6 Tips to Increase Blog Traffic

Did you know that most bloggers make an average of around $24,000 annually?

The world of blogging has grown awfully interesting of late and almost every website sees potential in adding the “blog” section on their site to attract more people and increase popularity.

Because of that, it can be somewhat difficult to make your blog stand out and grab the majority of that traffic so do continue reading as I share with you more on how to drive traffic to your blog.


What is Blogging?

Did you know that the word blogging was initially known as a weblog?

A blog is a website which is regularly updated with various things like personal progress, news, or even tips that is aimed at sharing to the world what your site has to offer.

So that means the word ‘blogging’ is simply the act of updating a blog.

To the older generation (Like my parents and uncle), they do not see the potential in blogging as it is actually a very new concept in this world today.

They believe in the legitimacy of working hard offline in jobs such as being a lawyer, a doctor, even an engineer.

But if you were to tell them that “I make money off the internet”, they will have a hard time to believe.

However I believe everyone can be convinced, which is why we should also be concerned with the…


Benefits of Blogging –Why We Do What We do?

Why do we blog? Oh, no reason!

Except for the fact that you can in fact make money out of any passion you have!

There are loads of cool benefits of blogging that you should know of and those are…

  1. You make a name for yourself – the World will recognize you, even your boss as well as other companies which might just decide to hire you 😉 .
  2. Become a better writer – Being a blogger means you have to write regularly every week. Even if you’re writing sucks, you’d be surprised as how much your writing skills have improved as you blog!
  3. You can write a book – Since you’re confident enough on blogging, you could implement those skills to actually write a book which you’d also be surprised at how fast you can finish writing! In fact, you could also use some of your blog posts in your book.
  4. Improve your SEOSearch Engine Optimization is a practice of getting a blog on the first page of Google. So how does blogging help you with that? Well Google loves fresh new content and since you’re doing regular blog posts, you’ll get added benefits!
  5. Cataloging your memories – Whatever you do in the offline world will be forgotten easily but by blogging, whatever you do will remain on the internet forever. Even after you stop blogging, it is an achievement that you will be proud to show your family don’t you think?


Ways to Increase Blog Traffic – 6 Ways for the Unwary

Now to the good part, driving traffic to your blog!

The number of blogs are increasing rapidly with over 100 million sites being present on the web already.

So here are some tips that I use and so should you to help give your blog the upper hand…

1) Submit your site to Bing.

bing submit

Simply key in your URL and you’re done!

Why Bing you ask?

Google is good enough as it is, but for new blogs it can get really hard for it to grow.

Bing may not be as lively as Google, but there are still millions of internet users out there which you could promote to.

To make your blog index faster, simply submit your URL to www.bing.com/toolbox/submit-site-url and voilà, you’re done!

Make sure you submit URLs for every blog post because you want Bing to index your blog faster so that more Bing users can come to your blog, giving you massive traffic.

 2) Write regularly!

Google loves new content and the more you update, the faster your website goes up hence increasing the chances of hitting first page of Google.

You need to write at least 2-3 times a week to give Google the signal that your website is still alive, but if you are planning to blog full-time, it would be much better to blog every day.

 3) Write long-tail keywords

Writing blog posts are good, but writing blog posts with long tail keywords are even better.

This is because making your titles longer can help reduce the competition.

For example, instead of writing “How to cook noodle”, you could say something like “How to cook noodle so good that it impress any Asian parents”.

This absolutely sounds better and more human-like which would definitely increase the chances of people clicking on your blog link.

 4) Do a keyword research

A keyword is a highly-searched word or sentence people type in that Google search bar.

Understanding keywords is crucial to getting traffic because you can actually find out how many competitors you will be facing on that particular keyword, and just how many searches you will be getting per month.

To find keywords, you need to use a keyword tool and the best one which I can recommend is Jaaxy due to its accuracy and efficiency.

Here’s an example of a keyword search on “How to make ice cream”…

How to make an ice cream Jaaxy search

Jaaxy search results for “How to make ice cream”

As you can see, I managed to find out that there are 8967 searches with 238 competition (known as QSR) and this is already a good blog post to write on.

But did you know that there is ALSO another keyword from that picture above which is “How to make ice cream from home” which has a much lower competition of only 8 websites?

Although the monthly searches are lower, I could literally reduce 230 of my competitors JUST by adding “From home” to that keyword!

Researching about keywords is really powerful and that it should be done for every blog post that you write.

Have a go at a keyword you have in mind here…

 5) Share your post to all social media!

If you don’t have a social media account yet, don’t be afraid to register for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google +.

Even if your blog is not that big yet, a word of advice is for you to keep sharing all your new blog posts because that can actually help you get rankings within Google better.

 6) Finish up your blog posts with captivating headlines!

Titles are your chance to make a good first impression.

When you Google for something, what is it that makes you click on a link?

The ones which are more catchy right?

For example, would you rather click on “How to cook omelet”, or “How to cook an omelet to boost your agility and sexual attractiveness”?

A trick when writing titles is to try to be as casual as you can because at the end of the day, people rather click on something they can relate to.


My Final Word

Blogging is awfully fun but it can be somewhat disappointing if there’s no one coming by.

However if you persevere and keep writing your blog posts regularly, check for the proper keywords and sharing your blog to all your social media channels, you will get tons of traffic not to mention making the process even faster than it would normally take.

If you’re interested in learning more on driving traffic to your blog, check out my #1 recommended program here.

Thanks for reading, don’t be afraid to drop your comments below as I would very much like to hear them 🙂


Riaz Shah

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  1. Awesome sharing about for getting more blog traffic. Above points are really right to growing huge traffic I think. Thanks for sharing.

    • They do get you traffic, Rahman, I personally use them to drive traffic to my blog as well. Just be sure to implement them regularly and your blog will grow fast as well. Thanks for dropping by!

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