to build a huge list the right way?
  5. Hottest 10 listbuilding tricks for businesses.
  6. Hottest 10 listbuilding strategies for IMs.
  7. Shocking list building case studies.


Flaws That I Hope They Improve

It is disappointing to see a program which seems so legitimate turning out to be a huge good-for-nothing scam.

Easy Listbuilding Strategies has the potential to go far but there are things lacking in it which I would need to point out to you should you ever consider on buying it…

 1) Lessons are not as detailed as they should be

easy listbuilding stratgies lessons are not in depth

Lessons are not in depth yo’

Although the topics are great and on the right track, the lessons about those topics however, are extremely shallow.

For example, one of the topics covered is on solo ads and the explanations on that is less than a hundred words!

Did you know how risky a solo ad can be?

One solo would cost about $40-$100 per 100 clicks which is really pricey!

And that doesn’t mean that one solo ad campaign would even make you one sale, trust me as I have personally tried and lost nearly $2,000 on solo ads.

Let me tell you a few things Arjan “forgot” to tell you about solo ads…

  • How risky it can be as you can lose all your money without making back any.
  • How to write an email swipe if you even know what that is.
  • How to find honest and reputable solo ad vendors which doesn’t disappear as soon as you pay them.

Solo ad is a risky business and I have even experienced paying vendors money but for nothing because in the end, they disappeared without a trace WITH my money.

There are other lessons within this course that were not explained properly such as building a list through blogs and videos which of course, were given a blind-eye towards to by Arjan.


2) NO customer support and lying about the Money-Back Guarantee!!!

bad customer service

I sent 3 emails and none of them was replied!

This part upsets me the most because just when I thought this Easy Listbuilding Strategies is legit, I found out that Arjan LIED with his claim!

After 2 weeks of trying out Easy Listbuilding Strategies, I had some questions that I wanted to ask and since there are NO communities whatsoever of people buying this product, I had to send emails instead.

However after 2 attempts, I didn’t receive a SINGLE reply!

I sent an email to ask for my money back and I didn’t get a reply, so I sent another, and then another which is the last straw.

I then contacted JVZOO because that is where Arjan launched his course but instead I get a replied saying that “any dispute between you and the vendor are none of our concern” which was totally bullcoks!!!

I mean what kind of platform DOESN’T even regulate the vendors to prevent scams? UNLESS, that platform IS a scam itself!

I was so frustrated that I threatened Arjan, telling him that I am going to open up a PayPal instead which would definitely give him a scare and I hope readers will find this review of mine FIRST before buying Easy Listbuilding Strategies.

Here’s proof of Arjan’s FAKE Money-back Guarantee…

Listbuilding strategies' money back guarantee

Proof of Arjan’s Fake Money back guarantee claim!

Once you buy this program, you will literally be cut off from any kinds of support which is the worst thing you would ever want when it comes to buying something from someone.


3) Lack of images to show

another example of lack of images

Lack of images to help you understand the tecnicalities

When it comes to technical stuff, it is better for someone to show us rather than tell us in words, don’t you think?

An example can be seen from my screenshot of one of the lessons above whereby Arjan (The owner) tells you to add a follow up process for ‘hard bounces’ and also do a time-to-time measuring list quality checklist.

But how do you even know how to do any of those if he doesn’t even show you that in the first place?

More importantly, how would you even know what they mean?

Here is another example of the lack of images used on one of the lessons…

Lack of images

Yet another explanation without pictures

In one of the lessons, we need to learn about squeeze pages but as expected, there are no images on what they are, or even how good squeeze pages should look like!

This gets on my nerves because Arjan tells you that visuals play a vital role in education and business but he doesn’t seem to be implementing it himself, does he?

Easy Listbuilding Strategies have great topics, I could give you that but it could have been better if you add more images for us to see.

Of course there are some images on certain pages, but they are a not enough to help you get a clearer view on things especially since we need to see more in order to learn better.

Speaking of clearer view…


4) Image resolutions are too low!

low resolution images on list building stratgies

Image resolution is too low, you can’t even zoom because it will get blurry.

Sure, the lessons are great but when it comes to images, I get absolutely annoyed with what I can’t see.

Since you will be learning from an eBook, it is only important to make the images bigger and sharper because if not, people will have a hard time seeing.

Arjan (the owner) did not go through his products properly before selling it as the images that he used are small and of low resolution!

It is different compared to using those sort of images on a website because you can always click on them to enlarge but in eBooks, it’s a whole different story.

I tried to zoom in to see whatever it is that Arjan is trying to show but to no avail because the image itself is of very low resolution.

Because of this, I had to strain my eye even more to see and this is something we should all not be doing as it is hazardous for our eyes.


A Community Would Be Nice, But Does It Even Have One?

No, it doesn’t.

It may not seem like much an importance but educational courses especially Internet Marketing ones should have a community.

Easy Listbuilding Strategies especially, involves technical work which is why having a community is of utmost importance so that you can ask for advice whenever you’re stuck.

And since you will be spending loads more worth of money on split-testing, I can’t stress enough on the importance of having a community because you will need to share your thoughts and opinion on which approach works and which doesn’t.

This is because most of the methods that you will be implementing are paid methods such as the use of solo ads which further presses on the matter at hand because you wouldn’t want to keep spending money on ads and getting back nothing in return, would you?

Many programs to date (Even scams) have a community and at the very least, a Facebook group and if Easy Listbuilding Strategies were to go far, they can start by creating a group with Arjan himself giving advice.

Want a Program With an Active Community Which You Could Learn and Get Help Easily? Find Out More Here!


Pricing Strategy

When I first bought Easy Listbuilding Strategies, I was surprised that it doesn’t have many upsells as I expected because usually, many programs online have up to 3-5 upsells to drain your money even before you make any.

Those programs of course, receives bad ratings from me as they are scams and you can have a look at a list of my reviews here.

Easy Listbuilding Strategies only has 1 upsell which helps us understand that there’s not much to this program than the we though…

Original price – $12.95

Video training upsell – $17


Do I recommend Easy Listbuilding Strategies?

If you are a person who do not mind about the training and are just looking for a quick look of what methods this program teaches, then yes.

But if you are someone who values quality training with high resolution videos, sharp images and ever-updating lessons, there is a program which I can recommend you called Wealthy Affiliate which is also my top ranked of all the products I have reviewed.

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-in-one online business course which provides you with all the tools you need as well as lessons meant for beginner and veterans alike to build a website from scratch and drive traffic to grow your business.

It’s an online classroom so you can bet that there is a great community which are just as enthusiastic as you which is very helpful as they can give you advice and even tricks that they personally use for free.

Personally, I like to do friendly challenges with a few of the community members, take a look at this…

Google search results for Quick Sprout review with Jay

Google search results for “Quicksprout review”

Although I lost to Jay (his website is on the top page), the main point that I wanted to show you is that I managed to get my website on the first page of Google.

As Wealthy Affiliate teaches you various methods to grow your online business, the main traffic method that it focuses on is SEO which just basically is a practice of trying to get your website on the first page of Google and the reason for this is simple –Loads of traffic, permanent, and free.

Wealthy Affiliate remains my #1 recommended program when it comes to growing your online business as you will learn how to drive traffic for free first before thinking of spending money on the paid ones because those are risky.

Here’s a quick comparison between the 2 programs…



My Final Word

Initially, I rated Easy Listbuilding Strategies as legit because I thought it looked decent.

But as soon as I found out that you will literally be cut off from any forms of communications with Arjan not to mention the claims were nothing but lies, Easy Listbuilding Strategies is definitely a SCAM and receives a very low rating of mine of 2 out of 100.

Thanks for reading, do drop below any questions you may have as I would very much like to hear them 🙂 .

And if you would like to check out my #1 recommended program, you can do so here.



Your friend Riaz.


Riaz Shah

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