Niche Revealer Review –Is it Worth the Money?

Niche revealer product cover

Niche Revealer’s product cover

Product name: Niche Revealer


Type of business: Niche research for blogs

Price: $11.07 + $47 upsell

Owners: Tony Marriott & Anthoni Gardner

My rating: 74 out of 100 (LEGIT)

I came across Niche Revealer while searching for keyword tools on the internet.

I am always against programs with hyped up sales pages but after finding out that Niche Revealer doesn’t show those huge houses and Ferraris, I figured that I should give it a try as it looks pretty decent.

True enough, there is no hype and extensive promos on this program and I find it a legitimate program which anyone can try without worrying that they will eventually be spending more.

So do continue reading to find out more on Niche Revealer if you are keen on knowing more about what this particular program does.


Pros and Cons


  • Ease of use – The software is simple, helps you get results by typing anything.
  • Useful lessons – There are 2 eBooks which teaches you how to dig up forums and websites to get ideas on niches which is pretty cool.


  • Software needs more features – Whatever you type in the Niche Revealer software will only search on that respective webpage. For example if you would like to see “dating” in Google, Niche Revealer will Google it for you. If you want to see that in Amazon, Niche Revealer will also do that for you. We can actually do this ourselves for free!
  • Not worth the money – Since we can go to the respective websites like Google and eBay ourselves to look for niches (Which is free), why would we want to pay for that? A great tool should not only make things simpler, but should provide a service that people cannot do alone.
  • No free trials – You have to pay full even if you just want to try.
  • No community – When it comes to finding sweet niches, it is great to have a community of friendly like-minded people who can share their findings to help everyone grow.
  • No video training – It can be a bit hard following methods from an eBook because some of those methods are technical which is really hard to grasp unless you show it in a video.

Golly, are you having second thoughts? Check out my #1 recommended program here instead!


What is Niche Revealer?

Sometimes when you want to write articles for blogs, you will have a hard time thinking of what to write about in the first place.

And when it comes to blogs especially, you will need to write your blog posts regularly and does it always amaze you to know how many bloggers manage to keep writing fresh content every week for many years without getting a writer’s block?

That is what Niche Revealer is for!

Niche Revealer helps you get creative by teaching you how to look for ideas from all over the internet.

And how it achieves that, is by showing you methods to get inspiration from websites, from forums, even from books.

However, that is about all that Niche Revealer teaches because what you do with the ideas you get, is entirely up to you.


Tools and Training

Niche Revealer tools and training

Niche Revealer has only 1 software as a tool and 2 eBooks for training…

  • Niche Revealer Software – to help get ideas from the internet.
  • Getting creative eBook – Motivational book to make you feel hyped up to start looking for niches. I don’t find this one particularly helpful.
  • Finding Your Niche – The main eBook teaching you the guidelines on how to search for ideas.

The Niche Revealer software is alright but its potential is limited to only finding doing website search which actually, we can personally go to those websites ourselves and save some money.

However if some features were to be added such as keyword research and data-scraping, the Niche Revealer software can go far.


What I don’t like

Niche Revealer is a decent product but it is not without flaws and some of them… Well I find them disappointing and thought that I should let you know if you are ever interested in getting this product.

1) Software not up to expectations

Niche Revealer software weakness

One thing that Niche Revealer lacks is the extensive search and comparison that they can actually put in the software.

The Niche Revealer software is helpful in giving you good ideas on which websites to go to but don’t you think we can do that ourselves?

When you type in any keyword on Niche Revealer, you will be given choices on whether to find ideas on Google, Yahoo, Thesaurus, Wikipedia and much more.

I chose Thesaurus and to my surprise, the software simply opened a window to Thesaurus WITH my keyword.


I thought the Niche Revealer software would do so much more!
Like maybe research more on competitive keywords, or give you possible choices of keywords to choose from but no!

Basically what Niche Revealer does is simply opening up a window and making you do all the search for yourself which is something that really disappointed me the most about this product.

If we can simply go to those sites ourselves, why would we even bother to pay you in the first place?

It’s a pity that they didn’t focus more on developing this software because Niche Revealer actually has a great potential to go far if they do.

 2) Tricky upsell

deceptive $1 trial

Niche Revealer’s sneaky way to get you to click on that upsell button

Upsells are important, I get that as businesses need to make money.

And Niche Revealer played it well at that by adding only one upsell as opposed to the many upsells scams normally do.

But one thing I’m not particularly fond of is how this program tries to trick you into thinking that the upsell is cheap, by showing the price as ONLY $1.

At first, the $1 trial offer will be shown just like that WITHOUT any details of future payments or even how long the trial period will be.

But after you click on that, you will be brought to ANOTHER page which tells you that the trial is for 5 days only and after that, you will be billed $47.

How sneaky is that?

I would have gladly bought the upsell as I do like to support legitimate product creators but implementing a very unethical upsell such as this made me decide otherwise.

The $1 is worth nothing and Niche Revealer is better off putting the trial up for free but the reason they decided to put the price as $1 is just because it looks nice enough to lure people into clicking.

 3) Doesn’t tell you on what to do next

Okay so you have ideas, then what?

Another feature that Niche Revealer lacks which left me feeling like as though the creators were trying to finish this up in a rush, is that it doesn’t have a proper closing guide.

If you buy a treadmill, the seller will tell you what to do when you set it up in your home.

If you buy Microsoft Windows, it comes with guides on not only how to install, but what good can the program do for you with the features.

When you buy Niche Revealer, you will have no idea on how to implement your findings!

Sure, we know that the keywords are for us to write blog posts but not everyone knows how to make full use of a keyword and get their content to rank on Google.

Unless you have prior knowledge on Internet Marketing, you will end up thinking that you should probably write a short 300 word essay and hope it to get ranked so that you can continue looking for more ideas and keep doing that.

Niche Revealer could do a lot by touching a bit on content writing topics to help newbies write awesome content that not only Google loves, but readers as well.


A Community is Important for Any Program -Does Niche Revealer Has One?

No, it doesn’t.

Although it is already good to find ideas on your own, it is much better to have a community so that like-minded individuals can share their findings and help everyone grow.

This is because for those who are new to the World of Internet Marketing, they do not know which ideas are good, which are not, and which ones are highly competitive.

Because of that, newbies would have unrealistic expectations which will lead them to utter disappointment if they do not get help from people who are experienced.

If you are an entrepreneur, you would know that to win people’s hearts, you need to learn from others who have already done it in order to create an impact of your own.


Pricing Strategy

TM business engine upsell

Lack of direction on Niche Revealer

I actually kind of like the pricing strategy of Niche Revealer because there isn’t much to it.

Here’s the price breakdown of this program…

  • Niche Strategy – $11.01 (It’s a Dime Sale so the prices will keep increasing whenever others buy this product).
  • TM Business Engine upsell – $1 for 5 days, then you will be billed $47 automatically.

Simple, no?

There are many scams that I have encountered on the internet which implements at least 3 upsells at RIDICULOUS price ranges as some charge as high as $10,000!

And those programs are the scams you need to watch out for as these scammers are only interested in taking money from your pockets instead of actually helping you succeed.

Judging from the decent price strategy with only 1 optional upsell, Niche Revealer is a pretty decent program with honest producers really trying to help you out.


Do I Recommend Niche Revealer?

No, I don’t.

Make no mistake, I’ve tried Niche Revealer and find it a legitimate program.

However, there is actually another program called Wealthy Affiliate which does much better than Niche Revealer in terms of the depth of the lessons, as well as the price.

Wealthy Affiliate is an online business course which teaches you how to make money out of your passion by building a quality website that suits you.

Due to that, the lessons focus more on finding detailed niches with less competition to help you rank better in Google.

Take a look at this random niche research I made…

Does anyone use google plus

Jaaxy search results for “Does Anyone use Google Plus”

My website is about helping beginners build online businesses but for the sake of this research, I’m throwing in a completely random keyword which is “Does anyone use Google Plus?”

And as you can see from the keyword search results above (Jaaxy is a part of Wealthy Affiliate), I managed to find out that there are 96 monthly searches with only 25 competitors! (Known as QSR).

Although 25 looks like a lot, it is actually very little because most keywords have over 300 competitors so if you want to safely rank your website, finding niche keywords with less than 100 competitors is important.

Apart from that, I also managed to find out that by changing ‘anyone’ to ‘anybody’, I could literally reduce my competition to only 14 instead of 25!

It’s amazing how much of an impact words could mean on a keyword, don’t you think?

Now after getting your chosen keyword, you will learn how to improve your article writing with SEO before finally publishing it which will end up like this….

does anyone use google plus search rankings

Google search results for “Does Anyone use Google plus”

With great keyword research complimented by awesome content, you can literally rank any keywords on the first page of Google like how I just showed you above (I’m still so psyched!).

Here’s a brief overview between these 2 programs…




Niche Revealer has so much potential to go further but at least it’s worth the money spent.

Although it lacks videos, communities and more in depth lessons on what you can do with your keywords, I find Niche Revealer pretty LEGIT and it receives my rating of 74 out of 100.

If you’re interested in a better way to find niche ideas for blogs and websites, check out my #1 recommended program here.

Thanks for reading this review, do drop your questions below if you have any and I’ll be more than happy to reply.



Your friend Riaz.

Riaz Shah

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