Can Pinterest Help My Business?

If you’re looking for ways to grow your business, why not hop on one of the rising trends on the internet – Pinterest!

Every entrepreneur welcomes opportunities to grow their business because if you don’t chase after them, you might never know when the next one will come by again.

Pinterest has been growing really fast and has since then captured attention of many so that can mean only one thing for us entrepreneurs… Start using Pinterest!

Why should you use Pinterest for your business?

Pinterest is a new thing and like many new things, it gives your business a good image because not only is your company up to date, but also trendy.

Besides, it’s a new marketing stream and a good business never turns down a fun and easy source of marketing.

Here are some other reasons as to why you need to have a Pinterest for your business:

  • It’s visual (a picture IS worth a thousand words),
  • It’s easy to use (visit to see for yourself).
  • It’s succinct (description of images is limited to 500 words – and most people only use a fraction of that).
  • It’s linkable (you can include a hyperlink with your pinned image so that pinners can click on it and go to your website or the page where more info lives).
  • It’s easy to organize (create ‘Boards’ with titles to describe the images you’ve pinned – a visual filing system).
  • It’s easy to follow others and for them to follow you (people and brands, or specific ‘Boards’ of people and brands).
  • It’s a great place to get ideas and inspiration (crafts, tips, articles, etc.)
  • It can be a virtual store front for home based businesses (Etsy is the most pinned brand on Pinterest!)

How does Pinterest help my business?

If you’ve tried it already, you should have already known that Pinterest is a rather different kind of social media, way different than that of Facebook and Twitter.

But with that difference comes good change as there are various ways on how Pinterest boost your business:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Who doesn’t want their website to rank on the first page of Google?

By using Pinterest constantly, not only will you boost your Pinterest’s account visibility online for people to see your pictures, it will also undoubtedly boost your own website’s SEO which is something not many people have ever thought of.

After you have published an article or link to your Pinterest account it is possible to then view your link simply by searching for the same title and specific keywords in a popular search engine.

Due to Pinterest’s own popularity online, your website SEO and the content you offer is automatically boosted once you submit it to the community to be published live.

  • Opportunity to appeal to a more Worldwide audience

Using Pinterest is ideal for both start-up companies and established businesses who want a new way to advertise and promote their products as well as content while also saving money on traditional costs of reaching new customers and appealing to entirely new audiences.

Pinterest’s online community has no boundaries or limits, so it is possible to appeal to entirely new countries and people from around the world.

By expanding the limits of who you are sharing your content with, you increase the chances of operating a successful business long-term.

  • Greater sharing opportunity

Pinterest can help businesses share new content, recipes, DIY (do it yourself) projects, crafts and even how-to information regardless of the audience you want to reach.

When you use Pinterest for a business it can also help to share your logo, brand name and even the slogan or goal you have in mind with reaching people from all around the world.

In business, having anything related to your company to be shared is like every entrepreneur’s dream because its already a word-of-mouth for of marketing, which means that your visitors are doing your marketing for you which is 90% more effective than any other forms of ads out there.



A lot of people are still reluctant to try new things especially Pinterest because it’s new and weird, especially for the X generation.

However sometimes in business, we just need to put our egos aside in order to try something that might just be the hope our business have been waiting for!

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